Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 19 You are my first

Chapter 19 You are my first

Xue Ren wasn't the only one to feel something. The woman herself felt the energy that was unique emitting from him. The power that allowed one to reach the highest level…

'No way! Divine energy?!' The woman retreated as fast as she attacked. Her whole body was still covered in lighting. She moved her gaze to Di Ming who was standing in the corner.

"Uncle, please leave us alone."

"Alright." Di Ming obediently left and the woman turned her eyes to Xue Ren.

He was also watching his hand with confused expression. Xue Ren could feel this time that he released divine energy unknowingly.

'Don't tell me that I will release this divine energy to every woman I touch?' feeling slightly scared Xue Ren decided to avoid contact with this beauty. But she had totally different intentions as she pounced at him again!

'I need to make sure that he possess Divine energy!' and because of that, she tried to get close to him, but the earthling was dodging her every attack. He has been creating earth shields, throwing fire attacks and utilizing his Starlight Movement to the maximum!

The woman herself didn't hold back! She was slowly raising her speed as the lightings covering her body became louder. Xue Ren clicked his tongue in annoyance…

'Isn't this simply a spar!? Why the hell are you tryharding?!"

But he couldn't ask her as she was dancing throughout the training room. The pressure from the training room was completely non-existent to her. However, she didn't use any technique, but only tried to catch him or to touch. Xue Ren knowing her intentions had achieved a new level. Was it desperation or was he simply scared of his divine energy? Anyway, his Starlight Movement technique advanced to a second level.


Dodging her hand, Xue Ren retreated with his new speed, but he fell on his butt as he couldn't control it properly. His new speed surprised both him and the woman. The woman stopped her attacks as well as her energy flow. The lightings disappeared and she stood in a place just like beautiful statue as the sweat flowed down her cheek. It would be lie if he said that he didn't get mesmerized. Her smile just added to her charm as she said…

"You are first… first person to witness this…" the golden lighting appared when she said that. The golden lighting was accompanied by golden glittering lights. Covered in such lighting, she looked like a Goddess…

"She is a Goddess." said Endrun to the youngster who was looking at her with eyes wide open. Sho Yue's tail already stopped moving as she too looked at this lighting woman with focused eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I got already used to your divine energy so I can distinguish between normal energy and divine. Well, she is just like you, someone who has yet to become Divinity so it's not that hard… Can't you feel it too?"

"I just wasn't sure… So it's because she has divine energy I have such desire?"

"What?" It was the vampire's turn to be surprised.

"You know when I touch her…" and so Xue Ren told him everything…

"Hmm, it's propably influence of your Sex God Divinity." Endrun smiled as he thought that his harem plan is completely unnecessary.

When the men talked, the woman didn't stay idly. She could use her divine energy, but only for a while and only to speed herself. She was still newbie in this category…

But a second was enough as she appeared immediately beside Xue Ren and caught his wrist. The divine energy of Xue Ren reacted violently as if it wanted to show its might. The more he looked at her, the better it worked. They both got mesmerized in themselves…

The woman's heart started beating louder and louder. She couldn't leave her eyes from him, his every movement was deadly charming for her… Her face that was already blushed got even more red and together with her hair soaked with sweat, she was like a little seductress.

The emotions that she has sealed. When she got her divine power, the young goddess knew that her future is going to be full of danger. Nevertheless, she did her best to hide her divinity and train thoroughly. Hiding from messengers from higher worlds, she completely focused on training and her family duties…

And now, there was a man who has forcefully awakened such emotions… The emotion itself felt good, she enjoyed this feeling. But when her secret garden started reacting, the woman immediately let go Xue Ren's wrist… she had her principles as young miss!

Taking a few steps back, she looked at him attentively as she said…

"Xue Ren, I know now why you have hide your strength. You did good job." her smile was cheerful, completely fitting her age. Right now, she has found someone who had the same burden as her. Since they both have to hide their divinity, she felt like she could share this burden with him…

"I am Di Xun, would you like to team up with me?"

"Did you just spar with me to invite to team?" he patted his dirty pants as he stood up… but Di Xun shook her head.

"No, I wanted to know your true intentions… to protect my family's school."

"Then as someone with divinity, I should be dangerous to your school, right?"

"Someone with divinity won't stay in medium world. You are using our school as first step in your journey, right?"


"That's why as long as you don't act against our school and fight for us, then everything is fine."

"I see."

"Since we are both divinities… let's rely on each other…" Di Xun was very embarrassed, it was her first time sincerely asking someone of opposite gender. Because of her beauty and status, many man wanted to gain her favor, but because of her divinity, she didn't pay much attention to them.

Xue Ren feeling her honesty wanted to accept her proposition immediately. Not only he would get a good ally, but also learn more from her about divine energy… still Xue Ren looked behind himself. He was looking at Sho Yue's tail. Her tail was moving vigorously…

"Alright, let's team up." hearing his reply the young miss smiled broadly.

"Does someone know about your divine energy?" Xue Ren asked abruptly as they were leaving the training room…

"No, as I said, you are my first."

"Ummm, I see." he scratched his cheek as he averted her gaze. Di Xun realizing her words were quite ambigous faintly blushed…

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