Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 2 First encounter with Goddess

Chapter 2 First encounter with Goddess

'Oh God… Why do they go for me the moment they see me?' Xue Ren complained inwardly as he had nowhere to go. After all this time, he finally realized that those monsters had specifically targeted him. Glancing around, he tried to find a gap to make an escape, his heart gradually beating louder and louder… And the most surprising thing was that although those monsters were close, no one of them had taken initiative to attack. It was as though they could hear these heartbeats… Xue Ren himself got scared as he thought that he can fall at any moment and die in this circle of death. As he slowly raised his hand to put it on his chest, Xue Ren found out that his heart was beating normally. Confused, he started thinking about many possibilities and after a while of contemplating, the only answer that he had come up with was 'Soul'. 'So it's because of the Soul that they are coming after me? Back then, was it also the Soul or maybe both?' Xue Ren never in his short life had thought about Soul yet the moment he had thought about it, his vision blurred. He found himself in unfamiliar place. Everything here was black except thrones. Some of them were closer, some further away. Red throne was the most closest to him and before that throne was standing a white figure of man. He had no eyes or lips, only shape of human was visible. Soon, he started moving as he showed a various fist and kick techniques. His every movement was flawless and had strong bearing. Xue Ren, who stood in the front was watching every movement thoroughly, his mind in turmoil. He felt like he knew these movements and instead of learning, it was more like he was remembering them once again. Soon, his body moved on its own and Xue Ren who was focused on movements didn't notice that white figure was looking at him with its red, beast like eyes…

After repeating every movement, Xue Ren had awakened from this strange state. Now, he stood calmly before army of monsters, his heart and soul tranquil. Monsters realizing that, jumped at him ferociously. Apparently, sound of soul had been scary for both Xue Ren and monsters. However, the young man before them was not the same anymore. 'It feels like I can see everything around me, their positions and movements.' Soon, first monster had got close to him, but Xue Ren hands were already in motion. He tightly clenched his hand and smashed his fist towards the head of the monster while his other hand strongly grasped the mouth of another one. Of course, he hasn't forgotten about Goblins that rode them. He threw the tightly grabbed monster at the one who just lost its mount and turned over to kick those who had attacked from behind. Obviously, Xue Ren also got a few scratches all over his body. The sight of his own blood had made his blood boil as he threw himself at the monsters aggressively. Even though it was his first time fighting for real, deep inside he felt sense of shame. He didn't know why though, was it because wolfs and goblins are low level monster in games, or because of that white figure? Was he disappointed because of how has he fought against such a low monsters? And so, with such thoughts the young man fought bravely to protect his life while another presence watched all that from afar.

In the sky, beautiful figure slowly raised her hand which made nearby surrounding area to be covered in silver barrier. That barrier completely had thrown all livings beings out of the area except Xue Ren and his enemies that he was currently fighting. She was looking with her mesmerized eyes at his every movement thoroughly. 'Every time he attacks he releases a bit of force… In this world there shouldn't have been humans with such knowledge.' Her interest grew stronger and stronger as she thought about that irregular. Then, she turned over to look at other place. That place was full of black burn marks as if every house there had a fire. It was place where she just had fought against other humanoid living beings that had come here through black hole just like her. Their main objective was to find irregulars like Xue Ren. As for those that Xue Ren was fighting, they were low level monsters that had low intelligence and mostly relied on their instincts. 'Looks like those trashes finally caught someone…' Just because they came together, it doesn't mean that they were from the same fraction. Everyone of them belongs to their owns fractions and alliances in their own worlds. The barrier that she has made surely attracted some attention already so in order to make things faster, she waved her slim hand which made all remaining monsters blow up like bombs.

Xue Ren had immediately realized that as he looked above. The beautiful figure was slowly descending like a fairy. She had long, silver hair and orange, bright eyes. Together with her silver dress, she appeared before him bewitchingly "Hello, Zero World habitant." as she said strange term.

"Zero World? Is that how you call Earth?" He answered rather composedly. He tried to keep his composure as much as possible, looking at her eyes fully. He didn't want to offend such a strong and dangerous person. For him, she was still 'monster.' Humans who could fly, who could destroy these monsters with ease… He found it hard to believe them, but he also needed to know about situation of his world and more importantly, about himself. That's why even though she was beautiful and he would rather look a bit down instead, he still kept caution deep within himself.

"Zero World is a world that has no force inside, but outside forming a Zero World Barrier that protected this world for a long time… But due to the last prophecy of Divine Prophet almost all high level beings formed a project to destroy that barrier and…" She pointed her finger at him "to take away humans like you." which made Xue Ren open his eyes widely.

"Like me? W-what do you mean?" he asked with worried voice. If he was main target of those humanoid monsters then he really doesn't know what to do.

"Because you possess Divinity… and you already saw what Divinity can do" Of course to kill those low level monsters with single move one doesn't need to be Divinity, but she had to somehow show him the disparity between them.

"Divinity? Y-you are?"

"I am Dragon Goddess."

'Holy Sheet' he couldn't help but swore inwardly.

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