Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 3 To break a World and its barrier

Chapter 3 To break a World and its barrier

"Basically, no one cared about your world. It had been existing completely oblivious to matters of our universe, wrapped in thick barrier that we call 'Zero World Barrier.' And that's what makes your world special. Earth is entirely forceless just as its residents, but Zero World Barrier had been able to endure attacks even from several Divinities until now…" Goddess looked up to the black hole that was deep in the sky. "Even such a barrier couldn't withstand a massive attacks from the whole universe and there is still no information about what kind of power was it made from." Then, she had stopped talking as if to let him contemplate everything she just said.

"What is force?" Xue Ren asked, however deep inside, he was already thinking about magic power and mana from games and novels as comparison to this so called 'force'.

"It's what you think it is, but every race or world have their own ways of calling it. Humans mostly have 'Magic power' while beast races have 'Aura'. We, Dragons have 'force'. Of course there are differences between them, but you will know about it in the future if you decide to go through the path of divinity." She replied with seriousness.

"What if I won't choose that path. What if I want to save-"

"You can't save your world." Goddess didn't hold back as she said it straightforwardly "No one can."

"Is it becaue of barrier?" Xue Ren already was very worried about his future. There were more Divinities like Dragon Goddess and he knew that most of them weren't friendly like her. Truthfully, he didn't know why she was so patient with him. Wouldn't it be easier to just kidnap him like others?

"Yes, once your barrier disappears completely so will your world."

Her words made him tremble. Even though he had no high ambitions in his life, and rather lived leisurely, he still wanted to live. Simple thought about extinction already made Xue Ren lose all his calm and so he shouted at Goddess without hesitation.

"So what now! You are going to take those with this fucking Divinity and leave our families, friends and everyone else to death. Then once you take our Divinity or whatever you have planned, we too will become unusable tools only to get thrown away right?!"

"I guess so." She answered immediately with made Xue Ren open his eyes wide. "Not everyone is as nice as me. I came here only because I wasn't convinced about the project. Then curiosity took over me and I arrived here. If the ones who had been eyeing you were from stronger dynasty, I wouldn't have come here. Luck is part of your strenght and your destiny…"

"Fuck this destiny! How can I live without everyone, all alone in unknown world! I would rather die!" with his voice full of sadness Xue Ren turned over and started running towards his parents workplace.

Goddess herself followed him silently. She knew that no matter what, this young man won't be able to break through her barrier. Reaching the end, Xue Ren fell on his knees and cried loudly. So what if he got stronger? What if his parents were already dead just like his neighbor or taken already by those fucking Divinities? His imagination was working more than usual as he imagined every possible situation.

But then, white portal appeared behind him. Startled, he turned over and shouted at Goddess hysterically. He believed that it was her doing simply because of her silver dress… Xue Ren's emotional state evidently wasn't proper. Goddess herself was surprised as she looked at white portal. Her eyes brightened and after looking at portal thoroughly, she loudly answered him.

"It's your worlds' energy." then turned over to look at other places. Her awareness engulfed all surroundings in 50km. "It appeared behind every human and slowly started taking them into."

"What? It's Earth?" Xue Ren looked at white portal excitedly. If it showed itself behind everyone, then his parents and friends definitely had hope to survive! "Wait, its taking them already? Then why am-"

"Probably your world knows that I don't have any bad intentions" her smile made Xue Ren feel even more wrong. "I am sorry." He apologized honestly and started explaining, only to meet her finger on his lips. "It's fine little man. I am not that petty person. When you were worried about your family, it made me remember my days as mortal. To achieve Divinity, I had sacrificed all my time, only to meet a loneliness at the end of the road…" Dragon Goddess told about herself with melancholy.

Xue Ren was looking at her with complicated expression. It looked that reaching the Divinity wasn't always with triumph. He knew that there was more to the story, but he wasn't in position to ask her. His complicated face exposed his thoughts and Goddess slowly told him more.

"In my Dragon Tribe, there obviously is Dragon God, however there is also God of Devastation and God of Fire. The moment I became Dragon Goddess, for our people that was glorious moment, but for me, the moment when I met the disgusting side and ambitions of Dragon's Divinities…"

Her sad look and voice was unbearable for him, in panic he started saying random things such as… "Don't worry, life is long! You will definitely meet a good man for yourself who will fuck all those hypocrities… Your path isn't over yet. I know, karma comes back. Who knows, maybe in the future I will become a monster like them, then beat them thoroughly for you! Aren't we already acquaintances ummm… I am Xue Ren."

She looked at him stupefied. She didn't say that to get his sympathy or anything. She herself didn't know why, maybe she just needed someone to talk with… "Life is long? I am probably older than all your ancestor lives accumulated, little man." She laughed at him unrestrainedly which made young man go all red.


"My name is Moonrose. Before I let you go through this portal, let me tell you the rest of the story. According to prophecy, if Zero World Barrier gets destroyed, it will release its energy to the universe starting the new era. He called it 'Ascension Era' where all Divinities will be reborn together with Legends, Myths, Sins and everything else that had been buried. Relics of the past, legendary weapons and lifeforms… everything will resurface in the same era. He told us that there are already humans with Divinity and other inheritances deep within their bodies." She spoke everything quickly as if there was no more time for them. "That's why you have to grow stronger, once you leave that portal, you will become prey again." She told him seriously and took silver ring off her finger.

"No matter what you must wear this ring. It will hide your divine force, but be careful when you meet someone a lot stronger than you or another Divinity. Live low-key life until you can stay strong at the top of the universe."

Xue Ren looked at her deeply as he took silver ring. Who knows just how much is it worth? Looking at his index finger, he decided…

"Moonrose! I will definitely repay the favour. Thank you for everything!" Goddess only nodded to his statement and watched as his body disappeared inside white portal. After he left, she quietly muttered to herself.

"Xue Ren, just what kind of God you are? The worst thing about inborn Divinity is that you can't decide about your path…"

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