Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 22 Little Adventure

Chapter 22 Little Adventure

"I did it, because I want people to know that we are team. So Huo Ning won't have to work hard." Di Xun said it innocently…

"As if I would believe that." Xue Ren chuckled.

"…Aren't you going to ask?"

"It's not like you are the only one with problems. I just hope they aren't that serious." Xue Ren knew that she used him, but he wasn't really worried. The young miss owes him a favor now, not that bad.

Di Xun who saw his attitude felt warmth in her heart. Xue Ren was much different than those who tried to interact with her. She lead him out of the Bluedawn City secretly. Soon, they arrived before a carriage. Standing in front of it was enormous horse. It was two times bigger than horses from his world, its eyes overfilled with green light. Di Xun entered the carriage and gestured for a young man to do the same.

"I thought that we would have a lunch…" Xue Ren said as he looked at the horse. The young miss whistled and the horse started carrying them somewhere. The carriage didn't shake, so it at least is going to be a comfortable ride.

"We are going on a little adventure, but before that… Let's have a lunch." Di Xun took out a lunch boxes. It looked like she did it herself. The young miss handed him one. "It's my first time I did cooking, but I found it to be nice experience, too cook for someone." Miss Di said that casually, oblivious to meaning of her words…

"It's good, nice work Missy." compared to Di Xun's noble way of eating, he was eating quite loudly. But the miss didn't care as she looked at the little black cat that was lying on his thighs. Soon, their eyes met! Di Xun took out a bit of food and passed it down. Sho Yue gracefuly took it as she sat down next to her. Xue Ren's silver ring was still working on her, because Black Tigress' tail was tightly coiled around his hand. Seeing both of them being intimate, Xue Ren was simply shocked!

"Looks like The Black Tigress has accepted her." Endrun has joined the fun!

"I see, she's good friend." Xue Ren smiled honestly.

Endrun who saw his smile knew that this kid is serious. 'Friend? Only friend'? Recently, the vampire has been thinking that his only purpose is to push this young man into road of harem… He didn't know how much his memories has helped Xue Ren to adapt into world of fighting and killing.

'Those kids from Zero World… I am sure that your billionaires had several secret relationships!' He has read his memories after all! Anyway, the vampire has to work hard!

"Boy, do you think she sees you as a friend? It's so obvious from her movement, the way she looks at you and her actions that you are more than a friend! And now your woman has accepted her, it's not the Zero World! It's not the Earth! You also subconsciously accept her. I wonder if you would be so nice to another woman if she used you the way Di Xun did. Good luck dealing with her suitors."

"…Let's take it slowly" Xue Ren could only say it as he began to contemplate.

'As long as they are man, it should be fine.'

"Imagine 'Devour' activating inside the school…"


"You had hard time subduing it… and had played quite nicely before subduing…" Endrun said with mischievous smile.

'Oh my fucking god!'

"Endrun! You-you must help me if something like that happens!"


"Bro! You are me!"

"Ahahah! Don't worry I know what to do."

"Endrun… my saviour!"

The both man continued the talk for a while. The ladies enjoyed their lunch as well, it was then! Xue Ren could sense a strong presences moving in the same direction as them. His awareness was already both mix of his and Endrun, it was slowly becoming one as he began to reminisce more. Also, his rise in magic power played a big part of it. Turning his eyes to Di Xun…

"It's time to tell us the main objective of this 'Little Adventure' Missy."

"The mythical beast has been spotted in one of the Li Family's territories. I had overheard my father talking about it. He probably already sent some forces here. Anyway! I felt like such event is good starting point for our teamwork!

"…Mythical beast as starting point of adventure? You have big ambitions Missy…"

"We are going to be Divinities after all!"

"Alright, but if Di Family has Divinity, then other families and major power can have it as well. Let's be cautious. How do you usually do your missions?"

"I use this mask." Di Xun took out a simple, white mask. But when she put this mask close to her face, the mask shined and started slowly covering her face. Soon, Di Xun looked completely different.

"Oh, that's nice item she does have. It also changed her magic power." Endrun praised inwardly! One could identify a person by sensing energy. This mask must be high level item if it can change both appearance and energy.

"Did she really change?" Xue Ren asked unconvinced…

"What? Don't you see her face? It clearly has changed… Her magic power is different as well"

"She looks the same to me…"

Xue Ren had no reason to lie, so Endrun began to contemplate. After a while, he stood up from his throne, twirled like an idiot as he shouted!

"I see! No woman can escape a Seeeeeeeex God!"

"You motherfucker!" Xue Ren roared as well!

Di Xun passed one mask to him as well. After the mask shined, he could clearly feel its effects…

'So it does really work in such way…' Then, the young earthling could feel someone's gaze…

Sho Yue's golden eyes were looking at this new face… then she shook her head…

'The hell you shaking…' Xue Ren couldn't help, but curse.

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