Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 23 Gathering around the mountain

Chapter 23 Gathering around the mountain

Soon, the carriage stopped. Xue Ren and Di Xun have arrived at their destination! The young earthling already could feel a lot of people gathering around the mountain. It was the mythical beast nest. The mountain had a lot of massive holes, looking at those Di Xun said…

"Looks like someone already has fought against it…"

Then, the massive body of beast started moving throughout the holes. The white body and its blue scales were really nice to look at. However, the aura coming from this beast was horrifying.

'Is it some snake type beast?' Xue Ren thought as he was feeling its aura. He wasn't the only one. A bit further from them, there was a group of people. On their clothes was a sign 'Li.' Li Zhan! He was in this group, but his usual playfulness was non-existent. The young noble stood obediently, waiting for orders from his elders… His father has sent him here to get experience. In front of this group was middle aged man talking with young man. The older one didn't appear to be very special except his tremendous amount of magic power. He talked with respectful tone to the younger man.

"Peng He, have you called for reinforcements?" the young man said with angry tone. He was angry, because it was their territory yet everyone came here as they wished!

"Yes, young master!" the man said loudly. This young man was first young master and future head of Li Family! With his great potiential, his future was limitless… The guard Peng He has decided that bootlicking to this young man will insure his future.

"Good, with all those greedy trashes and fucking peasants, we must gather as much as possible…" the big families weren't the only ones to gather. Wandering masters also has gathered. They had nothing to lose except their lives, but wandering masters has been living close to death the moment they decided to pursue their freedoms, thus, it didn't really matter to them.

"It's obvious that we won't be able to take whole body… focus on important parts of the body and egg! Remember, its child is the most important!" the young one shouted at the group. The guards, disciples of Li School and as well as Li Zhan deeply nodded. However his eyes never left Li Zhan…

"And you better don't embarrass our family…" his eyes were full of vicious light…


"It was only one life of random peasant… a peasant who dared to attack a noble… and you lost." first young master voice was very loud. Everyone could hear him. He slowly approached Li Zhan who was clenching his fists tightly…

"Do you see all those peasants?" this time he said this very quietly… "Those all peasants are at your disposal. If they object you, kill. If they attack you, kill… that's what you have to do and that's what you should have done back then…" the first young master of Li Family, Li Rong. He is vicious person who believes that everyone apart from him is a peasant and that he stands above them… He only cares a little for his family, his origins…

'If I had your status and potential… then maybe…' Li Zhan could only complain deep inside himself…

Seeing his young brother attitude, Li Rong only scoffed at him. Then, he released his awareness all the way to the other side of the mountain. His awareness was truly strong… The young man exactly knew who has arrived at the other side…

'Those greedy trashes! You have Dark West Mountains and yet you come here?!' Li Rong roared inwardly!

Arriving at the other side of the mountain were three groups! Each lead by a young person. They were from Riveriam City, one of three strongholds of Umanu Continent like Bluedawn City. However, unlike the Bluedawn City, the families that govern the city are united. They have friendly competitions between themselves. But it's not like they wanted it, they were forced ever since ancient times… The Riveriam City is surrounded by rivers. As one can guess, those rivers are special. They are flowing from the Dark West Mountains, the forbidden area.

The forbidden area has been never fully explored. No one knows what's hiding deep inside the Dark West Mountains… The place itself as well as monsters living there are overfilled with energies, thus, they are good source of resources. Sometimes one can find a treasure that can change a life from these rivers… Of course, the further away one goes from the city, the more dangerous it is.

That's why!

The main objective of three great families from Riveriam City is to protect the dam. Not only it's their source of income, but monsters can only leave the Dark West Mountains by river, so it is also their main protection against those! The frequency of attacks is so big that families have to work together. Of course, bodies of these monsters are good material for equipment and their crystallized hearts are higher quality.

"We have arrived. The mythical beast is under this mountain." the one who said it was Xie Tao. He was leading the guards and disciples that were under his family.

"Yes, and looks like that Li Rong has already noticed us. I bet he is screaming inside himself!" Gu Xinyi, the young miss of Gu Family said as she smiled mischievously. She as well was leading her people.

The third person was also a woman. She was from Duan Family, Duan Qiu. Clenching her sword, she focused her eyes on the mountain.

'We are going to fight seriously this time…' she thought inwardly. Although she and other young prodigies have been interacting ever since childhood, they never have fought seriously. Either their fights got stopped by their parents or they ended in draw as they hid their strength. But now, as they have grown up and have started moving on their own… Duan Qiu patted her sword and it responded by shining lightly. It was light that could be only seen by her.

Xie, Gu and Duan. Three main families of Riveriam City have arrived! Soon, the forces of Di Family and Blazing Institution have joined the gathering.

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