Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 26 Cute golem and Dark energy

Chapter 26 Cute golem and Dark energy

The atmosphere immediately became serious when Li Rong's magic gradually began to rise.

Soon, the magic appeared out of his body as if it left him. Xue Ren could see Li Rong's magic with his naked eyes. The more magic Li Rong gathered, the more violent wind became. After a while, it was as if the young master of Li Family has summoned the whirlpool. However, it was simple magic release. The true summoning has began now!

Xue Ren was looking at the man without blinking, his awareness fully focused. In the midst of magic whirlpool the young master smiled viciously. This smile marked the beginning of summoning!

The young earthling could see the stones and earth moving towards one point. Soon, it created a ball. After that, another ball created by various stones and earth appeared on top of big ball. It was a lot smaller! Then, the 2 shiny balls brightly shined!

'What the fuck is this? Is it head? Eyes?' Xue Ren didn't know anything. Because of whirlpool, all he coud see was a shape of this 'monster'.

"It's a golem." Di Xun said this making everything clear! After the arms and legs have been created, the whirlpool stopped…


Neither guards or disciples of Li Family didn't say anything. They closed their eyes and did their best to not open their mouths. Xue Ren and Di Xun just looked at the Li Rong and his summoning with dead eyes…

"It's cute I guess…" Di Xun finally said as she covered her mouth. She laughed a little though.

"Are you serious?" Xue Ren asked the furious young master. He who was furious, with his vicious sneer was standing strong and behind him was… a cute golem. It had adorable little eyes and its mouth was widely open, as if smiling…

"Do I need to be serious with you?" Li Rong corrected his disheveled hair as he said. He completely misunderstood Xue Ren. Anyway, someone from his side laughed. The golem immediately smashed this person leaving the blood spot… Because of this, everyone became silent. The tense atmosphere again descended.

The golem eyes shined as it began rolling! The rolling ball jumped passing its master as it started rolling loudly towards Xue Ren and Di Xun! The youngsters released their techniques in attempt to stop it. The earthling has created an earth pillars and Miss Di released a series of thunders that smashed the summoning. However, they could only stop it for a while. Cracks slowly began to appear on pillars! As for thunder attacks, it truly didn't do that much damage.

"Damn earth nature!" Di Xun cutely grumbled. Xue Ren smiled at such young miss. Although the situation looks serious, the youngster still has tricks in his sleeve. However, feeling that Di Xun started gathering magic, he did his best to maintain pillars to buy some time for young miss!

Soon, the big thunder butterfly came off from her back. With sparks, it flew slowly towards the golem! Xue Ren followed it with his gaze thinking if that butterfly will be enough. Upon the contact, the loud explosion emerged!

'Holy sheet! Xue Ren swore! He didn't expect such power.

Seeing his surprised look, Di Xun smiled with contentment. She turned to him as she said…

"The bigger, the better! Both magic and size. Those pillars are low level technique, right? Although you have incredible magic control, you still can't bring out enough power to match higher level techniques…"

"Of course the bigger, the better." Xue Ren said it as his eyes landed on her breasts. Feeling his gaze, she covered her chest as she mumbled 'Pervert' with faint blush.

"But even though you are right, I still like simple things. I believe that one day I will be able to create such pillars by simply using imagination. To use magic freely, it aint bad goal, right?" He said all this as he moved towards the golem. Di Xun's technique stopped its movement, but the body blocked the passage. Who knows what those disciples and madman Li Rong are doing on the other side? Maybe they are using pills to regenerate their energy or preparing another big technique. Anyway it's time to clean!

Xue Ren formed a fist. He also has gathered magic from his torso all the way to the fist leaving only the heart intact. Heart was the place where divine energy was sleeping, both his and Sho Yue. The small magic whirlpool appeared around his fist.

Boom! The body of golem got totally shattered to the pieces. "Simple is the best." The earthling happily told her as he showed his hand.

'He didn't use any technique! Just simple magic release?' Miss Di began to contemplate! As the miss was looking at Xue Ren so was he looking at the other side of the passage. Li Rong focus was on his gauntlets. Yes, the young master was now wearing a strange black gauntlets. The dark energy with green hue was coming from it as well.

"Well, you surprisingly could stop my golem. If ugly peasants like you could do that then you sure have had a lot of lucky encounters." Li Rong was still as arrogant as before.

"Lucky encounters?" Xue Ren asked loudly, but the answer came from Endrun.

"He probably means that since you are wanderer, you have found out a lot of treasures. It's Ascension Era after all."

Li Rong didn't answer his question. He completely ignored Xue Ren. After a while, he pounced at him as if his preparations were finally over. Since Li Rong was aiming for him, Xue Ren had to answer! With his blazing fists, he clashed with young master. As their attacks became connected, Xue Ren felt massive change in his emotions!

'What?' He attacked him with conviction. He didn't falter or anything like that. Xue Ren was fully prepared for clash!

"Those gauntlets are cover. This dark energy is coming from him… Looks like we have met our worst enemy…" Endrun said as his awareness was fully released on the gauntlets.

Boom! Because of the confusion, Xue Ren couldn't properly focus his magic on his hands. Li Rong moved as if he knew this would happen. He lightly pushed off the young man and then…

He smashed Xue Ren's face sending him flying.

"Xue Ren!" The miss cried out as she immediately went over to him.

Covered in rocks, Xue Ren could only hear Endrun's voice…

"This dark energy not only boost his strength, but also attacks your spirit…"


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