Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 27 He has broken through!

Chapter 27 He has broken through!


Xue Ren knew how annoying those who attack the spirit are! The vampires from Endrun's memories always retreated immediately after their sneak attack failed against 'Soul Practitioners'. They didn't dare to attack them head on.

It's said that every living being has a soul as well as the soul room. Xue Ren is one of abnormals who possess another souls and Divine Room. Anyway, Li Rong attacks are both aiming for his body and soul room. Losing either of them is equivalent to death for the current Xue Ren.

He could heard Di Xun cries. She was throwing out the rocks that has completely fallen on him… But Li Rong is not a person who would let her do everything freely. Since she has focused her attention on Xue Ren, she became exposed. The young master of the Li Family easily arrived behind her as he kicked her. He sent her flying in the direction where he has placed his trap. The moment Di Xun landed, the magic exploded. The earth moved by itself and trapped her arms and legs… She became completely immobilized. Trapped, Di Xun still was looking at the rocks that covered Xue Ren. She usually wouldn't do a mistake such as forgetting about the enemy… Although she got injured, the young miss realized that Xue Ren already became someone way too important for her…

"This is the power of our young master!"

"It's the truth that those gauntlets are from Dark West Mountains!"

"Apparently, they are some kind of rare gauntlets!"

The forces of Li Family loudly cheered. They felt proud how did their young master one shot a man who was even younger than them, but stronger! Being under such person was an honor! Hearing the cheers, Li Rong sneered. It was the truth that those gauntlets were from Dark West Mountains, but they were simple gauntlets. They slightly raised his magic control on his hands and were from tough material. Something like that couldn't be called 'rare', even more if it has come from forbidden territory. Nevertheless, he was enjoying the cheers! Then, his gaze went down, to the rocks!

'There is no way he has died from such simple attack.'

While Li Rong was enjoying the cheers, Xue Ren wasn't staying idly…

"Drink the blood from the mythical beast."

"That's excatly what I thought."

Endrun spoke and Xue Ren gave him immediate response. He put his hand on his mouth and the blood started flowing. Controling Space Ring wasn't anything hard at all. His eyes began to change as his blood boiled. The blood itself tasted sweet. Ssssssss! Soon, his injuries started slowly healing releasing a steam. Through the gaps, he could see a trapped Di Xun. Then, he could feel someone's movement! It was Sho Yue as she peeked out of his clothes. That's right, the little black cat was hiding inside his clothes all this time. She looked at the injured Di Xun, then turned her golden eyes to Xue Ren. Red and golden lights have met. After a while, they both nodded.

"I know your feelings, but isn't it better to run? Take Di Xun and leave…"

"No, I have to murder this motherfucker."

"What are you going to do with his spirit attacks?"



"I have to endure until I kill him!" Xue Ren said this to Endrun as he jumped out of the rocks! However, Li Rong was ready. He swung his fist and the earth responded! Fist and earth! Facing this, Xue Ren narrowed his eyes. The magic power and vampire aura started slowly joining together. The pressure immediately changed. The magic and aura slowly became one and it began leaving its body creating a whirlpool. In the midst of energy whirlpool, Xue Ren tapped the ground. The earth faced Li Rong's earth creating a shockwave. Because of vamprie aura release, his body got stronger. Catching the fist of Li Rong, his red eyes looked at him viciously…

"You are vampire? No… mixed breed."

"Oh, so he knows about us? Hmm, well. It's fine for him to know since you are going to kill him, but don't let others know." Endrun told him and Xue Ren obediently followed. The earth covered both passages, sealing the place. Inside, there was only he, Li Rong and Di Xun.

"Your face has changed as well… I want that mask of yours…" Xue Ren mask already has been destroyed.

"I want your treasures… your whole body…" Li Rong said it as he slightly retreated…

'Has he gone mad already?'

"It's good that you sealed this place…" The young master smiled savagely! The dark energy that was coming from gauntlets quickly has covered his whole body.

"What is this dark energy?" Xue Ren asked the vampire, only to get 'I don't know' as answer.

Li Rong! What is he? Anyway, it's not like he is going to tell about himself. The madman pounced at him and started releasing his series of punches. The earth moved as well, but this time it was much different. Li Rong created a small stones that went towards the young man. Their main purpose wasn't to damage Xue Ren's body, but to attack his spirit! Yes, those stones were covered with dark energy as well.

The battle outside was going in favor of Xue Ren. His mix of energies was truly strong as well as his body which got stronger and tougher thanks to the vampire aura. He was properly controling them as his ignited his arms. Was it because of his blood boiling? The fire was truly strong and savage. He also tried to destroy small stones, but he could only destory them as they got closer to him, thus, the dark energy still attacked him.

After fighting for a while, the youngsters backed off slightly. Li Rong looked at the Xue Ren. His eyes were dark and heavy as if he was barely holding his consciousness… the body wasn't in good state either. Blood flowed down incessantly and there were places where one could see bones… His clothes got already shattered so Sho Yue was now sitting on his shoulder. But Li Rong truly didn't have time to worry about a cat. He was in the same state. No, he had even worse. Nevertheless, he laughed viciously!

"He has broken through…" Endrun said as he looked at the foreign presence slowly arriving in the throne room. To be more precise, in the soul room…

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