Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 30 The contract! Lie on your man

Chapter 30 The contract! Lie on your man

The white lady was in similar height as Xue Ren yet when she stood in front of him, the young man felt somewhat smaller… The woman looked at him with her unique eyes. It was first time he has seen such eyes. Black eyeballs, he found them strangely fitting for her…

Superbia extended her hand as she presented it. It wasn't gesture of handshake, but more like gesture of kissing her hand. White, soft and pale hand. It would be life if he said he didn't get enticed.

"You are worthy of contract."


Seeing his reluctant look, the woman didn't say anything. She still held her hand high as she waited patiently… The truth was that Xue Ren is simply scared of consequences of contract. At the end of his fight with Li Rong, he clearly saw how unstable he was. How Avaritia had influenced him. The young man after a while of thinking asked with resolute look.

"What are the consequences of this contract?"

"…My situation is different this time." She took her hand off as she continued… "Although the sins can't die, the others sins had found out a way to utterly obliterate me and they would have succeeded if not you…"

"You mean… the throne?" One of the thrones belonged to her after all! If throne had saved her or resurrected, then what exactly are those thrones?

"Yes, I have awakened upon your first contact with Avaritia's dark energy."

"Then… are you bound to the throne?" such question immediately appeared when he heard her answer. Seeing how silent she has become, Xue Ren knew that he has guessed right. Other sins tried to kill her and she probably wants a revenge. Killing Avaritia once didn't even lessen her desire to revenge by a bit. And without contract she can't grow…

'What a stubborn woman.'

Sin of Pride, she didn't ask him for contract. She just told him he is worthy. She has also asked him all those questions even though he is the only one who can contract her…


"What would you do if I lost myself in your questions? If I abandoned myself?" Xue Ren had to ask her this question. And the answer was exactly what he thought…

"I would risk and let Avaritia kill you. I won't have a host that lowers its head." the white lady immediately answered. She didn't hide anything! Her voice normal as if it was casual talk.

'Don't bow to anyone and walk with head high!' Xue Ren felt like those were conditions of her contract. If he followed those, then he could probably control the influence of her sin.

"Alright, let's make a contract." Xue Ren said it abruptly as he took her hand by himself. Kissing the pale, soft hand, he could feel the dark energy entering his body from the soul room. It was his 'own' dark energy that he is going to raise.

"You are my last host." with those words, the white woman faintly smiled and turned around as she went towards her throne. Xue Ren watched her slow and graceful walk until she disappeared.

"It's not over." Endrun finally has opened his mouth. He truly didn't mind being ignored by such existence. He was a servant, how many times has he bowed? Despite being from thrones, they both had different origins.

"I know, I have to heal my wounds, then see how Di Xun is doing…"

"You have to finish off Li Rong as well." the vampire laughed. He liked how this youngster cared for his close ones.

"Yeah, I am going." Xue Ren closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was already outside the soul room. But his sight got blocked by two little mountains… Those two were moving heavily and he could hear the cries of Di Xun… Right now, he was lying on her thighs, but how could he enjoy this while she was crying?

"Di Xun!" his sudden move startled the young miss!


Seeing her like that made the young man really surprised. Di Xun was a young miss of the noblest family of the Bluedawn City. She had noble air and only showed her girly side to him when they were alone. Her red rimmed eyes and tear stained cheeks were truly sad sight.

He hugged her tightly as he stroked her hair. She was lying on top of him and could clearly hear his heartbeat. There was no divine energy of Sex God! Yet both of them had their hearts racing loudly. Then, she could smell the blood!

"Xue Ren, your wounds!" Truthfully, he didn't even take the medicines because of Di Xun. The young miss tried to stand up and share her own medicines, but he just hugged her tighter…

"Is it that bad to lie on me?"

"N-no…" the missy buried her head deeply into his chest!

"Then just lie on your man." Xue Ren became bold out of nowhere! His hand that was stroking her hair has entered her clothes! Di Xun now was wearing her usual dress, complete opposite to the plain clothes that she had before! Feeling her naked back, he was descending lower and lower…

"Who is my man…" the young miss said this and didn't reject his hand at all. She was just lightly trembling…

"I am…" he whispered to her. His hand stopped at the end of her back… He lightly bent as he kissed her forehead. Sweet emotions have overwhelmed the young miss. She knew that Xue Ren had divinity that could forcefuly evoke such emotions. Although she doesn't know what kind of Divinity it exactly is, she knew that now, Xue Ren wasn't using any divine energy at all. No, he has never used it again after that spar. In fact, he has even avoided physical contact with her for a while…

'Was he worried that it would influence me?' They both were young and inexperienced as Divinities after all! To know one's power, one needed time!

'It doesn't matter… I already…' The young miss knew that she didn't fall only because of his divine energy. He was someone like her. She could share her secret with him and both had similar destinies. If Xue Ren's divinity caught her attention, then his demeanor has caught her!

"Mmm." Di Xun cutely nodded and buried her head into his chest again! Seeing this, Xue Ren smiled broadly and his hand descended lower!

"Ah!" The young miss cried out as she could feel his hands on her ass! But she held in as he played around for a while. At first, Xue Ren wanted to tease her a little, but then, he noticed something…

'My wounds are healing…' they healed as he played! If he used the blood from the mythical beast, would he be already healed?

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