Inevitable Road To Divinity

Chapter 31 Kneel

Chapter 31 Kneel

His wounds were healing rapidly. It was as if his shameless act evoked his divine energy to accelerate the regeneration of his body. Xue Ren's body that already had partly changed to vampire had much higher regeneration than usual human.

'Sssssssss' the wounds slowly closed and the young man became fully healed! But he didn't take off his hand from her ass! The miss had to catch his hand and with embarrassed face softly said…


"Yes, yes." he shifted his aim and hugged her with his whole body. The miss enjoyed this feeling as she smelled his smell. But such nice moment got interrupted by someone…

"I have never expected you would have such side, Di Xun."

It was Li Rong! He was lying with dead eyes as he looked at the ceiling. No one knew what was going on through his mind!

"You still didn't kill yourself?" Xue Ren asked with discontent…

"As If I would kill myself!" Li Rong shouted! But such action made his condition worse as he began to cough violently.

Miss Di who has finally realized that they weren't alone became as red as tomato!

"Heh, you have found out a nice monster, Di Xun."

"Monster? It's you who has become monster as the time passed…" They both have known each other. Since both of them are from noblest families of Bluedawn City, they had a lot of meetings as the younger generation.

"Is that so…"

"You have become way too greedy…" Di Xun softy said…

"Greedy? Ahahaha! Cough, cough!" Li Rong madly screamed! "And who isn't greedy?! Just look at this sheetty mountain. Cough! Those motherfuckers from Riveriam came and what can we do? Where are the elders?! Cough!" It looked as if young master truly was ready for death as he didn't hold back!

"They just told me to gather forces and go there! Those old fucks didn't even spare me a glance after father gave his order as they sat comfortably in their chairs! Cough, cough…"

"…" his furious cries made the young miss to began contemplating…

"Hahaha! Experience… hahaha! Experience a world… Cough, what's wrong with being greedy?! Everyone is greedy and that's exactly why I took his offer! Do you understand, you fucking commoner!"

"…just die already."

"Fuck you! Cough, cough!" Li Rong was already as pale as white wall. With every shout, he was losing more and more blood…

"What's… wrong with… being… greedy…" with those words, Li Rong closed his eyes as he became completely silent… When Xue Ren approached him, he muttered his last sentence.

"Kill… Li Zhan… or he will… become… toy for Second…"

Xue Ren looked at him with indifference. Then, his hand went for his heart. As he grasped the heart, Superbia voice resounded through his mind…

"As the host for Avaritia, his body should possess some leftovers of greed's energy. Gather this energy in his heart, then crystallize. His heart will be truly beneficial… for us."


When Xue Ren was gathering the dark energy, the walls that he made to seal this place began to shake. The disciples and guards of Li Family were already attacking those walls for a while. They could feel that something happened to their young master…

Boom! The walls got destroyed and the forces of Li Family immediately flowed in. Of course, the first sight they saw was Xue Ren holding the crystallized heart above the Li Rong's body!

"Who are you! How you dare to kill our young master?! Don't you know whose territory it is?!"

"You have killed the first young master of Li Family! The Li won't let you off!"

"Accept the death and let yourself be captured."

Basically, everyone didn't realize that Xue Ren was the one who had killed their comrades before. Since his mask got destroyed and one could see a good looking man, they wanted to scare him with the name of Li! They truly believed that it would be enough…

"Stupid… I just killed your young master and you are threatening me?" Xue Ren asked with innocent face. What the hell was this? Does he look so harmless or what?

"Hmpf!" Peng He sneered! He was the one who wanted to bootlick the most! Seeing his young master dead body has filled his heart with discontent.

"Killing a young master of Li Family is serious crime! You will be chased through whole continent! There is no place where you can-" but he stopped midway of talking! Because he noticed Di Xun!

Di Family! If this young one had support of the Di Family, then… their lives… were already gone…

Peng He became scared! However, he wasn't the first one! Li Zhan! The moment he saw Xue Ren, he already knew that everything was over. At first, he was surprised, because of Xue Ren's strength! But then, he believed that it was normal. The third young master knew that he isn't pushover! Thus, when he saw that Xue Ren won against Li Rong, it actually made him feel a little better. Not because he killed his mad brother, but because he lost to someone of such caliber! Of course, since Xue Ren had killed his older brother, the third young master knew that he might be potentially next target. So he started running!

Xue Ren saw all of that. With his quick movement, he immediately appeared before Peng He as he crushed his neck. Then with his hand still on this trash, he turned over to the everyone as he said…


Was it exactly what he wanted to say? The truth was that Xue Ren wanted to yell 'Fuck off' but he still followed this strange desire. Was it influence of Superbia? The young man wasn't sure, but it still didn't matter. Because he has achieved his goal!

The guards and disciples who have been running immediately followed this command as they knelt. The others who were still watching Xue Ren with scared faces pissed themselves… It was because when the young man said his command, his eyes had changed. Black eyeballs with white hole… they appeared for 5 seconds, but 5 seconds was enough to scare them as they lost control of their bodies. The dark energy of Superbia had made them knelt and shiver.

With others kneeling before him, the passage has been made. Using this road, Xue Ren started chasing after Li Zhan.

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