Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 19 - 19: Monster

Chapter 19 - 19: Monster

Weston's wife Emilia couldn't help but drop to get knees as her legs started shaking.

She could hold the fear no longer, and she fell to the floor in a disheveled heap as her grief poured out in a flood of uncontrollable tears.

Her entire body was shivering as tears kept flowing out of her eyes.

Weston ran to his crying wife and took her in his embrace.

"It's alright. Everything's alright. There's no need to worry," he comforted his wife. "We're safe."

Although they were both shaken from the core of their heart, Weston knew that he needed to keep his calm so that he could comfort his wife.

He had just gone through a deadly situation, but his wife went through even worse. A man was killed when he was just a few inches away from her. Not only that but she was also taken hostage previously. Weston could only imagine what she must be going through.

Emilia bawled her eyes out as she hugged Weston tightly. Her crying voice seemed very painful.

Weston kept wiping the tears that managed to trickle down Emilia's cheeks as he kept rubbing her back with his other hand.

"Everything's fine. It's all over," he said in a soothing tone. His body was also tingling in fear, but he didn't let it show on his face and kept a strong face.

After around ten minutes, Emilia finally calmed down as she separated from Weston.

She looked to his side and saw Lucifer standing there. Lucifer's curious gaze was on her face.

The couple didn't know how to react as they stared at Lucifer.

Even though it was to save them, Lucifer still killed people. He was a murderer. They didn't know how they should react at the moment.

Weston stood up and faced Lucifer before he bowed his head a little.

"T-thank you for helping us," Weston thanked Lucifer. No matter what, he really couldn't come to blame him as he did this all for them.

"Yes, Thank you for saving us. Without you, we would be dead." Eliana also did the same as she bowed respectfully.

"You are covered in blood; you can't go out like this. The police might catch you. You should go to the second floor. We have some rooms there. You can also shower," she further said.

Lucifer gazed blankly at the woman and didn't react. Something seemed strange. He didn't know what it was, but he felt like the woman was different.

Previously he had thought that she was similar to his mother from the way she talked, but he didn't get that feeling now. Instead, she seemed the complete opposite.

"What happened?" Emilia asked Lucifer curiously.

"You don't want to go upstairs?" She asked as she saw Lucifer not react.

Lucifer still didn't say anything and stood in his place like a statue.

"I guess you don't want to go upstairs. It's alright. You can wash your face in our kitchen there. In the meanwhile, I'll bring some clothes for you from upstairs. They might be a little big in size since they belonged to our son who doesn't live here anymore. But they should do the job for now," Emilia alluded to Lucifer before she turned towards the stairs.

"Weston, you show the kid our kitchen, then come upstairs to help me get clothes," she told Weston before she started striding towards the stairs.

Even Weston was surprised by her, but he didn't put much thought into it. People coped differently to different situations. Maybe she was trying to be a caring mother to Lucifer even though her personality seemed a little different.

"Don't worry. You helped us. We won't let anything happen to you. Come and wash your face," Weston said to Lucifer before he opened the door of the kitchen.

Lucifer gazed at the man, but he ultimately decided to listen. He walked inside the kitchen.

"I'll go help, Emilia. We'll be back with clothes. Until then, you make sure that you clear all blood from your body," Weston said to Lucifer.

"After that, we'll clear the bodies from outside. Everything will be fine. Worry about nothing. You saved us. I won't let the police catch you," he added before he turned back to leave.

Lucifer gazed back at the door. A lingering suspicion remained inside him even though he felt that Weston seemed sincere.

The scientists also seemed sincere before they killed him. Sincerity couldn't be trusted. For his peace of mind, he decided to check things out.

He walked out of the kitchen and started walking towards the stairs.

Tuck! Tuck! Tuck!

His feet made a little sound every time he stepped up the stairs, but he didn't care. The sound wasn't big enough to make others hear. Even he could barely hear.


Inside a room on the second floor, the sound of screaming could be heard.

"What do you mean you'll call the police?! Have you gone crazy?! That guy saved us!"

Weston was the one screaming at his wife in disbelief.

"That's right! He is a killer! I'm only doing the right thing!" Emilia exclaimed. She did keep her voice low.

"Also, talk slowly. I don't want our voices to go downstairs," she added.

"I know you're going through some stress after what happened, but you're not thinking clearly. That kid killed some people, but he did that to save our life! Why don't you understand that! Can we really punish him for saving us?" Weston inquired as he sighed.

"What makes you believe that he did all that to save us? He did all of this because he wanted to kill! He is a monster!" Emilia replied as she shook her head.

"He wasn't trying to save us. If he had any intention of saving us, he would have thought twice before attacking when that man had his knife on my neck to threaten him. He didn't even think for a second! That man honestly wasn't worried for us! Why would he save us then?" She continued.

She walked over to the phone and picked it up as she started dialing a number, "It can only be because he wanted to kill! We just happened to be lucky enough to be under trouble when he went crazy and killed people."

... to be continued.

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