Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 20 - 20: Uncontrollable

Chapter 20 - 20: Uncontrollable

"I'm not doing this because I want to either. But because we must. He is dangerous to be allowed to walk free. We must inform the cops. The boy needs to be caged to keep everyone else. Or we can only imagine how many lives he will take," Emilia told her husband as she dialed the number of authorities.

"But that boy… he will be caged like a beast. We don't know what they will do to him. He might even be killed. Is this really okay? No matter what, he did save our lives," Weston stressed as he stepped forward.

He caught her left hand with both her hands which stopped her from calling.

Weston looked in the eyes of his wife, full of emotions. "Please think again."


Lucifer reached the higher floors and walked towards the nearest door, where he heard some sound coming from.

Within seconds, he reached the door, but he didn't open it as he was close enough to hear what was being talked about inside.

The first thing he heard was Emilia talking.

"I've thought about it. That boy needs to be caged! There's no doubt in my head. And so what if the authorities kill him? If his death will save people, then it's worth it!" Emilia alluded to her husband in complete seriousness.

Weston couldn't help but give up before his wife. He could see that some of her words did make sense.

The only reason he was hesitant was that Lucifer had helped them. However, if his wife was correct and he did that only because he wanted to kill, then saving Lucifer would be akin to protecting a mass murderer who would kill many people again.

He could only hope that the authorities would help Lucifer and act with caution. He was a kid, after all. It was better to inform the authorities now than to have them catch Lucifer in the later stages of his growth.

He thought that it was better if they called authorities who could help Lucifer now and bring him to people that could help Variants that dealt with this problem; it was better.

Even though he tried to think of the benefits of having Lucifer arrested, in reality, he was only trying to justify his wife's decision in his head, who couldn't think clearly either.

"Sigh, I guess some of your words do make sense. We should inform the authorities," he accepted.

Unfortunately, Lucifer only heard his wife's words and didn't hear anything after that. He didn't care to hear anything else. His heart had started thinking as his hands trembled uncontrollably.

A single sentence floated in his head, which had come out of the woman's mouth. From the mouth of the woman that he had decided to help. From the woman who he had compared a bit to his mother in kindness.

"If his death will save people, then it's worth it!"

"If his death will save people, then it's worth it!"

"If his death will save people, then it's worth it!"

The same sentence kept floating through his head as the cruel face of Emilia appeared before him.

He couldn't help but drop down to his knees which had weakened suddenly.

"Hahaha, Of Course! If his death helps humanity, let's kill him!"

A man's voice also fell in his ears.

Lucifer looked up only to find Doctor Rao before him.

"That's right. Who cares about him. All that matters is us. Let's just kill him. He's only a toy, after all!"

Another voice fell in Lucifer's ears that seemed to come from behind. He turned back only to find Doctor Layman standing there.

"Kill him!"

Another voice was heard.

Lucifer looked to his left and found Weston standing there.

"That's right! Cage this bastard and kill him for us!"

Another voice came from the right where Lucifer found Emilia to be standing.

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"



Everyone started shouting Lucifer's ears, who had begun to hallucinate.

This event seemed to be the repeat of what had happened with the scientists, so much so that even the words that were said now were similar. His death was for humanity. That was all he was worth.

His head kept thumping in pain as he laid on his knees, holding his head tightly.

Blood was moving through Lucifer's body faster than it had ever moved. A wave of uncontrollable anger was also rising inside his heart which seemed to be mixed with grief, sadness, and pain.

"Why… why… why…"

Lucifer kept muttering blankly as his eyes grew wet.

Another change was happening in his eyes which he hadn't noticed. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue previously, but his right eye seemed to have changed color a little.

His right eye had turned a bit of violet in color. It was barely noticeable at the moment, though. His right eye still seemed mostly blue and only a little violet.

"Why was I stupid enough to believe…" Lucifer let out as a single tear trickled down his cheek.

The tear moved down his cheek slowly, and soon it left his cheeks as it separated from his body.

The tear moved through the air under the effect of gravity.


The tear fell on the floor. Simultaneously, an enraged scream escaped Lucifer's lips.


Lucifer's roar was so loud that it filled the entire house.


Emilia had finished dialing the number of authorities, and she was just about to tab the call option when a loud scream fell in her ears.

The scream seemed so scary that it gave her chills. A shiver ran down her spine as the phone fell from her body.


The phone crashed on the ground, but the sound of the fall was buried by the sound of the door being broken.

Both Emilia and Weston looked towards the door, only to have their faces go pale in fear.

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