Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: “Fascinating New World”

This time round, she was no longer wandering about the Book Pavilion like a lost sheep. The last time when she came in, she had written down the various locations of the different categories of books in detail. With such preparation in hand, she simply waltzed over to the bookshelf in search of what she wanted and soon staring at her, was a book with the t.i.tle: "Professions Guide".

Thinking back, she had an impression of this book as this was the book that was given to the previous Sima You Yue on the first day she had attended the Academy. Unfortunately, she wasn't interested in it and had just casually tossed it at a corner of the table, and she had not touched it since.

Sima You Yue leaned against the bookshelf as she quickly read through the contents of the book. However the more she read, the more she could not hide her surprise as she sighed in amazement – she was really living in a fantasy world!

According to the book, people can cultivate because there is Spiritual Qi in the air and by absorbing the Spirit Qi, the body would, in turn, transform this Spiritual Qi into Spiritual Energy and the more Spiritual Energy one has, the stronger one is.

In tandem with the difference in their powers, Spirit Masters are categorized into various grades, the grades in sequence are namely: Spirit Warrior, Spirit Lord, Great Spirit Master, Spirit King, Spirit Overlord, Spirit Saint and Spirit Paragon with the corresponding colours red, orange, yellow, green and blue, blue and purple. Each grade is further divided into 9 minor grades, with every minor grade depicted by a small star, and a moon depicted one major rank. For example, a sixth grade Spirit Warrior when drawing out his Spirit Energy, six little stars would show by his feet while for a sixth grade Spirit Lord, it would show a moon and six little stars, and for a Grand Spirit Master, it would show two moons, and so on.

Although Spirit Masters held dominance over the world, they were nevertheless few in numbers as not every single person was able to sense and detect the spiritual powers in the air. As Spirit Masters held great powers, they were greatly revered and enjoyed high status in the world.

Besides Spirit Masters, there were other highly regarded professions. In opposing relativity, would be the Sword Master. A Sword Master would refer to all those who were unable to sense the spiritual powers in the air and they rely solely on developing the force they infuse into their swords, named as Sword's Aura. Besides developing their swordsmanship, Sword Masters put in a lot of training into their physical strength as well, as the stronger their bodies get, the more force they would be able to sustain and bear up under with their swords.

Each grade is further divided into 9 minor grades, with every minor grade depicted by a small star, and a moon depicted one major rank. For example, a sixth grade Spirit Warrior when drawing out his Spirit Energy, six little stars would show by his feet while for a sixth grade Spirit Lord, it would show a moon and six little stars, and for a Grand Spirit Master, it would show two moons, and so on.

The different grades for Sword Masters were namely: Swordsman, Sword Meister, Grand Sword Master, Sword King, Sword Overlord, Sword Saint and Sword Paragon. The Sword's Aura was also categorised by seven colours: red, orange, yellow, green and blue, blue and purple, and every grade was similarly split further into minor grades from 1 to 9. One minor grade was corresponded by a tiny sword while a major grade was depicted by a sabre.

Although Spirit Masters and Swordmasters are rare in the world, compared to other occupations, their numbers were considered to be rather numerous, as in the other occupations, they were even fewer in numbers.

These occupations would include Elixir Masters, Weaponsmith Masters, Beast Tamer Masters and Array Masters, and every profession had their own unique strengths.

Spirit Masters were able to form a contract with a Spirit Beast and the Spirit Master and the Spirit Beast would merge and become one body. But as Spirit Beasts were wild and savage in nature, a Spirit Master who forms a direct contract with a Spirit Beast would be harmed by the Spirit Beast, hence, that was how the need for a Beast Tamer Master came about.

Beast Tamer Masters used their abilities at taming to remove and eradicate the savagery in Spirit Beasts, to enable Spirit Masters to safely form a contract with these Spirit Beasts. As the Spirit Beast after being contracted would lend the Spirit Master a strong boost in power, so Beast Tamer Masters were seen as highly important people. But to become a Beast Tamer Master, one must also first become a Spirit Master.

Besides that, Weaponsmith Masters and Array Masters were also a branch of Spirit Masters, and that fact made Sima You Yue rather speechless.

"Sigh, seems like I better start training." Sima You Yue got up from the floor and after searching through the bookshelves for awhile, she finally found an entry level book covering the most basic of training and cultivation. She looked up into the sky and saw that it was getting late. She brought the book back to her room and after dinner, she locked herself in and sat up in bed to read. She followed what was written in the book and attempted to sense the Spiritual Qi in the air through meditation.

Initially, she did not feel a single thing. But after some time, she seemed to have felt something unidentifiable swirling around her. It was not until dawn broke that she was finally able to properly sense those things as multi coloured specks of light,

Sima You Yue opened her eyes and broke her meditative trance, feeling rather puzzled in her mind. [Didn't the book say that they came in only one colour? Why had she felt that they were in a mult.i.tude of colours?]

"That's strange!"

She did not understand why the specks of light she had sensed came in a variety of colours. The book had specifically mentioned that people were normally able to sense only one singular colour of lights. Did she use the wrong method to do it?

She read the book from the beginning all over again and found that she had done it exactly as what the book had said and she had not gotten any step wrong. So where exactly was the problem?

She pondered upon it for a while and finally decided to go ask Sima Lie. Sima Lie had already attained the highly acclaimed Spirit Saint grade and he must know the answer to her dilemma.

She found Sima Lie and Sima You Yue threw out her query.

"That is actually very simple." Sima Lie said, looking at the upraised tiny face of his granddaughter who came to him with a question. He continued with a smile and said: "The Spiritual Qi would differ in colour according to their different attributes or properties."


"Yes, my dear. The properties shows the type of Spiritual Qi one can train and cultivate in. Red is the colour for Fire attributes and when training, they absorb the red coloured specks of light. green is for Wood attributes and while training, they absorb the green specks of light. Similarly, Water attributes would be blue, while Metal attributes would be gold. Earth attributes would be brown, Light attributes would be white and Darkness attributes would be black. Usually, the colour of light that one is able to sense and detect would mean the type of powers that person would be able to train and cultivate."

"So that's how it works." Sima You Yue nodded her head to show she understood. When she recalled the multi coloured lights she had seen that morning, she continued to ask: "What if I sensed a variety of colours in the lights?"

Sima Lie did not know why Sima You Yue was suddenly so interested in these matters about training and cultivation but he still replied patiently. "When one can sense many colours of lights, that would be someone we term as Multifaceted Spirit Masters."

"Multifaceted Spirit Masters."

"Mmm. For example, if one can sense both red and gold coloured specks of light, they would be Fire and Metal, a Dual Faceted Spirit Master. If they can sense three types, they would be Tri faceted Spirit Master. But Multifaceted Spirit Masters are very rarely seen. And if they are found, they were usually be highly revered."

"What if all the colours were seen?" Sima You Yue asked innocently as she looked earnestly at Sima Lie, asking him excitedly.

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