Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: “Dormitory Mates”

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Sima You Yue gave the boy the name ‘Little Spirit’ and after she gained some understanding of the Spirit Pearl and how to use it, she returned back to her own room.

Upon returning, she remembered the Academy matters, as she quickly called her two maids in and found out that 4 days had passed since then. When she heard that, she was startled and jumped up and quickly stuffed everything she needed into her interspatial ring and ran out.

“Yun Yue, just now… Young Master used an interspatial ring, didn’t he?” Chun Jian asked in disbelief.

Yun Yue who was equally stunned nodded back in a daze, “It seems like it.”

“Then, you mean that our Young Master can now cultivate?”

“Yes…and before he left he still told us to cultivate properly.”

They both looked at each other in confusion. “That person, was that really our Young Master?”

“He…should be…”

Sima You Yue had quickly dropped by and informed Sima Lie about her lodging in the Academy and then she headed back to the Academy in the beast carriage. Thinking on how many days she was late for school, she was worried that Feng Zhi Xing would not let her in.

Imperial Academy, the first years of the elite class were all having their lessons and when Feng Zhi Xing came into the classroom and saw the empty seat at the back of the class, a glint came into his eyes, as he looked at the rest of the class and said: “It’s been two days since you all started attending our Academy, by now you should have a grasp and better understanding of how things work in here. Also, those that are in this class are all who harness Spirit Energy so I will not repeat all the basic stuff to you, now we will learn how to absorb Spiritual Qi into our body faster…”

At the end of the day, the first years each returned to their own yard.

These students were all who had topped the selections this year and were all the top talents, the cream of the crop, many who had attained the level of Spirit Warriors much earlier.

As the elite class, their treatment received was not the same. For example, other regular students were living together in a big dormitory, while they had the privilege of staying in a cluster of five rooms to a courtyard, and each of them enjoyed the luxury of having a single room all to themselves. Although the courtyard was not large, but the facilities were not lacking. It was fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom as well as a garden.

Standing before the entrance, Bei Gong Tang was about to open the door but found that it had been opened prior to this.

“Bei Gong Tang, how are you always so fast? After classes end you always rush back, why don’t you wait and walk back with everyone?”

Behind her was a voice that was filled with short gasps and a string of complaints, and Bei Gong Tang turned and saw that it was her roommate for 3 days, the Fatty Qu followed by the frosty Ouyang Fei and gentle Wei Zi Qi.

Fatty Qu’s name was called Qu Li, and because he was rather chubby all over, he had on the first day that everyone had met each other, he had self mockingly told everyone that they could all call him Fatty Qu.

“It wasn’t you guys?” Bei Gong Tang asked when she saw Fatty Qu and the other two with him, her face frowning slightly.

“What happened?” Ouyang Fei keenly sensed that something was wrong and asked immediately.

Bei Gong Tang turned his body slightly to show them the opened lock, and said: “I didn’t do it.”

“Oh? Does that mean that another one of our dormitory mates has arrived?” Wei Zi Qi took a step forward and pushed open the doors leading into the courtyard while saying: “I’m rather curious who it could be?”

As Wei Zi Qi stepped in, the others followed behind and went into the courtyard. As predicted, noise could be heard coming out from the second unit on the right.

In the room, Sima You Yue was holding a rag in hand and wiping at the tables and chairs. Little Roar was lying on the table that had just been cleaned as its mouth poured out a string of endless grumbles: “This place is so tiny! And they allocated only one to each individual. Compared to the place you stayed in before, this is a dump.”

“It’s not really that bad, downstairs as the space for learning, upstairs houses my bedroom. It’s great! Moreover, as long as it’s a roof over our heads, it is good enough. Why would you want such a big place for?” Sima You Yue asked, stretching her hand out to poke at Little Roar’s tiny head.

The houses here had two levels, and both levels belonged to the same unit.

Little Roar rolled over and lay on its back on the table saying: “Yue Yue, hurry up and regain your powers. Your spirit is incomplete and it has greatly reduced my powers too. The current me is just so weak!”

“These things can’t be rushed.” Sima You Yue continued: “Anyway, you’re not that young anymore, waiting a few hundred years wouldn’t make a difference to you anyway.”

“Sigh, that’s awful…..” Little Roar rolled its eyes.

“Oh yes, don’t forget, do not reveal your identity before anyone. You are just an ordinary little bunny. Alright?” Sima You Yue reminded.

“Yes, yes, I remember. You’ve said it many many times. Not to reveal my identity. Don’t worry, I will not give you any trouble!” Little Roar said.

“Glad you know.” Sima You Yue said, and proceeded to continue with the cleaning.

“Cough… cough…”

Two coughs sounded from outside the door. Sima You Yue turned to look and saw four people standing there.

“Why is it you! ?” Fatty Qu exclaimed in shock as he stared at Sima You Yue.

“You know our new dorm mate?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“Err….. Yes.” Fatty Qu was starting hesitatingly at Sima You Yue, looking as if he was afraid that he would pounce on him any moment.

Fatty Qu’s family resided in the Capital City and when it came to people with widely known infamy such as Sima You Yue, he would naturally know them. He had heard the rumours about the Fifth Young Master of the General’s Residence being not exactly a straight guy.

“You guys are my new dorm mates?” Sima You Yue said, smiling at them. When she saw Fatty Qu’s expression, his face fearful, Sima You Yue said: “Fatty Qu! Why are you looking like you’ve seen a ghost? Don’t worry, I have no interest in you!”

[Not interested? What did that mean?]

“Hi, my name is Wei Zi Qi, and I stay just in the next house to your left.” Wei Zi Qi introduced himself, smiling at Sima You Yue.

“Ouyang Fei, first unit on the west side.” Ouyang Fei said simply.

“Bei Gong Tang, to your right.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“I know about you guys. In the new student selections, I saw it. Ouyang Fei is a Double Faceted Spirit Master and Bei Gong Tang, you are a Tri Faceted Spirit Master.” Sima You Yue said.

She had not thought that her dormitory mates would turn out to be the most gifted students among the new students, and why did Feng Zhi Xing put a useless piece of trash among these elites?

“I… I…..”

“It’s alright. You are staying in the second house on the west side, you don’t need to say it.” Sima You Yue looked at Fatty Qu and he suddenly felt weak.

“We have all introduced ourselves but you have not said who you are.” Wei Zi Qi pointed out.

My name is Sima You Yue.” Sima You Yue simply said in reply.

“You are Sima You Yue? Didn’t they say Sima You Yue was…..” Wei Zi Qi stared at Sima You Yue aghast, unable to control the expression on his face for a brief moment.

Even Ouyang Fei’s expression was looking a little strange.

“Sima You Yue, the High General’s fifth grandson, Dong Cheng Kingdom’s most useless piece of trash, inclined towards guys.” Bei Gong Tang unreservedly repeated the rumour about Sima You Yue as she looked at Sima You Yue. “We’ve met. Now I’m going back to my room.”

Finishing her statement, she immediately turned to go to the unit beside them.

What an icy girl! She was very beautiful, and now she had became a cool and aloof beauty. When she thought back to having seen her withdrawn from all others, isolating herself during the selections, Sima You Yue could not help but feel that she was hiding a secret she did not want others to find out about herself.

“I’m going back too.” Ouyang Fei left as well after saying.

“Cough cough. Then erm… We welcome our new dorm mate.” Wei Zi Qi said, laughing awkwardly. “The teacher taught us quite a bit of knowledge today, and I need to go back and revise. Bye!”

Sima You Yue looked at Wei Zi Qi’s back as he fled in terror and she felt herself on the nose.

Wei Zi Qi was just little more suave than others, did he really need to react so strongly? Was she really that terrifying?

“Cough cough, then, I will need to go back and catch up on cultivation.” Fatty Qu said hurriedly, preparing to flee as well.

“Fatty Qu, you stand right there!” Sima You Yue stretched out her hand and grabbed Fatty Qu by the collar and dragged him back.

“Wh… What do you want?” When he saw the evil glint in Sima You Yue’s eyes, Fatty Qu instinctively raised up his arms and crossed them protectively over his chest, his face in abject horror.

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