Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 1839 - Her Paln

Chapter 1839: Her Paln

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When the Prince of Great Yu collapsed, everyone panicked.

“Prince! Prince, what’s the matter?”

“Has your old injury relapsed?”

“Where is the doctor? Get the doctor here to take a look at him!”

The whole banquet was like a scene of an explosion, the Prince of Great Yu was surrounded by all the princes at once.

“The doctor is here, let him come through.” Yu Yan walked over with a doctor and panted. The people who were surrounding the Prince moved aside at once.

“Doctor Hao, take a look at the Prince at once and find out what has happened!” The Princess Consort stepped aside and made way for Doctor Hao.

Doctor Hao has always been the Prince of Great Yu’s dedicated physician and usually followed the Prince to various places in order to prevent situations like this from happening today. After he had examined the Prince, he said: “The cold pressure in the Prince’s body has returned! We must go to the hot springs at once!”


“The Prince is so weak right now, how can we move him? Don’t you have any other way?” The Princess Consort cried out.

“Princess Consort, please calm down. The cold pressure in the Prince’s body is not ordinary and it has always been suppressed by using the hot springs. I just don’t know how long the hot springs can suppress his condition!” Doctor Hao said, “Princess Consort, please allow me to take the Prince to the side courtyard!”

“The side courtyard is so far away, will anything happen along the way?” The Princess Consort was still worried.

“I will use pills to suppress the Prince’s condition. The Prince’s condition has relapsed so suddenly, I’m not certain if it has gotten more serious.” Doctor Hao said, ” Princess Consort, time is of the essence here, let’s go quickly!”

“Alright, today’s banquet will end here. We will take the Prince to the side courtyard.” The Princess Consort ordered.

All the Dukes were concerned about the Prince of Great Yu’s condition, but the Princess Consort and the other princes helped him up and left, leaving only the steward and the maids to see them out.

When they arrived at the side courtyard, a few guards came out and stopped everyone.

“Princess Consort, you can’t go in.” The guard said.

“How can you stop me at such a time?” The Princess Consort slapped the guard. However, the guard didn’t move.

“Only the Second Prince may enter, this is the Prince’s order. Princess Consort, please don’t make things difficult for us.” The guard said.

“That’s in normal circumstances. Right now, the Prince’s life is in danger, how can you still tell me this? Do you think I won’t kill you?” The Princess Consort shouted angrily.

“Imperial Mother, these are Imperial Father’s death soldiers, even if you kill them, the result will be the same. I’m afraid that when Imperial Father wakes up, he will rebuke Imperial Mother. Why don’t you let me take Imperial Father inside.” Yu Yan said.

“I…” The Princess Consort wanted to say that she wanted to go in as well, however, Yu Yan had already taken the Prince into the side courtyard.

After the guards had let them through, they stood back in a row and stopped the others from entering.

Naturally, Doctor Hao also followed them inside.

The Princess Consort clenched her fists unwillingly.

This was the only place she wasn’t allowed to enter, and she always felt that there was something mysterious about the place. She had wanted to take this opportunity to go inside and take a look, however, she hadn’t expected the guards to be so uncooperative!

“Imperial Mother, what should we do?” Yu Liu asked.

“What else can we do? Of course we will go back! Send a few people to wait here, as soon as there is news about the Prince, they are to report back to the palace at once!” The Princess Consort instructed, then she turned and left.

The few princes also followed her, leaving the two guards standing guard outside the door.

In the side courtyard, the Prince of Great Yu opened his eyes. He stood up without the help of Doctor Hao.

“You may retreat.” The Prince of Great Yu instructed.

“Prince, although you used medicine to make yourself vomit blood, however, the cold pressure in your body is still turbulent, it’s better to go into the hot spring first.” Doctor Hao said.

“Mmm.” The Prince of Great Yu responded, then he turned around and entered the inner courtyard. A guard appeared and led Doctor Hao to go and take a rest.

After the Prince of Great Yu and Yu Yan entered the inner courtyard, they saw that Sima You Yue was already waiting for them.

“Ready?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes, I won’t be appearing in front of anyone in the next few days.” The Prince of Great Yu replied.

“I have already checked these things, Prince, please take the medicine first. Once the medicine has taken effect, I can start to dispel the forbidden drugs from your body. Then you will just need to recuperate for a few days and we can then heal your old injury. As long as the forbidden drugs are dispelled from your body, there will be no problem.” Sima You Yue took out a blood-red coloured pill.

The Prince of Great Yu took the pill and ate it. The blood flow within his body improved a lot.

Sima You Yue checked the items they had found once again.

Those things were found on the first day of the third round of competition, and after she had discussed it with the Prince, they decided that he would feign a relapse in front of everyone and leave. She would then be able to use the next few days to heal him.

Yu Yan looked at Sima You Yue who was examining the medical items carefully and he thought back to two days ago when she methodologically explained the plan to them and said: “Isn’t the Prince wanting to use this opportunity to remove the Princess Consort’s power? Only if you pretend to be weak will she take action.”

At that time, both his Imperial Father and himself were shocked that she was so well versed in power play!

However, she was right. If something had happened to Imperial Father, the Princess Consort would most definitely not be able to resist taking action. This would be the perfect opportunity to depose them.

She was just a girl, but everything seemed to be under her control. It appeared like she was the manipulator, and as long as she was willing, she could summon clouds and rain in an instant!

Sima You Yue felt him staring at her, so she raised her head and smiled at him, then she continued to sort the medicines out.

Half a day later, she ordered for a wooden barrel to be brought over and she poured cold water into it. She then poured in the essence she had refined and the cold water boiled up instantly.

“Prince, please remove your clothes and get inside.” Sima You Yue said.

The Prince of Great Yu looked at the greasy green water that was still bubbling away, it looked really disgusting.

The Prince frowned in disgust but finally, he removed his clothes and got inside the wooden barrel.

“Prince, don’t be disgusted with it, this is a valuable treasure.” Sima looked at his constipated face and said with a smile.

“How will you force all the forbidden drugs out of my body?” The Prince of Great Yu averted his attention away from the water as much as he could

“It’s actually very simple, but the process is a little painful. However, this potion can also replenish your strength, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to persevere.” Sima You Yue said.

“Do you need to use acupuncture treatment?” Yu Yan asked from the side.

“No, it’s enough just eating the pill.” Sima You Yue took out a pill and fed it to the Prince. After he had swallowed the pill, he felt as if his body was burning up, and it felt even hotter than the boiling potion.

There seemed to be something moving around his body and his vital channels felt like they were being crushed.

Yu Yan saw his Imperial Father’s discomfort, and though he was worried, he was unable to do anything.

After a while, Sima You Yue saw that small bumps had started to surface on a part of the Prince’s body. There was a smile on his taut face as she picked up a knife on the side and cut through the place where the bumps had appeared, exposing stone-like things inside it.

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