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Chapter 1914 - Kill without mercy

Chapter 1914: Kill without mercy

The Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan were full of energy this time, they were about to come and destroy the Mo Clan, so they brought everyone they could bring. This battle was bigger and more noticeable than the previous battles.

The three major families of the four major families in the Ghost Realm suddenly beat you to death, which also attracted the attention of many people. Although they were very curious how this suddenly happened, no one dared to send someone to investigate the news. They just stood aside and watched this fight.

The Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan originally thought that this time they would definitely be able to pull the Mo Clan down from the first position. But they didn’t expect that the Mo Clan was also keeping a low profile over the years, and their strength was much greater than before. The things that were suppressed by the two clans in the past were also a bluff, so the full confidence was shattered by the Mo Clan.

And the Ancestor of the two families were also very easy to deal with Mo Yu, but I didn’t expect an extra stranger. That stranger obviously looked very young, however, how could he have such a strong strength to actually hold down their Ancestor!

However, even so, the Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan didn’t feel that they would lose, at best it was a little harder to win. As long as Mo Yu and the stranger died, they would be victorious.

But unexpectedly, while waiting, Sima You Yue actually ran over.

When they saw her, they remembered Sheep City.

At first, Di Wu and the others HD recorded a lot of images of the Sheep City incident. They originally planned to spread it only in the Imperial Capital, but they didn’t expect that this incident would have a big impact on everyone, and they gradually flowed out. As a result, one copy was made into two copies, and two copies became four copies. More and more people got the shadow stone, and they also saw the lightning tribulation outside Sheep City.

Now that Sima You Yue was here, would she do something like that again? If she pulls them through the tribulation together, what were they to do!

Did they have to retreat like this?

But they were so unwilling!

The Ancestors level battle wasn’t over, and Sima You Yue did not intend to activate the lightning tribulation. They waited in place with a fluke mentality. As long as their Ancestor won, even with Sima You Yue, it will be difficult for the Mo Clan to develop in the future.

Compared to the worries over here, the Mo Clan will feel much more relaxed seeing her. When confronted with the Chi Clan and the others, their tense hearts suddenly relaxed a lot, and many people showed smiles on their faces.

“You Yue, why are you here?” Mo Zhi greeted her.

“When I came out of seclusion, no one could be found.” Sima You Yue said, “Where is Lingyu?”

She didn’t see Wu Lingyu after looking around. According to him, he should be here at this time.

“Unexpectedly, Lingyu had such great skills. Both he and Ancestor went to the void.” Mo Zhi responded.

Fighting between people who are too strong, the power was too strong and the scope was too wide, so they chose to fight in the void.

Sima You Yue was still a little surprised when she heard this. She knew that Wu Lingyu was great, but she didn’t expect him to be able to compete with Chi and Ninth Clan’s Ancestor.

“He has the Eye of the Dragon to continuously provide power. This is an advanced plug-tin.” Black Shadow appeared beside her, Huan did not come, he should be protecting Wu Lingyu.

“The Ancestor have been fighting for a long time, and there should be results soon.” Mo Xie wore a golden armor, looking majestic.

“Then we’ll wait a moment.” Sima You Yue said.

Wait, what are you waiting for?

The Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan suddenly understood that Sima You Yue was planning to take action. If they were to deal with them, they would definitely choose the simple method of lightning tribulation.

“We can’t let her lead lightning tribulation. Let’s go together. Sima You Yue must be strangled here!” the Chi Clan cried.

The Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan hesitated for a while, but decided to eliminate Sima You Yue first. Especially the Fourth and Fifth Clan, who played the vanguard for the Ninth Clan. They were originally from Ghost Concubine, and Sima You Yue was not in the same camp. If they killed her now, they could still go to Ghost Concubine to claim credit.

Thinking about it this way, the Fourth to the Fifth Clan are all excited, and they attacked Sima You Yue.

Mo Xie saw that the Fourth and Fifth Clan were did their hands, they all moved, ready to fight back. However, the forwards of the Fourth to the Fifth Clan did not even reach half of the distance and were killed by the power coming from the air.

“You are so courageous, you dare to attack the Princess!” Han Shan and Han Feng brought the Ghost King’s people out from the air, and their sharp momentum made them feel cold.

“Han Shan and Han Feng!” The Patriarch of the Chi Clan naturally knew the two people around the Ghost King. Seeing these two people, he knew that the Ghost King already knew everything.

“Two Lords, why are you here?” The members of the Ninth Clan are still holding fantasies, hoping that they are just passing by. This way, I can say something good, so that they don’t see it. If they have been following Sima You Yue, then the result…

Han Feng snorted: “We are on the King’s order to protect the safety of the Young Princess. When we thought that we would not be on the stage, I didn’t expect you to be really brave!”

“My Lord, we…”

They want to quibble, but what do they say? They saw and heard about Han Feng and Han Shan with their own eyes, and they couldn’t say anything!

Han Shan Han Feng didn’t tell them much, and said to the guard behind him: “The Fourth and Fifth Clan intend to harm the Young Princess. According to the king’s instructions, kill without mercy!”

The three words “Kill without mercy” fell in the ears of everyone, knocking into their hearts.

The Ghost King is really a treasure, this granddaughter. In the last incident in Sheep City, he let people wipe out the families involved at the time, and a bloody storm was set off at that time. Now facing the Chi Clan and the Ninth Clan, they still didn’t mean to give them half face, and they still said to kill and kill the Fourth to the Fifth Clan who depended on them.

“Two Lords!” The Ninth Patriarch shouted, “After the Fourth to the Fifth Clan have been serving the Ghost Concubine for the past few years, they are also helpless when they attacked the Young Princess today. I hope you will look at Ghost Concubine’s face and spare us. ”

“Ghost Concubine’s person?” Han Shan raised his voice. When everyone thought there was a play, he glanced at them faintly, and snorted coldly: “What does that have to do with the king? The order we get is from the king, no matter what Who is it, as long as you dare to touch the Young Princess, you will kill without mercy. What are you still doing? Are you deaf?”

The reprimands at the back were addressed to the guards behind. They understood what Han Shan meant and did not dare to delay. They all attacked the Fourth and Fifth people.

Although the Fourth and Fifth Clans were also big families, otherwise they can’t be seen by Ghost Concubine, but in front of the guards chosen by the Ghost King, they were soon wiped out.

Sima You Yue touched her nose, the people the Ghost King gave her were really amazing!

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