Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 2252 - Surprise

Chapter 2252 Surprise

When those in the stone saw Wu Qi Yao and Wu Xiao Dao, they were extremely shocked. They had gone through much tribulation before they finally managed to arrive here. Even for themselves, they had suffered injuries, no matter how light.

However, there was nary a single scratch on their bodies. There wasn’t even a tear on their clothes. The duo actually managed to cross this mausoleum, which was fraught with danger, so peacefully. That was too inconceivable. Could it be that they were even more powerful than they were?

Impossible! These two children were clearly only dozens of years old. How could they be such old monsters!

The old man saw the two of them who were completely unharmed and asked, “how did you come here?”

“We walked here!” Wu Xiao Dao’s reply almost caused them to collapse.

“How is that possible! You don’t have a single scratch on you. Who would believe that you guys just walked here?!” A woman retorted.

“Old Eight, do you know them?” A tall and skinny old man asked. A pair of eyes scanned Wu Xiao Dao, and it was a very unpleasant feeling “I do!” The small old man told them about how he had captured them.

“Are you sure that theyhave no power whatsoever? Your barrier is so powerful. If they really are like what you say, then how could they have come out from the barrier?” The woman doubted the authenticity of his words. “Pfft- it’s just a barrier. What’s so difficult about escaping from it? You wanted to trap us with that alone? You’re just too naive.” Wu Xiao Dao sneered.

“How did you escape my barrier?” The old man asked in a deep voice.

“No matter what barrier it is, a single Destruction Bead is enough to deal with it!” Wu Xiao Dao said arrogantly. “These two brats are too strange. It seems to me that it would be better to get rid of them before talking about the opening of this coffin, right?” The youth who had remained silent the whole time, stared at Wu Qi Yao and said.

These two kids were just too strange to them. He was not sure who was backing them. Compared to these old guys that he was more familiar with, it was better to deal with the unknown factor first.

The old man was rather hesitant. Wu Qi Yao was rather skilled. If not for him, he would not have been the first person to reach the mausoleum. If he kept him alive, he might be able to be useful somewhere in the future. However, when he looked at the other three, it was likely that they would not leave them alive. If he insisted on keeping them alive, he would be making an enemy out of the three of them. They had no alliance from the start. If they teamed up and attacked him because of this, he had no guarantee of winning at all!

That was why, after struggling internally for a while, he agreed with them. Wu Qi Yao pulled Wu Xiao Dao behind him and watched without fear as the four pinnacle paragon experts revealed their killing intent. He looked grand, as if he was looking down on the whole world.

This shocked the four of them as they became even more certain that he was no average person. The more outstanding he was, the quicker they had to get rid of him to prevent any future troubles.

Just as they were about to attack him, the stone door on another side was opened. The three of them watched as a group of people who were more battered, but not really injured, walked in.

“It seemed like we were slower after all!” Jia Nan Xin looked at the people in the room and recognised two of them. The other two were actually able to confront them, which proved that they were almost as powerful as they were. Sima You Yue looked over at Wu Qi Yao and Wu Xiao Dao. It was only after confirming that they were in perfect condition that she allowed her originally anxious heart to rest. This mausoleum was extremely strange. If they had encountered any danger, she was really unsure whether or not she would be able to rush to their side.

She looked again at Wu Qi Yao’s hand, which was protecting Xiao Dao, and his other hand that was about to attack, and immediately understood what happened before she arrived.

These people actually wanted to kill them!

The woman took a fleeting glance at Sima You Yue’s trio and thought lightly of them. They were not particularly powerful, so there was no need to worry about them. It was these two young children who they had to get rid of first.

She released her spirit power and attacked Wu Xiao Dao and Wu Qi Yao. Since they were inside the mausoleum, she used relatively less energy. However, it was still not at a level that the two children would be able to defend against.

However, when that energy got close to them, it was actually swallowed whole by a black fog. The black fog slowly gathered and eventually formed the shape of a man. It was Blacky, who was in human form.

Blacky looked at the woman, and attacked her with a flash of his body. He actually rendered that woman unable to retaliate.

There was actually such a powerful person by their side! They really weren’t average at all.

When the youth saw this happen, he was even more unwilling to let them escape! He took advantage of the time that the woman fought with Blacky, and attacked Wu Qi Yao.

Mi Er came down from Wu Xiao Dao’s arm and received the youth’s attack. Because it wasn’t light, the shock caused the entire mausoleum to tremble.

However, it was unknown what that great entity used to fortify this mausoleum. This attack didn’t cause it to collapse at all.

They had two experts who were even stronger than pinnacle paragons. It was no wonder that they were not afraid at all.

It was no wonder those two brats showed not an ounce of fear when he had kidnapped them the past few days. It was because they had these trump cards! However, since they had such powerful experts with them, why were they still willing to follow him for so long? The old man stared at Wu Qi Yao and Wu Xiao Dao, wishing that he could see an answer from them.

“Old Eight, what are you still staring at? If we don’t kill these two, it’ll be a loose end!” The skinny and tall man cried at the old man.

The old man was rather tempted. The man saw that he was still hesitant, so he moved, wanting to attack Wu Qi Yao.

“You four old coots are bullying these two children. It’s so shameful!” Sima You Yue crossed her arms and jested slowly.

“If you don’t want to die, then stay out of it!” The skinny and tall man yelled back.

“I just insist on getting involved, can you stop me?” Sima You Yue taunted.

“We’ll deal with you once we get rid of these two!” The skinny and tall one glanced at her sideways as he turned around to attack Wu Qi Yao.

Jian Nan Xin saw the killing intent in the man’s eyes. He was a pinnacle paragon expert. How could she involve herself!

However, before he could even say anything to her, she disappeared from his side.

The skinny and tall man instantly flew over to attack Wu Qi Yao, but the duo that was originally standing in front of him had disappeared. He looked around at the empty stone room entrance and was stunned.

“Just based on your speed? You’re too slow!” A languid voice came from behind him, not hiding the ridicule in her voice at all.

He turned around and saw Sima You Yue standing in her original spot. Beside her were Wu Xiao Dao and Wu Qi Yao.

Everyone was shocked. How did this person do that?

However, the next scene shocked them even further. They watched as Wu Xiao Dao hugged Sima You Yue and her eyes reddened immediately as she cried out, “Mother, when did you come to the mountain? I missed you so much!”

What? This woman was the mother of these two children?

Jia Nan Xin was stunned by this scene. Sima You Yue didn’t push this child away either. Could she really be their mother?

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