Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 2263 - Somewhere Out There

Chapter 2263 Somewhere Out There

No matter what it was that she thought in her heart, Sima You Yue didn’t say those thoughts. She nodded to Fu Xi and told him that she understood.

“Those people should be here soon, we should prepare to go over too.” Sima You Yue said.

“You all don’t know how to get to Azure Song Continent, let me do it.” Fu Xi raised his right hand after he spoke, an azure coloured power gathered in his palm. When his power had almost finished condensing, it shot into the air. Slowly, a spatial tunnel appeared in the air.


A force came from behind the space and tried to destroy Fu Xi’s spatial tunnel, but Wu Lingyu dealt with it with a wave of his hand just as it was about to approach.

The bearer was startled, he was already an Emperor, yet this person could dissolve his power dismissively, could he have already reached the Pinnacle Emperor?

However, Wu Lingyu just stood there without revealing anything and no one could see his strength.

A group of people came out of space and Sima You Yue saw the Tong Tu symbol on their clothes, so she knew that they were from the nearby Obdurate Palace and said to Fu Xi: “You continue, leave these people to us.”

However, she didn’t move, because she had received Crimson Flame’s signal to hand those people over to him. When Wu Lingyu saw that Sima You Yue hadn’t moved, he didn’t move either.

Crimson Flame transformed into his original form, his flaming red vermilion was majestic and grand, inviolable. He looked at the people from the Obdurate Palace, as if it could see the Tong Tu behind those people.

“Vermilion, you really came back!” The person in lead obviously had some status in the Obdurate Palace and knew about the matter between the Four Great Divine Beasts and the Four Perils.

“Now that I am back, it’s time for you to die!” Crimson Flame said, then he flapped his wings and attacked them.

Crimson Flame used the most primitive method, his two claws were razor-like sharp. Anyone who was caught by him was torn in half. His big long wings hit a person who vomited blood.

Those people were all masters, if it weren’t for that fact that his original form was powerful, how could he use this primitive method.

The most primitive method also required absolute strength.

Sima You Yue also noticed that Crimson Flame was surrounded by a faint layer of red light, the forces that attacked him were quietly resisted.

On the other side, Little Birdie was also burning happily. Besides, they couldn’t withstand its temperature anyway, anyone targeted by it would burn to ashes.

After all those people had been dealt with, Fu Xi fully opened the spatial tunnel.

Sima You Yue glanced at the corpses on the ground and said: “Let’s go. The earlier we can find Black Tortoise and White Tiger, the earlier we can go back.”

The group entered the spatial tunnel, and after the spatial tunnel was completely closed, a dead man opened his eyes. His stomach had been split open, and an arm was broken.

The man took a pill with difficulty and felt very fortunate. Fortunately, he had the ability to pretend to be dead and no one had discovered that he was still alive. Otherwise, he would have died today.

After a while, some people rushed over. When they saw the corpses on the ground, and sensed the strong scent of the Vermilion Bird that still lingered in the air, their expressions changed.

“There’s one alive!”

The man who had pretended to be dead was discovered. The group flew over and asked: “Where is the Vermilion?”


“Vermilion and Azure Dragon have left the Divine Realm to look for Black Tortoise and White Tiger.” The man said weakly, “But I don’t know which realm they have gone to.”

After he had finished speaking, someone flew into the air immediately to the spot where Fu Xi had opened the spatial tunnel. He closed his eyes and felt the faint vibration from space, his fingers moved deftly, and a circle of ripples swayed from his fingers. Not far away, a tunnel slowly formed.

After a while, he opened his eyes and stared at the entrance that had taken form for a long time. After he had gotten the answer, the entrance to the tunnel disappeared with a wave of his hand.

It turned out that it wasn’t a real entrance, but a fake model that he had constructed.

“My Lord, have you found out where they went?” Someone asked.

“I’ve calculated the approximate location and which possible continents.” The man replied, “We will return to the palace first. I want to discuss it with the Palace Master and the Divine Beast Lord.”


Two people went over to pick up the living person from the ground and the others went to burn the corpses on the ground. Then, the group opened up a spatial tunnel and left.

Soon, everyone in the Four Palaces knew that Vermilion and Azure Dragon had left the Divine Realm and went in search of Black Tortoise and White Tiger.

The people of Obdurate Palace gave a range of more than a dozen realms, so the Four Palaces transferred their forces to a dozen or so small realms. One of those realms was the Azure Song Continent.

Azure Song Continent was a snowland. Sima You Yue and her group came out of the spatial tunnel.

Sima You Yue sensed the spiritual energy in the air and said: “Although Azure Song Continent is only a lower continent, its spiritual energy is still quite good.”

“It seems Black Tortoise is quite good at choosing places.” Fu Xi said with a smile, “I wonder where this guy is now.”

“You said that Black Tortoise has returned to its original place, I think he should have nearly recovered by now. If that’s the case, why didn’t he go to the Divine Realm?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Xi said, “But this guy’s temperament is a little slow, even if it has returned to its original place, it will still take its time.”

“Then we can only go and find it.” Sima You Yue had also guessed Black Tortoise’s temperament and couldn’t help but laugh.

“We have to hurry up, the people in the Four Palaces aren’t good-for-nothing. We also deliberately left one alive, they must already know our approximate location. We need to find Black Tortoise before they get there.” There was a hint of helplessness in Fu Xi’s voice.

He has the blood of the dragon in his original body, now that the bloodline had fully awoken and he had inherited all the power of the Azure Dragon, he also inherited its feelings and memories. When he spoke of Black Tortoise, naturally it also brought up Azure Dragon’s feelings.

“No matter who its Contract Master is, it won’t be far from the sea. Let’s go find the ocean of this continent first.” Crimson Flame also understood Black Tortoise, especially its habit of staying in the sea even though it could live anywhere.

That being the case, it was probably in the sea right now.

They flew across the vast snowland for a long time. They encountered some spirit beasts from time to time, but they didn’t need to do anything. When they released the breath from their bodies and the spirit beasts avoided them at once.

They found a spirit beast and asked it about the ocean, but they learnt that there was no ocean nearby. Because the spirit beasts had very little contact with the outside world, they didn’t know if there were more distant places.

“These spirit beasts seem powerful, they would be considered top rank existences in the continents below. I think people don’t dare to come in at will. Since there are fewer people coming in, naturally there is not much information exchanged with the outside world. When we get out of here, let’s find someone to inquire.”

They were not in a hurry, after they sent the spirit beast away, they flew out. They hadn’t expected the snow land to be so large, they had flown for more than ten days before they saw the silhouette of a person.

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