Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 2291 - Why Do They All Like To Stay Under A Cliff?

Chapter 2291: Why Do They All Like To Stay Under A Cliff?

Mo Yu Sheng nodded and pointed to a mountain.

Sima You Yue did not expect that after they had searched so many places and climbed so many mountains, White Tiger was actually in such an inconspicuous mountain.

“Let’s go over.” She pulled up Mo Yu Sheng, and after a few teleports, she arrived at the small mountain he mentioned.

Ordinary and unremarkable, not even a bit of spirit power. If it wasn’t because Mo Yu Sheng said that White Tiger was here, they would think it was just a place for mortals to cultivate when they passed by.

Sensing the fluctuations in the air, she let go of Mo Yu Sheng’s hand and said, “Yu Sheng, the enemy is coming, I must stay here, I can’t go down with you. You follow the voice of White Tiger to find it and find it. Then contract it. Blacky, Little Roar, you go with him.”

Blacky was strong. Although Little Roar is usually unreliable, he knows a lot. She felt more at ease with the two of them accompanying him.

An attack flew over from the sky, Sima You Yue condensed a shield to block it, then made Little Roar bigger, and threw Mo Yu Sheng on it.

Several bursts of spiritual energy flew in, Sima You Yue asked the mto go quickly while she held the pursuers back. Little Roar ran with Mo Yu Sheng on his back. When Sima You Yue saw them leave, she turned and started her offense.

Little Roar’s speed was very fast, so fast that Mo Yu Sheng almost flew off, but Blacky was the one that protected him, so he didn’t fall down.

“Thank you.” Mo Yu Sheng said gratefully.

“Where is White Tiger?” Blacky asked lightly.

“Let’s head to the left.” Mo Yu Sheng said.

Little Roar ran to the left and stopped after a while, and in front of them was a cliff.

“Why do these guys always like to stay under the cliff.” Little Roar murmured.

“Go down.” Mo Yu Sheng said in a sound.

“Go on? There must be something set up by White Tiger here, and I can’t fly in the sky.” Little Roar said.

Little Roar looked back and saw that Sima You Yue held back most of the people, but there were still people chasing after him. Seeing that they are about to catch up, it is too late to go back and go around at this time.

“Jump.” Blacky said.

“It’s so high, you can’t even fall to your death!” Little Roar roared.

Blacky came out of Mo Yu Sheng, formed a figure behind them, and then kicked Little Roar’s ass.

“Hold a piece of grass, big black dog, wait for me!” Little Roar’s unwilling voice came from below, slowly getting smaller.

Blacky looked back at the chasing people, his body turned into a black mist, and he flew towards them quickly, wrapping them all in the black mist. When he left, only a pile of bones remained. After the first group of people were eliminated, the black mist slowly slid down the cliff.

Little Roar went down with Mo Yu Sheng, unable to fly in the sky, it could only helplessly wait to fall to the ground. Mo Yu Sheng fell off his back when Little Roar fell. If he just fell to the ground like this, he would definitely fall and become a puddle of flesh and blood. If this person died, how could he contract with White Tiger?

He rowed his legs in the air, and for the first time felt that his short legs were a bit of a hindrance. He tried to get close to Mo Yu Sheng, but he was about to fall to the ground. He hugged him hard, and turned his back down, ready to use himself as a meat shield.

The expected pain didn’t come, and it felt some force drag them up a moment before they landed, and when they landed again, they lost their previous strength.

“Huh? Are you alright?” He let go of Mo Yu Sheng, got up from the ground, waved its paws, and twisted its buttocks. Hey, he really wasn’t hurt at all.

Blacky descended down the cliff and condensed into figure at the bottom of the cliff. Seeing Little Roar like this, he couldn’t help but show his disgust. He looked at Mo Yu Sheng and said, “There are more and more people coming from outside now, and Yue Yue is almost unable to stand it anymore. She will definitely use Lightning Tribulation in a while. You hurry up to make a contract and leave here.”

“Where is White Tiger?” Little Roar asked Mo Yu Sheng.

Mo Yu Sheng pointed to the cave behind it.

“Let’s go in, come up quickly.”

Mo Yu Sheng knew that the time was pressing now, so he climbed up on Little Roar quickly, preparing to enter the cave, but found that they were blocked by a force.

“I can’t get in.” Little Roar stretched out his paw and poked at the obstacle in front of him.

Blacky tried it, but he was also blocked, so he said to Mo Yu Sheng, “Come and try.”

Mo Yu Sheng slid down Little Roar’s back and came to the front of the cave, a little afraid to go.

“You’re a big man, what are you afraid of?! Go!” Little Roar slapped his paw behind him, he stumbled forward subconsciously, and then went in like this.

Blacky and Little Roar were not surprised, they said to him, “Since you are the only one who can go in, you can only go by yourself. Go, it is waiting for you inside.”

Mo Yu Sheng was still a little scared.

“Little guy, what are you still doing, hurry up! Yue Yue can’t stand it anymore, if you are late, how can you help her? Not only is it too late to help her, it is estimated that you will die if you don’t even see her for the last time. It’s all over!” Little Roar roared out in anger.

As soon as Mo Yu Sheng heard that Sima You Yue would die, his body jolted, and no matter how scary the cave was, he turned around and ran inside.

“This guy, really can’t move forward without any nudge. Hmph!” Little Roared scoffed.

“You stay here, I’ll help Yue Yue.” Blacky said.

“Why do you want me to stay here for? I’m going too!” Little Roar protested.

“Can you climb up?” Blacky gave him a look, filled with naked contempt.

“You…” Little Roar went up to bite him, he had already turned into a black mist and went up the cliff.

“You, big black dog, wait for me, and I’ll settle the account with you later!” The kick just now, as well as the contempt at this moment, will be counted back in folds!

Blacky returned to the cliff and saw that Sima You Yue had called out all the beasts and the remaining ancient battle spirits. But the other party also came with reinforcements, and at a glance, it was bleak.

It seems that this time, apart from the absence of the Four Perils, the people from the Four Palaces were almost all here. Well, let’s cut off the wings of the four big beasts first!

“Yue Yue, there are too many of them, we can’t stand it anymore!” Little Seven shouted.

Sima You Yue wiped the blood from her lips, looked at those people with a sneer, and said, “It just so happens that I haven’t advanced to the Emperor yet, so let you accompany me on my advancement! You protect me.”

The beasts knew that she planned to advance at this time, so they came to her side one after another, forming a protective circle around her with her in the centre, and gave her time and space to advance.

Sima You Yue released all the power she had suppressed before, because she had been preparing for a long time, and everything came naturally, and it didn’t take long for her to be enveloped by the light of advancement.

“She’s trying toadvance into the ranks of an Emperor!” Those people shouted when they saw the light of her advancement.

“Don’t worry about her, White Tiger has not yet contracted, so go to White Tiger’s Contract Master first.”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

“Palace Master?” Sima You Yue looked at the emblem of the Voracity Palace on his body and smiled, “Just right. Don’t go anywhere either, stay here with me to overcome the tribulation.”

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