Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Chapter 701 - Wanting to Probe

Chapter 701: Wanting to Probe

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Sima You Yue saw the shock in Third Aunt Du’s eyes and explained, “Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace are powerful. If we want revenge, it’s not possible for us to do it alone. Although I am the young valley master of Divine Devil Valley, I haven’t even been there and am not familiar with them, let alone risk them for my personal hatred.”

“That’s true. We can’t let others risk their lives for our personal matter.” Third Aunt Du reasoned, “But if you want to form a force, it’s not something done overnight?”

“We are not in a hurry to get revenge.” Sima You Yue said. “We are not strong enough now so we’ll wait till at least when we are stronger.”

“However, if you want to form force, you will need capital and resources…” Third Aunt still found this matter difficult to handle.

“Third aunt, we already prepared the capital, and we have masters of various professions. Among our little companions, are array masters, beast tamer masters, alchemists, armament masters, and seeker spirit masters, so all occupations are covered without shortage.” Sima You Yue explained, “The only thing we lack now is people. But it is not difficult.”

When Third Aunt Du heard her say this, she nodded. “You always planned well since you were a kid. Since you have already thought these through, then do it. No matter what you do, Third Aunt will support you.”

Sima You Yue grabbed Third Aunt Du’s arms and rubbed against it, like a spoiled child.

“I just know Third Aunt will support me!” She grinned.

“Even if I don’t support you, you will still do it? Since the opposition is invalide, I might as well support you.” Although Third Aunt Du spoke helplessly, her eyes were full of doting.

“Third Aunt dotes on me.” Sima You Yue said contentedly.

“However, you can’t do this alone. Count Third Aunt in as well.” Third Aunt Du said.

“Third Aunt…” Ximen Feng wanted to stop Third Aunt Du.

“Feng’er, Third Aunt’s family was destroyed early on. The Ximen family gave me a family. Do you think Third Aunt will ignore this matter?” Third Aunt Du asked.

“I just think that since you already have a stable life, I’m afraid there will be more dangers in the future if you are with us.” Ximen Feng said.

“I am your elder and should be in front of you when you’re in danger.” Third Aunt Du siad, “Otherwise, if your Third Uncle knew of this, he will come back from the underworld to reprove me.”

“Dear Feng, sinceThird Aunt came, join then. Because we lacked people in the early stage, there will be many times you can’t appear, and I spend most of the time in the sect, Third Aunt can help us oversee it.” Sima You Yue said.

“You Yue is still more sensible. Feng’er, you’re still not a good kid. When I make the cakes, you can’t eat.” Third Aunt Du threatened.

“Third Aunt…” Ximen Feng grabbed Third Aunt Du’s other arm, which made Kong Xiang Yi wide-eyed.

“This guy … could actually be coquettish!

She thought Ximen Feng was quite different when in front of Sima You Yue. She did not expect that he would act spoiled for a day! Oh my god! She didn’t see wrongly!

When Ximen Feng saw Kong Xiang Yi’s expression, Ximen Feng coughed twice and sat upright.

“Third Aunt, you know Feng’er likes your pastry very much. If you don’t let him eat, he will cry for a while.” Sima You Yue didn’t feel ashamed. Anyway, she was a girl no matter how coquettish she acted.

Thinking of this, she also pinched Third Aunt Du’s arm.

“Heh heh, I’ll make it for you in a while.” Third Aunt Du smiled.

When Little Wu, who was outside, saw Third Aunt Du’s expression, her face revealed reluctance. Why should these people stick to master. Master was hers! Master had never smiled like this before. Now she was smiling so happily.

Sima You Yue sensed the grievance mood from there, and her eyes flashed. She said to Third Aunt Du, “Third Aunt, are you familiar with the Dark Forest?”

“It’s hard to say I’m familiar with. I have an agreement with the spirit silkworms. They provide me with silk, and I give them my spirit wine.” Third Aunt Du explained, “The habitat of these spirit silkworms are not deep in the forest, so I didn’t go in as much.”

“Would you like to go in with us this time?”

“Into the forest?” Third Aunt Du was surprised.

“Yes, after we leave here, we will start forming our force. Third Aunt, you will also leave with us. Don’t you want to see the forest before you leave?” Sima You Yue said. “Little Wu also hasn’t seen it yet? It would broaden her horizons and allow her to grow up faster.”

“But Wu’er is still young and not very strong. Presently, the Dark Forest is dangerous. Is it too dangerous for her to go in?”

“We can protect her.” Sima You Yue said. “Third Aunt, don’t worry. Since we decided to go in, we have enough confidence to come out safely.”

“Alright.” Third Aunt Du saw Sima You Yue’s insistence, and agreed. “Then when shall we go?”

“After you make us pastries.” Sima You Yue, “And I will go inform others to come over.”

“Since we’re all going. I’ll make more.” Third Aunt Du got up.

“Thank you, Third Aunt.”

Third Aunt left. When she reached the door of the courtyard, she saw Little Wu standing there. She asked, “Wu’er, why are you here?”

Little Wu looked at Third Aunt Du with grievances. Her eyes were filled with tears. When she heard her question, she said nothing and ran away.

Master was no longer her own master. She would let her do such a dangerous thing. She really did not love her anymore.

When Third Aunt Du saw her Little Wu crying and running out, she shook her head helplessly. Knowing her temperament, she did not give chase and turned to the kitchen.

“You Yue, since Third Aunt is going to participate in this matter, her disciple would as well. But from what I see of this girl’s mentality ….” Kong Xiang Yi said with some worry.

“This disciple is chosen by Third Aunt. Her mentality can’t be any worse. But because she was brought up by Third Aunt, she lived with Third Aunt since childhood and became accustomed to all the love that Third Aunt gave her. Now I and Feng’er appeared, she’s under a sense of crisis that we robbed her of her master. A little pettiness can be tolerated, but if it is too much, we also don’t mind correcting Third Aunt’s disciple’s temperament.”

“So you let them follow us into the Dark Forest?” Kong Xiang Yu asked.

“Mm. We’ll see her performance in the Dark Forest.” Sima You Yue said. “Moreover, what I said to Third Aunt is indeed a reason. This child has been staying in the city all the time, rarely going out to see the outside world. This can broaden her horizons of the world and expand her mind. At the very least, she would not feel that only Third Aunt is her life.”

“Her talent is very good.” Kong Xiang Yi commented.

“It’s pretty good. Therefore, I hope she can follow Third Aunt well. If she is not obedient, she can only…”

The establishment of the force could not be spread about, so she must exclude all uncertain factors!

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