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Chapter New Spaceship - 17.1

Chapter New Spaceship - 17.1

Chongming opened the official website of KM Aviation, and sure enough, there was an announcement in the most eye-catching position – reservations for the third-generation smart spaceship trial flight on 1:30 pm on December 26, Lyra-Cigar Galaxy.

Luo Fei clicked into the webpage and saw that more than 5,000 free general ferry tickets were successfully reserved, and there were many people waiting in line. The number of people in line is over ten thousand, and the number is still increasing. Obviously, many people were interested in the free trial voyage after the press conference.

Luo Fei stroked his chin and thought for three seconds, then said, “Book me a luxurious cabin.”

Chongming was puzzled: “Didn’t the master book an ordinary cabin last time? Why did you change your mind this time and order a luxury cabin?”

A smile floated in Luo Fei’s eyes: “Book a luxury cabin, you can be closer to Mo Han.”

Chongming: “…”

Which nerves were crossed in the master’s brain? Why does he insist on getting closer to that alpha?

His mech’s intelligence was insufficient to figure out this matter, and it could only follow the master’s instructions to book a luxury cabin.

Only ordinary tickets are eligible for free compensation, and one needs to pay the difference for the more expensive luxury cabin. After Chongming verified Luo Fei’s identity, there was a notification of payment from the bank and confirmation of reservation.

At this moment, Emil next to him suddenly said with yearning: “This new spaceship looks very interesting, I want to experience it too.”

Princess Xiya worriedly said: “Will there be any danger in the trial voyage?”

Mr. David didn’t think so, and shook his head. “KM’s management is boarding this ship in person, so they are confident in the quality of the spaceship. I guess they’ve tested it many times in pilot before this, which is why they’re so bold to open reservations now. Safety shouldn’t be a concern.”

Emil nodded in agreement: “Yes, the Imperial Security Department’s inspections are very strict, and having a certificate means the Security Department has also boarded and tried these ships already.” Emil looked at his father expectantly: “Father, can I go and experience it? Anyway, I’m on vacation, and have nothing to do at home these days.”

David frowned and thought for a while, then said, “Yes, but be careful.”

Luo Fei interjected, “I’ve already booked a luxurious cabin. If cousin wants to go, why don’t you stay with me? I’ll directly add you as a guest to the cabin, which will be more convenient than booking by yourself.”

Emil stared back at him with wide eyes: “You’ve already booked it? So quickly?”

Luo Fei made an excuse casually: “The tickets are in high demand. If I don’t act quickly, they might be sold out.”

Emil patted him on the shoulder: “Smart!”

He didn’t know Luo Fei’s desire to get close to Mo Han, and attributed it to Luo Fei’s curiosity towards the third-generation spaceship.

Emil immediately entered the official website and asked Luo Fei to book the same luxury suite for him.


Backstage of the KM Aviation press conference.

Mo Qiming had been sitting in the lounge watching the live broadcast. Seeing his son walk in, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help rising as he praised, “You did a good job.”

Mo Han walked up to his father and sat down. After drinking some warm water to moisten his throat, he replied with a smile in his eyes: “I just received news that all the tickets for ordinary cabins have been booked. Sure enough, I guessed correctly. People always have a strange obsession with “free” things. Whether it works or not, as long as it’s free, there will be people wanting to try it.”

He put down the water glass, cleared his throat, and looked back at his father. “After tomorrow’s successful flight is successful, people who have experienced the new spaceship will definitely spread news to their relatives and friends around. I arranged for some media reporters to interview them. Real reports and experiences of passengers will work better than any advertising.”

“This will also save a lot of publicity costs.” Mo Qiming said, “Once the public accepts this new travel model, other airlines will completely lose their qualifications to compete with KM. Although it is risky to do so, I believe that within a year, KM Airlines will be able to double its revenue.”

“Thanks to my father’s insistence at the shareholders’ meeting, this plan was able to pass smoothly.” Mo Han frowned slightly, then continued, “It’s just that the source of the virus has never been found, and I don’t know who’s behind it. There’s also that group who attacked our headquarters before. I think it’s the same group of people, and have set a trap for them. Hopefully, we can find some clues soon.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Mo Qiming gently shook the back of his son’s hand, looked at him gently and said, “Tomorrow you will board the spaceship yourself. To ensure your safety, I made arrangements and several bodyguards will protect you. No one will be able to approach you without your permission.”

“There’s no need to be so cautious, right?” Mo Han chuckled. “It’s like a royal tour…”

“Don’t be careless.” Mo Qiming said seriously. “I hope you come back safely and without any accidents, understand?”

Mo Han had no choice but to nod his head: “Understood, I will be careful.”


After lunch at noon the next day, Luo Fei hugged and said goodbye to Princess Xiya, and went to the Lyra space station with Emil.

Probably in order to ensure the safety of this test voyage, the security inspection was stricter than before.

After successfully passing the security check and boarding the spaceship, Luo Fei’s eyes lit up—

The interior of the smart spaceship is very spacious, with a simple and clear design. There are energy-saving sensor lights overhead, and the blue light strips in the corridor guide the way forward. Guided by the light belt, the two arrived at their luxury cabin, and when they opened the door, Emil couldn’t help exclaiming: “Wow, this is almost like a five-star hotel!”

Covered in plush, thick carpets, the room not only has a large bed for sleeping, but also has its own washroom, dining room, and kitchen.

The fifth floor is the topmost floor of the spaceship. Therefore, the roof of the luxury cabin used an all-glass, transparent design, allowing guests to see the sky full of stars while lying on the bed.

On the side of the room, there are huge floor-to-ceiling windows that occupy one wall and a viewing platform, on which there are two lounge chairs. Guests can lie on the recliners, and enjoy the scenery outside the porthole while drinking coffee, turning the hours of travel into holiday-like enjoyment.

Luo Fei walked into the room and looked around, couldn’t help but praise: “This cabin design is really good. Was it designed by Mo Han?”

Emil was stunned for a moment, then turned around and looked at Luo Fei suspiciously: “Of course they hired a well-known designer. Do you think Mo Han is omnipotent, and can do anything?”

Luo Fei chuckled and rubbed his nose: “Ah, I thought too much about him, and ignored that he’s just learning programming.”

Seeing Luo Fei’s gentle expression when he mentioned Mo Han, Emil suddenly remembered that when they watched the live broadcast of the press conference together, Luo Fei stared at Mo Han on the screen with obsessive eyes. Emil trembled suddenly, and said in disbelief, “Luo Fei, you can’t be… you can’t be…”

Luo Fei raised his eyebrows: “Can’t be what?”

No, Luo Fei is not crazy enough to like an alpha – Emil immediately denied this terrible conjecture. But if he doesn’t like him, then why does Luo Fei care so much about Mo Han? Scratching his head, after a long time, Emil finally came up with a suitable explanation: “Did you become a fan of Mo Han?”

Luo Fei: “…”

His feelings towards Mo Han are not a fan worshiping their idol, but liking them.

Before Luo Fei could answer, Emil said to himself: “I can understand your feelings. You grew up in the palace and never traveled far. Suddenly seeing such an excellent alpha, you feel admiration in your heart. It’s normal. In our school, there are quite a few alphas who are Mo Han’s fanboys. To be honest, as an alpha myself, I think he’s pretty good.”

Emil walked to Luo Fei’s side, and said, “Mo Han is a well-known top student in our school. You don’t know, but when I was in school, he already completed four years of courses in two years and passed the advanced level exam and got the highest-level certificate in intelligence engineering. Most people fail and spend several years just to pass this exam. He passed the exam in one try. He’ll only be in his third year, but it is said that he is already preparing his graduation defense and intends to graduate early.”

Luo Fei: “…”

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