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Interstellar Marriage Guide

Interstellar Marriage Guide

Interstellar Marriage Guide

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When the eldest prince Luo Fei reached 18 years old, the database automatically screened the genes of omegas across the entire empire for matching. The only son of a wealthy businessman, Mo Lin, had a gene match of more than 90% with the eldest prince. However, the moment he saw Mo Lin, Luo Fei learned that this omega is a sick child with paralyzed legs, hemiplegia, and severe mental illness???

After school started, Luo Fei met a familiar opponent in a mecha competition. He looks exactly like a certain omega, with a slender figure and a handsome smile, and almost scrapped his mecha.

— Where’s the hemiplegic patient???

Notes from the author:

1. Pretending to be sick and weak, but is sharp shou x Gentle and loyal prince gong;

2. AO pairing. This is a story where the Gong and Shou pick off each other’s vests. Easy and sweet read, no abuse;

3. The start is described from the perspective of Gong (Luo Fei), but the story revolves more around the shou (Mo Lin/Han), and his POV is shown a lot later. In fact, the Gong and Shou scenes are divided about half and half.