Invincible Level Up

Chapter 216

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Nanguan Lie snortedly coldly, narrowing his eyes as he stared thoughtfully at Qin Tian without saying a word. The seven pillar masters all stood on Qin Tian's side. This unexpected situation had surprised him.

It was impossible to kill Qin Tian at this point. Shen Yan alone was enough to cause him a headache. If he really made a move, he could not ensure that the other pillar masters would not take action. Thinking of this, Nanguan Lie suppressed the fury in his heart and smiled coldly, "You will all regret this."

After he said this, he glared at Qin Tian.

From his expression, Qin Tian felt a strong murderous intent and understood clearly that Nanguan Lie would not let him off lightly.

After all, Yang Han was his son-in-law. He would definitely find a way to seek revenge.

Having finished speaking, Nanguan Lie turned and blazed his way back to the viewing platforms. Yang Han was the last remaining participating disciple of the Heaven Sun Pillar. Now that he had died, there was no reason for them to stay. He said heavily, "Let's go."

The disciples of Heaven Sun Pillar stood abruptly, many of them angrily glaring at Qin Tian with murderous intent.

Of the eight pillars in Tianji Sect, the Heaven Sun Pillar was the first to leave. This was undoubtedly a judgement of weakness, causing the disciples of Heaven Sun Pillar to lose face and they blamed all of this on Qin Tian.

From this point onwards, Qin Tian was Heaven Sun Pillar's greatest enemy.

Heaven Sun Pillar ranked first in power among the eight pillars due to their relationship with Long Xiaotian and being able to seize much resources. Seeing Nanguan Lie leave in anger, several other pillar masters felt their hearts soar in delight while they kept a calm demeanor outwardly.

"Really, Brother Nanguan made such a fuss over one disciple who entered Qi deviation."

"Exactly, if this matter was brought to the sect leader, he would still be at fault."

"Qin Tian, did you get injured?"

…After Nanguan Lie's departure, the atmosphere was enlivened again. Qin Tian busily tended to them one by one, being extremely polite and respectful.

Not long after returning to his seat, Lin Yan, Yi Qianhan, and several others came over.

They had been oppressed by Yang Han in Tianji Sect for several years with hardly any breathing space. If Qin Tian had not killed Yang Han today, it was likely that they would not have a chance at respite for the rest of their lives.

Yi Qianhan ran to Qin Tian's side. Without saying anything, she suddenly kneeled on the ground.

Then, Lin Yan and the rest also kneeled.

"What are you all doing?" Qin Tian frowned slightly and immediately helped Lin Yan up. Yan Xin and Yan Bing also stepped forward to help Yi Qianhan up.

"Thank you!"

Yi Qianhan spoke heavily, both words seemed to weigh thousands of pounds. The moment Yang Han died, she could not stop her tears from flowing out. Her sister had been avenged.

"I will do what I promised you." Yi Qianhan's eyes flickered as she looked at Qin Tian.

"What did you promise me?" Qin Tian was startled and asked without thinking.

Yi Qianhan's face suddenly turned red as she gently lowered her head. Without waiting for her reply, Yan Bing suddenly shouted, "Are you really giving him your body?"


Qin Tian looked blankly at Yang Bing before turning his gaze to Yi Qianhan. Then he remembered Yi Qianhan's words before the competition started. He felt stunned, having thought that she was simply joking and had not expected her to be serious about it.

"That… I…" Qin Tian gulped and did not speak for a long while.

Yi Qianhan's cheeks reddened even more. Like a delicate, young married woman, her appearance was captivating. She spoke coyly, "I am willing to give my body to you."

Everyone present was shocked and they stared first at her, then at Qin Tian.


Yan Bing blurted out, wanting to stop them. Yan Xin instantly held her back and shook her head slightly, motioning Yan Bing to leave them be.

Yan Bing stomped her foot and pouted angrily as she looked on.

The atmosphere turned sour.

"Elder sister, second sister, I do not wish to fight. I just want to fulfil my promise. Once he has my body, I will leave, so do not worry," said Yi Qianhan.

Qin Tian was shocked again. What was the meaning of this?

He sighed, "Qianhan, even if you had not asked me to, I would still kill Yang Han because he deserved to die. He should not have provoked me. As for how he provoked me, I do not wish to explain. You do not need to feel like I have avenged you."

The Yang family took Yun Man away, using her Baishi Shanxin to draw out the power of the Long Qi . In the end, Yun Man lost control of herself and was now on the verge of life and death. Even now, he did not know if she had recovered.

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When he entered Tianji Sect, he had been extra cautious. However, when Yang Han discovered that he had entered Tianji Sect, he immediately sent Wang Xie to kill him.

Feng, Yun, Lei and Dian, along with Gu Cang, tried to hunt down Qin Tian.

Qin Tian embedded these events in his heart, so no matter how powerful Yang Han was, he must kill him!

Killing Yang Han had nothing to do with Yi Qianhan at all.

Yet Yi Qianhan saw whoever killed Yang Han as her benefactor and she would do anything they asked. Moreover, this was not the first time Qin Tian saved her. Aside from being grateful, she also felt admiration towards him that even she could not understand clearly.

When Qin Tian said that she did not need to pay him back, she fell silent.

She wanted to repay Qin Tian, but she had nothing at all to offer. Nothing except her body, which was the only thing she could give.

When Qin Tian refused, her heart suddenly ached and her complexion paled. Shaking her head, she smiled bitterly before turning around to leave.


Qin Tian called out and was about to chase after her when Shen Yan blocked his way.

"Qin Tian, it will be your match soon. You cannot leave right now."

Being stopped by Shen Yan, Qin Tian felt displeased and wanted to push past her. However, he was held back by Yan Xin, "Second senior brother, you should prepare for your next match. Yan Bing and I will go after her."

"Sister… I…" Yan Bing revealed a reluctant expression, only to be stared down by Yan Xin.

Grabbing Yan Bing, Yan Xin left in pursuit.

Watching Yan Xin leave, Qin Tian inwardly sighed in relief. He did not know what to say even if he caught up with her. Women understood each other, so it could not be better for Yan Xin to take up this matter.

"Boss…" Lin Yan stood on the side, unsure of what to say.

Qin Tian smiled bitterly and said, "Don't say anything."

Qin Tian was currently in the top 12 ranks and was only one step away from entering the top ten. All he needed was to win the next match.

"Qin Tian, this is the Netherworld god sword."

"You are the only participating disciple left from Fierce Sun Pillar. This sword is your reward."

"If you win another match, I have another reward for you."

Shen Yan took out the Netherworld god sword and had Xiao Qing hand it to Qin Tian. Every match afterwards would be tough. By having a half-god weapon, his strength would improve significantly.

Whether they obtained the Golden Hepta Qi was entirely up to Qin Tian. With the Netherworld god sword in Qin Tian's hands, his chance of entering the top ten was much greater.

Qin Tian accepted the Netherworld god sword and bowed, "Thank you master."

Then he put the sword inside his spatial ring. Along with the Wandering Dragon Sword, these two swords would be suitable for Yan Xin and Yan Bing.

"Liu Shuanghan wins, advance to the next round…"

"Zhao Chong is defeated!"

Zhao Chong, one of the ten great disciples at rank 1 Void Piercing realm, had fallen.

Victory and defeat happened almost instantly, yet this moment felt as long as 10 000 years for the two of them.

Zhao Chong succeeded all along with his instant kill. Being at rank 1 Void Piercing realm, he was extremely strong. It was unexpected for him to be killed by Liu Shuanghan.

The disciples of the Violent Sky Faction roared loudly.

Liu Shuanghan's explosive power excited them tremendously.

With Liu Shuanghan's victory, the top 12 emerged.

Apart from Qin Tian, Wutian, and Liu Shuanghan, there were five Sky Beyond Sky disciples, three Violent Sky Faction disciples, and a disciple from the Kun Sun Pillar.

This situation differed greatly to the previous years.

Five of the top 12 disciples were from Sky Beyond Sky, which showed just how strong Sky Beyond Sky disciples were. Additionally, two disciples had given way, otherwise it was likely that there would have been seven disciples who entered the rankings of the top 12.

As the judge called out the 12 names, the spectators were stirred. Apart from Qin Tian, many of them were excited about the Sky Beyond Sky disciples.

They had shown extremely powerful strength. In the hearts of the tens of thousands of disciples, Sky Beyond Sky had become even more sacred and Long Xiaotian's prestige soared rapidly.

"The next matches will determine the top 6."

"Disciples who are defeated will compete for the remaining four ranks in the top ten."

"Whoever seizes the top rank will be rewarded with a million merits and the godly tool Heaven Turning Seal. Moreover, they will obtain the incomparably powerful Golden Hepta Qi from Sky Beyond Sky and have an audience with the sovereign."

"Now is the time to go all out."

The judge ignited the enthusiasm of thousands of disciples, all of them passionately spirited.

"Qin Tian, you must enter the top ten. The face of Fierce Sun Pillar depends entirely on you," Shen Yan emphasized.

Qin Tian showed a serious expression and replied, "Rest assured Master."

The reason why Shen Yan repeatedly urged Qin Tian and gave him the Netherworld god sword without hesitation was because of the Golden Hepta Qi. Qin Tian really wanted to know what Shen Yan was going to do with the Golden Hepta Qi. Just what was it that made her so anxious?

Refining tool?

Or something else?

Shen Yan possessed countless tools. Exactly what kind of treasured tool could make her feel so anxious?

Based on her high status within the Tianji Sect, she could ask Long Xiaotian directly for Golden Hepta Qi. For what reason did she want to obtain it through the Inner Disciple Competition?

Could it be that she did not want Long Xiaotian to know?

Just what secret was she hiding?

Qin Tian's mind once again began to analyse. He said to himself, "All mysteries will be solved after obtaining the Golden Hepta Qi. Shen Yan, just what are you hiding?"

Thinking about the Golden Hepta Qi, he suddenly jolted. When he killed Yang Han, it seemed like Golden Hepta Qi had erupted and entered his spatial ring in a mere moment.

Inside the ring, a sphere of earthy yellow Qi circled around. Mao Mao sat next to it and looked at it with extreme seriousness. Qin Tian had never seen Mao Mao look that serious before.

Golden Hepta Qi attribute: unable to be discerned.

Stunned, he immediately asked, "Mao Mao, do you want it?"

Mao Mao's body trembled. Previously, he was in a trance-like state and did not sense Qin Tian's question. After a long time, he nodded heavily.

His expression remained nervous and serious, as if he had made a major decision.

"Are you sure?" Qin Tian asked again.

Mao Mao exhaled heavily and nodded once more.

"Okay, then I will give it to you."

Mao Mao felt extremely grateful. He knew that the Golden Hepta Qi was extremely powerful. It would allow him to evolve into rank 10 Absolute realm…

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