Invincible Level Up

Chapter 217

Inside the spatial ring.

Diligently and cautiously, Mao Mao slowly extended his front paws. When he touched the Golden Hepta Qi, his heart suddenly sank and he immediately retracted his front paws.

Taking a few steps backwards, he stared at the Golden Hepta Qi, lost in thought.

With just a slight contact with his front paw, he instantly sensed a strong resistance. In a blink of an eye, the force had hit him, numbing his front paw and making him retreat.

The Golden Hepta Qi was truly spiritual!

It was like a living being that knew how to protect itself.

Qin Tian's consciousness never left the spatial ring. The moment Mao Mao came into contact with the Golden Hepta Qi, he sensed a powerful force that contained Yang Han's aura, shocking him.

Sky Beyond Sky originated from an extraterrestrial meteorite which contained the incomparably violent Golden Hepta Qi. Refining Golden Hepta Qi was incredibly difficult.

Once the Golden Hepta Qi is refined, its aura would revolve around those who had refined it.

The Golden Hepta Qi inside Qin Tian's spatial ring had emerged from Yang Han, so it contained Yang Han's aura.

"Yang Han's aura?"

"Would there be an abnormality?"

Qin Tian's heart tightened. He did not know if Mao Mao would have some abnormality after refining it. However, looking at Mao Mao's serious expression, he understood that the Golden Hepta Qi was extremely important to him.

Seeing this, Qin Tian was forced to give up and observe quietly.

Mao Mao exhaled heavily and suddenly turned into his battleform. The adult blood-eyed lion had an extremely powerful physique. There was a huge stir in the spatial ring.


Mao Mao raised his huge head skyward and roared, his blood-red eyes flashing a dark red light. He stepped forward and leapt, pressing down fiercely with his sharp claws.

A lion does not stint its strength against a rabbit, giving it his all.

This was Mao Mao. He understood in his heart that Golden Hepta Qi was full of spirituality, just like a beast. If he let down his guard, he would never be able to control it, let alone refine it.

The moment Mao Mao rushed forward, the earthy yellow Golden Hepta Qi quickly shrank into the size of a marble, avoiding Mao Mao's attack.

Qin Tian stared in amazement, unable to help but gasp in admiration.

It was almost a perfect way of overcoming strength with softness.

Mao Mao had not expected the Golden Hepta Qi to shrink suddenly. His blood-red eyes quivered slightly and his body abruptly became smaller as he swallowed the earthy yellow marble directly.

The Golden Hepta Qi was cunning, though Mao Mao was not far behind.

It was as if everything had been within his calculations.

Swallowing the Golden Hepta Qi did not mean he had controlled it, let alone refining it.

After Mao Mao swallowed it, his blood-red eyes suddenly bulged and almost seemed to pop out.

Qin Tian knew that the battlefield had changed.

The inside of Mao Mao's body had become the battlefield.

If he overcomes the Golden Hepta Qi, he will naturally refine it.

Qin Tian also felt a little anxious. Right now, he could not help Mao Mao at all. He had to rely on himself.

Inside the spatial ring, Yao Kong was standing by the side anxiously.

Apart from cultivation, only Mao Mao usually accompanied him. Now Mao Mao had devoured the Golden Hepta Qi and was in unbearable pain, but he was unable to help.



A dull rumble sounded from Mao Mao's stomach that grew and shrank, a powerful force surging constantly. His long mane was soaked with sweat, as though he had just emerged from water.

Under the pain, Mao Mao's expression was resolute.

A lion with blood-red eyes was not a commonly seen creature. For it to be able to cultivate to rank six was even rarer. If it was not for Mao Mao's mother having a difficult birth, Qin Tian would not be able to obtain Mao Mao.

Now, Mao Mao in battle form was much stronger than his mother.

The Golden Hepta Qi thrashed about inside his body, causing him extreme pain.


Mao Mao roared abruptly and entered battle mode again.

With a body like a mountain, Mao Mao furrowed his brows and roared repeatedly as if he was swearing, deterring, and suppressing the Golden Hepta Qi in his body.


Leaping high and landing heavily, a swift and violent stream of air flowed out of his stomach, trying to burst through his throat, only to be pulled back.

Immediately afterwards, Mao Mao abused himself madly.

The inside of the spatial ring was in disarray. Apart from the treasures left behind by Cang Tianji, everything else was a mess.

Mao Mao fell into madness.

Blood dripped continuously from his teeth, yet no matter how painful it was, he did slacken his jaw.

As this situation continued, Qin Tian's heart ached.

A long while passed.

Mao Mao laid on the ground, his panting like the rumbling of thunder. His expression was one of incredible excitement.


Meanwhile, Qin Tian got Yao Kong to give Mao Mao a Peiyuan Dan.

After taking the Peiyuan Dan, Mao Mao's pain subsided and he stood up with all his strength. He raised his head and grinned toothily, his expression very cute.

Seeing Mao Mao's signature smile, Qin Tian finally felt relieved.

The Golden Hepta Qi had been completely tamed by Mao Mao and all that remained was refinement. This was an endlessly long process, but Qin Tian believed that it would not be long. When Mao Mao reappeared once again, he will be in another rank.

He anticipated it.

On the platform, the judge shouted, "Liu Shuanghan wins, advance to the next round…"

Liu Shuanghan, the young master of Violent Sky, was directly promoted. His opponent was a disciple of the Violent Sky Faction who conceded instantly.

This was the advantage of having many people, allowing Liu Shuanghan to enter the top six immediately.

"Qin Tian against Zhao Feng…"

The second BOSS had appeared!

Qin Tian curled his mouth upwards, smiling faintly as he went down step by step.

"Qin Tian, you must win!" Shen Yan grabbed Qin Tian's arm and spoke with extreme seriousness. All her hopes were pinned on Qin Tian and she felt extremely nervous.

Betting all on a single throw?

"Master, rest assured, I will definitely enter the top ten," said Qin Tian seriously.

He clearly felt the nervousness in Shen Yan's heart, even more nervous than he was.

"Do you think Qin Tian will enter the top six?"

"Zhao Feng is not simple, he is stronger than Zhao Changkong and is in the Void Piercing realm. He is ranked fifth among the ten great disciples."

"So it would be difficult for Qin Tian to win?"

"There is probably no chance. Qin Tian has just entered the Ascension realm, too far away from the Void Piercing realm."

…A few elders discussed this secretly. Several pillar masters also speculated on whether Qin Tian would win from now on. Tens of thousands of disciples in the square were also discussing who would be the victor and loser.

Qin Tian had shocked them greatly and if he lost, they will be disappointed.

The prestige that had not been easily gained should not be lost like this, so he must win this match.

He also had a reason for why he needed to win. An SSS level task. He had played online games for more than a decade in his past life, yet had not encountered this. Now that he had encountered it, how could he face himself if he did not complete it?

You could revive if you died in a game, but not here.

If Qin Tian lost this match, it was likely that he would die.

When he stepped onto the stage, Qin Tian immediately felt a strong killing intent. It was like walking into a valley of swords, a little bit of carelessness would lead to death by a thousand swords.

Zhao Feng held a large, three foot long sword in one hand. A light whistling sound burst through the air as he stared coldly at Qin Tian, "You are strong, but you can go no further…"

"Qin Tian, prepare to die!"

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