Chapter 3175: Arriving in Blazing Dragon World

Chapter 3175: Arriving in Blazing Dragon World

Originally, Huang Xiaolong had planned to tame some of these fierce souls as bodyguards for his family, and although these fierce souls were strong, it was a pity they did not meet Huang Xiaolong’s requirements. Huang Xiaolong passed through the cosmic dust starfield, but he did not tame even one fierce soul.

In the blink of an eye, twenty thousand years had passed.

The Purple Lightning Peak sped ahead in the vast space, passing through numerous cosmic dust starfields, and they encountered even more fierce souls.

They also encountered many universe behemoths along the way.

Twenty thousand years and a little more, Huang Xiaolong saw a few suitable universe behemoths and fierce souls, and these were all tamed by him.

Although not many, in the last twenty thousand years, he had tamed a hundred plus fierce souls. The number of space behemoths was lower, merely twenty-plus.

These fierce souls and universe behemoths’ strengths were comparable to the top fifty on the Extermination List. The Golden Fox Region Lord, Jin Hongyuan, was merely in the top sixty on the rankings.

There were a few fierce souls and universe behemoths that could enter the top ten rankings. Even if Lei Yu and the Black Shadow Devil joined hands, they would fail to suppress these few fierce souls and universe behemoths.

It was a pity that he didn’t come across any stronger fierce soul or universe behemoths.

These fierce souls and universe behemoths did not originate from the Huang Long World, hence Huang Xiaolong’s creation mark was useless on them. After capturing them and suppressing them, Huang Xiaolong resorted to his old method, the Puppetry Art and also Grandmist Parasitic Medium to control them.

As Huang Xiaolong’s strength had risen and his understanding of various energies, his Puppetry Art and Grandmist Parasitic Medium had also become more refined.

Even so, the two couldn’t compare to the Huang Long Bloodline’s creation mark. Huang Xiaolong had to exert quite some effort to suppress and tame these fierce souls and universe behemoth beasts.

“Your Highness, there’s a small world in front!” Huang Xiaolong was studying the art of formations with the Myriad Formation Devil when he heard Li Shuo’s report.

In the vast universe space, other than big worlds like the Huang Long World, Pangu World, Blazing Dragon World, there were also many small worlds created by other experts.

A Dao Venerable Realm expert could open a small world of their own, but these small worlds opened by these Dao Venerables could only exist within big worlds like the Huang Long World, Pangu World, and so on. Only experts that had comprehended absolute power to perfection level could open a world of their own in the vast universe space, withstanding the galaxy storm.

In these twenty thousand years, Huang Xiaolong’s group had come across several similar small worlds, and they had also stopped in such small worlds before.

“Let’s avoid it,” Huang Xiaolong said. Generally speaking, this level of small worlds had little resources, and definitely they wouldn’t have the things Huang Xiaolong needed.

Li Shuo complied respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong and the ladies entered seclusion, and the Purple Lightning Peak’s helm was handed to Li Shuo.

With Li Shuo’s comprehension in the power of time and space, he was more sensitive towards the potential dangers around them as they traveled, and he would correct the route whenever necessary.

One of Huang Xiaolong’s biggest harvest was the dozen stalks of Flower of Time, and Void Reincarnation Thistles.

Big worlds like the Huang Long World were capable of nurturing treasures such as the Flower of Time and Void Reincarnation Thistle, and it was not strange that the universe space could also nurture similar treasures.

In the vast universe space, one could even find creation-level spiritual herbs. However, it depended on one’s luck and fortune.

Fifty thousand years later.

The Purple Lightning Peak stopped moving.

In front of Huang Xiaolong was an indescribable world that exuded layers of fiery light!

They couldn’t see the end of this big world, and its fiery light dyed the dark space crimson for millions of miles.

According to Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, it would take another ten days to really reach the Blazing Dragon World. Despite the millions of miles distance, everyone felt the overwhelming power that shook them to the core.

Before this power, all of them were so small, and insignificant, and all living beings were akin to dust.

This was what everyone clearly felt.

“This is the Blazing Dragon World?” Yuan Tianyi asked in awe.

If one used a tree as a metaphor, compared to this Blazing Dragon World, the Huang Long World was merely a little more than a seedling.

“This is the Blazing Dragon World.” Huang Xiaolong confirmed, staring into the distance.

After a fifty thousand years of journey, the Blazing Dragon World was finally before them.

Still, there were some complex emotions roiling in Huang Xiaolong’s heart, looking at the big world in front of him.

His father Huang Long’s disappearance was likely to be connected with the Huang Family that Huang Rong belonged to. His father could very well be somewhere within the Blazing Dragon World.

As a precaution, Huang Xiaolong collected the Purple Lightning Peak, and flew towards the Blazing Dragon World with the rest. A little over ten days later, Huang Xiaolong’s group passed through the world boundary and entered the Blazing Dragon World.

“Such amazing spiritual energy!” The moment they crossed over, Lei Yu sighed in amazement.

“This Blazing Dragon World’s grand dao laws are more compact!” Yua Tianyi pointed out with a solemn expression.

More compact meant that the Blazing Dragon World’s grand dao laws were more complete, and the creator of this world had a tighter rein over the living beings of this world! At the same time, everyone could feel that the restraints in Blazing Dragon World were stronger than the Huang Long World.

Even Huang Xiaolong felt a stronger restraint over him. As the Huang Long World’s Son of Creation, he could exert his full power anywhere in the Huang Long World, but in the Blazing Dragon World, he could exert ninety percent of his strength, maybe less.

But Huang Xiaolong wasn’t overly concerned about this, and at his current strength, even with ninety percent of his full strength, no one was a match for him under the God of Creation Realm.

“Let’s settle down in the nearest city,” Huang Xiaolong said to everyone as his dao souls spread to find the nearest city.

He wanted to settle down first and plan his next moves. After all, the Blazing Dragon World was not a small place, and it was not a matter of a year or two to locate his father.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong’s group flew towards the city closest to them.

Though the Blazing Dragon World was a big world like the Huang Long World, one of the differences between the two was that the Blazing Dragon World did not have a Demon World time and space. It had tens of millions of holy worlds like a chain of pearls, densely scattered through the Blazing Dragon World’s space.

Even the Son of Mystic had no idea how many holy worlds there were inside the Blazing Dragon World, and only the God of Creation, who had created the Blazing Dragon World, would know.

Huang Xiaolong and his group soon arrived at megacity.

This megacity was actually a medium-sized city in the Lingchen Sacred Land’s territory, as for which creed or which holy world it belonged to, Huang Xiaolong and the others had no idea for now. They could always inquire about it later.

Upon entering the city, Huang Xiaolong’s group headed to a large chamber of commerce and traded one of the lowest-grade holy herbs for holy coins that was used to purchase a spacious residence in the city.

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