Chapter 3176: Targeted

Chapter 3176: Targeted

Although the land space of this residence was quite big, in Huang Xiaolong and the other's eyes, it was no different than a hut. Then again, no one minded. They had a lot of spirit stones, spiritual plants, and spiritual veins, so they could redecorate the residence as they desire.

In the next couple of days after moving into the residence, Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Tianyi, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Lei Yu, and Myriad Formation Devil began reconstructing the entire residence.

Huang Xiaolong had all the garden rocks and spirit stones changed to genesis-level spirit stones and spiritual veins. All the spiritual plants were also changed into genesis-level spiritual plants, the kind that enhanced cultivators’ cultivation.

From the outside, it was still the same residence, but inside, it had changed completely. Huang Xiaolong even used genesis-level iron ores to refine the residence’s buildings all over.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong and the Myriad Formation Devil He Zhen cooperated to lay out a grand formation that enveloped the whole residence. Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong and He Zhen laid out a grand formation that enveloped the entire city.

While refurbishing the whole residence, Huang Xiaolong had Li Shuo and Black Shadow Devil gather information. The two went out and returned several days later.

“Your Highness, from the information we’ve gathered, we’re currently in the Fire Cloud Creed’s territory, and the Lingchen Sacred Land is one of medium-sized sacred lands. The Fire Cloud Creed is a big creed, the second most powerful force in this Guangzong Heavenly Cave. We still haven’t found out which holy world this is,” Li Shuo respectfully reported.

The Black Shadow Devil also reported his findings related to the Guangzong Heavenly Cave.

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he listened.

The strength of Guangzong Heavenly Cave’s Region Lord was not too bad, and based on the Blazing Dragon World’s Extermination List, his strength was comparable to experts in the top thirty. A region lord with the strength of an expert on the top thirty in the Extermination List was a high praise. On the other hand, the Fire Cloud Creed’s patriarch’s strength was roughly at par with the top eighty.

Finding out this information merely in a few days was quite a good result.

In the coming years, Huang Xiaolong’s group kept a low profile. Most of the time was spent cultivating indoors, and only occasionally, Huang Xiaolong would accompany the ladies outside for a stroll.

Though the Gathering Stars City was merely one of many cities of a sacred land, it was comparable to many main cities of a top-tier creed.

In the last few years, Huang Xiaolong had bought the neighboring residences in the area and expanded the size of his initial residence by several times.

Although the Huang Family had been keeping a low profile, rarely going out, they still attracted the attention from the Gathering Stars City’s local forces, and even some neighboring cities’ forces.

As the Huang Family’s residence expanded over the years, the number of spies stationed around also increased.

Huang Xiaolong naturally knew about these spies, but he was too lazy to deal with them. These spies’ average strength was at half-True Saint, and there were a few who were only high-level Venerable Sovereigns.

Because Huang Xiaolong did not give any orders, Yuan Tianyi, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Lei Yu, and the others too couldn’t be bothered to deal with these existences.

Due to the Huang Family’s lack of response, over time, the number of spies around the residence increased, and their behavior became unscrupulous. In the beginning, these spies were watching from the dark, but as time passed, these spies began moving about in the broad daylight, and when Huang Xiaolong went out with the ladies, they even dared to follow behind them.

“Everyone, these people are becoming more unscrupulous. Let me do it. I’ll pack them up in one go!” On this day, Huang Xiaohai ran in angrily and complained to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong and the ladies were trailed when they went out. Huang Peng and the others were also followed when they stepped out of the residence. Once or twice was nothing, by the third and fourth time, Huang Xiahai couldn’t stand it any longer.

Huang Xiaolong smiled watching Huang Xiaohai fuming in anger. “You lost your patience so fast?!”

Huang Xiaohai scratched his head irritatedly. “These people are getting more and more arrogant. Clearly, they are coveting our Huang Residence!” He snorted and added, “Can the things of our Huang Residence be taken so easily?”

In these couple of years, due to the Huang Residence’s continuous expansion, and the Huang Family going out to exchange holy herbs and other precious treasures intermittently had turned the Huang Family into a fat sheep in the eyes of the local forces and forces from the neighboring cities!

To the Huang Family, holy herbs were similar to rubbish, but to many Gathering Stars City’s cultivators, and even the entire Lingchen Sacred Land, these were precious treasures.

Although the supply of holy herbs in most of Blazing Dragon World’s sacred lands were not as tight and scarce compared to the Huang Long World, it was a big temptation to many True Saints in the Lingchen Sacred Land.

Huang Xiaolong asked Li Shuo and Black Shadow, “Do you know who sent these spies?”

Li Shuo and Black Shadow Devil were the two main stewards of Huang Residence, handling most of the affairs related to the residence and assisting Huang Peng, the patriarch of Huang Family. On the surface, Huang Peng was the patriarch, and Huang Xiaolong was Huang Peng’s eldest son, the eldest young master.

“These spies are sent by the Gathering Stars City’s local the Chu Family, and also from the neighboring cities.” Li Shuo replied respectfully, and explained to Huang Xiaolong in detail the connections and backings of these forces.

Amongst the forces who sent these spies, the strongest one was the Gathering Stars City’s Chu Family.

Chu Family’s influence was not limited to the Gathering Stars City, as the Chu Family was also one of the big families in the Lingchen Sacred Land. The Chu Family’s patriarch was a Sixth Order True Saint Realm expert, and the Chu Family’s old ancestor was a Seventh Order True Saint expert.

Seventh Order True Saint Realm was the pinnacle of such a sacred land.

Moreover, the Chu Family has links to the Fire Cloud Creed as the eldest son of the current Chu Family patriarch was a core disciple of the Fire Cloud Creed, and he was also one of the hall masters’ personal disciples.

After hearing the report, Huang Xiaolong said to his younger brother, “Alright, you can go ahead and deal with those spies. Give the Chu Family and those Lingchen Sacred Land’s forces a small warning, but you’re not allowed to use your fierce soul and Golden-Horned Lizard.”

In the fifty thousand years journey to the Blazing Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong had subjugated a hundred plus fierce souls, and almost a hundred universe behemoths. Therefore, the Huang Family and the ladies, even Old Man Grandmist, the little cow, Grandmist Emperor, Fortune Emperor, and others were given a fierce soul and Golden-Horned Lizard as bodyguards.

Hearing that, Huang Xiaohai laughed, “Deal, Big Brother! I’ll take care of it myself!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded as letting Huang Xiaohai deal with the matter was also a form of training in handling various matters. After all, he wouldn’t alway be there by their side in the future. Therefore, he couldn’t resolve everything for them. He hoped his younger brother Huang Xiaohai, and the others would stand on their feet at any time when needed.

Huang Xiaohai left the residence happily and summoned his high-order Saint Fate, instantly suppressing all the spies in the area.

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he watched the progress outside. According to his younger brother’s temper, he had definitely given these people a good beating before releasing them.

Huang Xiaolong looked away and continued comprehending the power of time and space.

Huang Xiaolong did not lax on his cultivation in the fifty thousand years of journey. By adding a dozen stalks of Flower of Time and Void Reincarnation Thistles he had found, Huang Xiaolong’s power of time and space had improved significantly.

Especially Huang Xiaolong’s power of space. He had a feeling that within a hundred years, his power of space could reach the major completion stage.

He decided to leave once his power of space reached the major completion stage, and make his name in the Blazing Dragon World.

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