It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother

Chapter 6

Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 6: Talented Younger Brother is Everywhere

Why is Qi Zhifan so rich? Wei Han couldn’t figure it out, and he estimated that even Qi Hao himself didn’t even know of this matter.

Every time Wei Han opened his mouth to ask, “no comment” was clearly written on Qi Zhifan’s face. His mouth coldly and indifferently said, “Go prepare your meal.”

“You wouldn’t have done something wicked and shameful, right?” Thinking until he was extremely fearful, Wei Han wanted to call the police, but wasn’t Uncle Qi a police officer? In his future, he would also be one, this…

Qi Zhifan rolled his eyes, “Please don’t insult my IQ.”

A few days later, although his little IQ made him scramble, but by virtue of “everyone sleep while I alone am awake, with the bags under my eyes gradually darkening, finally won’t regret”, Wei Han smoothly passed S Uni’s entrance exam.

Because Wei Han’s criminal investigation major and Qi Zhifan’s law and government major belonged to S Uni’s Department of Law, so basically many of the basic courses were in the same faculty building. The two majors’ lab building and dormitory building were also very close together, almost all arranged together.

All of this made Wei Han had a kind of lingering depressed feeling all along. He felt that he was shrouded in the shadow of Qi Zhifan.

“Oh Xiao Ying, hurry up. We must hurry to grab the seats! It’s said that in Professor Liu’s international economic law course, there’s a 90 percent chance that Qi Zhifan will show up and still sit in the front row. For a glimpse of the male god’s demeanor, everyone’s risking their life. If we’re slow, his front, back, right and left would all be surrounded by people. At that time, we can at most only gaze at the back of his head from far, far away.” …

“Classmate Wei, you should know your department’s Qi Zhifan, right? Please give this information to him and then tell him the teacher here has some things that I want to ask him for help with.” …

“Your proposal is very good, but I’m only one person in the Organization Department. The department head needs to discuss with the other department heads before there can be any results. Included in these are the required operational funds that has to be sponsored by the Outreach Department. Of course, there’s a major crux to this matter: it must have the approval of the college student council, especially the vice president, Qi Zhifan. Otherwise, nothing can be negotiated.” …

One week later at school, whether Wei Han was in class, went to the teacher’s office, or engaged in community activities, there was “Qi Zhifan” everywhere. After returning home, he was even able to see the person live.

Wei Han couldn’t help but hold his forehead and deeply sigh. God, why was his world filled with “Odd Trouble”.

That afternoon, Wei Han was going to the library to borrow a few books that were mainly related to his major’s coursework material. In this regard, he had made a list in advance, and he thought he was really a diligent and studious bookworm, haha.

Who knew, ‘man proposes but God disposes’, the first book on criminal psychology couldn’t be found.

“They’ve really all been lent out? Such a coincidence?”

“Well, other campuses certainly still have them, but this campus is temporarily out because most of them were loaned out by the law students.” The administrator aunt shrugged helplessly, looked at the loan record again and smiled. “The last one was just borrowed by Classmate Qi. Hehe, you should know him?”

“I don’t know him.”

Hmph, the Qi Zhifan he can’t get a handle on, seemed to be known by everybody. Qi Zhifan was known by everybody, but if Wei Han could choose, he absolutely wouldn’t want to know him.

Wei Han continued to look for the second book on criminal law, and the result was it was also gone.

“It can’t have also been borrowed by Qi Zhifan, right?”

“Classmate Qi often comes to borrow books and is especially studious,” the administrator aunt praised.

Fuck, Wei Han didn’t believe this evil, but the reality was still cruel…the third and fourth book also couldn’t be found.

Damn it, he already had tears in his eyes. He shouldn’t have come to borrow books today.

Looking at Wei Han’s ‘born without love’ face, the administrator aunt still slightly smiled. “Oh, you and Classmate Qi are really destined. The books you wanted to borrow had all been borrowed by him. There’s no more.”

“Hehe, it’s really destiny, an ill-fated destiny.”

Wei Han’s heart almost collapsed. Odd Trouble was everywhere.

Without any books to read, Wei Han simply sat down and used the computer to surf the Internet. Extremely exasperated, he typed out the name “Qi Zhifan” in the school’s internal BBS. He began to search for all the information related to his slag brother.

There was a pile of information related to “Qi Zhifan”, most of the keywords were “law department male god”, “god of study”, “handsomest terminator”, “student council vice president”, “male god can be straight can be bent” and so on…

In the face of these dazzling information, Wei Han objected, feeling they were too exaggerated. Infatuated girls really can chase after Qi Zhifan, each and every one of them were in the appearance association.

He wanted to see the other people’s gossip. What astonishing inside story can they expose?

He directly clicked the post with the most replies, the hot topic “Law Department Male God”. He scrolled down with the mouse, and saw that someone had posted online a page of Qi Zhifan’s achievement records. Wei Han stopped.

Facing the computer screen, Wei Han was petrified for thirty seconds.

S Uni’s special applicant student, just entered the school for a year, fourteen courses were all full marks. Not only was the course credits ranked first in the whole year, but comprehensive evaluation was also first. He won the S Uni’s special scholarship and national scholarship. In addition to Chinese, he also mastered the English, French, German, Japanese and Korean languages. Piano professional grade eight, national calligraphy grade seven, teacher and student evaluations were quite high, exceeding S Uni’s professors and the best doctoral students’ expectations.

Qi Zhifan himself also indicated that he would also major in business and obtain a double degree before graduating.

Starting from elementary school, Qi Zhifan presided over various on-campus and off-campus activities, and was very experienced in this area. His own award-winning records were also numerous. Not only in the fields of piano and calligraphy, but they also included many knowledge speech contests and skill competitions.

Just last year on behalf of S Uni, Qi Zhifan participated in the province’s knowledge competition and won first place. He participated in the national research competition and obtained the province regional excellence award.

Seeing this, Wei Han was petrified for another thirty seconds.

“Holy fuck, really this unbelievably good?” A surprised voice came from behind him. The frightened Wei Han immediately returned back to reality.

The curly-haired girl sitting to the right behind Wei Han was pulling another long-haired girl, face full of disbelief, “Man-man, quickly come over and see, Qi Zhifan, he simply…”

“Hush, lower your voice a bit.” The straight, black-haired girl reminded her. She took a look and also stared blankly. “Fuck, swift and fierce people don’t need a reason.”

This was a coincidence. Wei Han guessed that these two girls probably were also looking at this post. They should be newly enrolled freshmen who wanted to understand the legendary Qi Zhifan.

“His IQ is not only off the charts, but also his face attractiveness index could break through the sky.” Curly-haired girl was a bit infatuated.

“I’ve already despaired of this face-seeking world.”

Curly-haired girl nodded, “Yes, you will find out that not only is his face good-looking, but his hands are also good-looking, his legs are also good-looking, his entire body is good-looking.”

“…Stop talking.” Long, black hair was a little unable to refute, face filled with grief and indignation, “The ugly man is also born from a father and mother. God is really unfair to close the door on us. Still sandwiching our brains, but also wanting to keep the window firmly shut!”

“Then I must be in that little dark room, the kind with a wooden door and a wooden window.”

“Oh, but also in this world, the most terrible thing isn’t that other people are more awesome than you, but that those more awesome people also strive harder than you.” Long, straight black hair couldn’t help but shake her head and sighed.

“Oh, that being the case, my putting in effort is useless.”

“Uh…” Long, straight black hair was sluggish, and rubbed curly-haired girl’s head, “I suddenly discovered that although you’re ugly, stupid, and poor, but you’re not at all without one good point. At least your judgement is right.”

“Thank you for your compliment. You too.”

Wei Han, “…”

Sometimes, the gap between people was so large.

Wei Han didn’t understand. With his IQ, why didn’t Qi Zhifan become a scientist? If he were a crazy scientist, he would experiment repeatedly in the lab and become deranged. Seven years later, it would be impossible for him to become his love rival!

And, why didn’t he go abroad when he was so talented? Why must he stay in the country to become Wei Han’s scourge and to oppose him in everything. In the end, Qi Zhifan only has himself to hate and blame, hehe.

On the computer, Wei Han continued browsing and turned a few pages to see if anyone else had any other scoop or ridicule.

177 post: You say, why doesn’t Qi Zhifan go to film academy? With his face, it’s a pity that he didn’t go to be a star…

178 post: +1, he should let more people experience his looks, improve their eyes for aesthetics, cultivate their mind, and serve the public!

179 post: Hehe, maybe he only likes for the public to serve him.

180 post: Have you forgotten? Several times before the voting competition to choose the handsomest boy in school, both the competition and the organization of his support group were all cancelled by Qi Zhifan. His reason was no substantial value, too senseless…

181 post: So gang, he is only determined to rely on his brain to make money for a living, thinking everything else is transient.

Wei Han quickly swept down. What were these things.

Biting his teeth, he decided to start his own operation and started to anonymously post a scoop: Qi Zhifan has a lot of shortcomings! Picky eater, grumpy, poisonous tongue…and he certainly must have unknown failings, not yet unearthed!

After sending it, Wei Han quit the BBS. At the same time, he secretly vowed to find Odd Trouble’s weaknesses. Otherwise, how can he happily abuse his love rival!

Now, Wei Han was still accustomed to working part time while studying. Although he wasn’t living in a single-parent family anymore where he had to live frugal days like in his past life, but he had always disliked adding burden to the family.

Near S Uni, Wei Han who was always resisting the temptation of sweets, found a dessert shop that had pretty good flavor and served as a waiter.

Today was the first day of work. Wei Han was full of energy. He served tea, poured water, and patiently introduced various kinds of desserts to the customers. He would also be very enthusiastic to make recommendations to them, and he also paired up different suitable flavors and drinks.

“Fuck, you are such a pervert! Actually following me here.” Leveling thunder, a voice roared and exploded, causing Wei Han’s hand that was pouring milk tea to shake.

Looking up, in front of him was a guy who was about the same size as him, with Curly Yellow Hair. With a disgusted face, he scolded at another man.

Eh? Had he seen the back of Curly Yellow Hair somewhere before?

Even if the man in front of Curly Yellow Hair was scolded, he still had a cheerful appearance. “I won’t be a “stalker” this kind of thing. It’s just a coincidence that we meet again. This is fate oh.”

This voice and intonation that was always sickeningly corny, this gay violet was even more familiar! Wasn’t this Pei Yuyang?

“What fate, fate your head!” Curly Yellow Hair’s expression became uglier, minute by minute wanting to throw up, “Ugh, disgusting to death.”

“Curlie, you really shouldn’t think about it anymore. Come to my house to accompany Archie?” Pei Yuyang laughed shamelessly.

Wei Han’s facial muscles pulled. He’d already been lost under a land of goosebumps long ago. Anyway, who was this “Archie?”

“Curl…shut up, who told you to call me this!” The extremely disgusted Curly Yellow Hair endlessly blew up, and yelled, “I have already rejected you eight hundred times. Finally once again, I’m just a takeout delivery person, not a person who’d go to your rich family house to accompany a pig!”

“Hahaha…” the guests who were watching the show roared with laughter.

Wei Han could clearly understand at this time that “Archie” was actually a pig.

So Pei Yuyang was raising a pig at home? And also wanted to snatch a person to keep his pig company? Sure enough, the brain structure of rich people was different from normal people.

It was too noisy, and the sunshine, gentle type male store manager came out. “Ah Rui, what’s going on? This gentleman, you…”

Voice not yet fallen, several black-clothed bodyguard uncles rushed in, neatly standing behind Pei Yuyang. They came in and the guests suddenly weren’t in the mood to watch the bustling scene. They were all scared away, and the atmosphere became suppressed.

“I’m sorry, Brother Bohao, this guy was provoked by me to come in, I will figure it out myself. In order not to affect your future business, I won’t work tomorrow. You should fire me.”

Curly Yellow Hair felt a bit guilty. Finished speaking, he put on his hat, pushed the door and left.

“Ah Rui, you…” the male store manager called.

“Young master, do you want us to chase?” At this time, one of the uncles in black asked.

Pei Yuyang shook his head, quite frustrated. “No, for the first time since I was born, I’ve made someone hate me so much. It really makes my heart ache a bit.”

“This handsome guy, you can’t fire the lovely Curlie. I can compensate you for the lost caused to the shop today. If you have to fire someone, then you can just fire the new person.”

Speech finished, Pei Yuyang immediately pointed to the dumbfounded Wei Han.

“Ah? Isn’t this…”

Wei Han: “…Hehe, hi.”

The author has something to say:

Odd Trouble: Everywhere? In this chapter, I only said two lines of dialogue in the beginning, fourteen words.

Author: This is called “Little brother not in Jianghu, but Jianghu would have the little brother’s legend” ah ~\(^o^)/~

Odd Trouble: Scram!

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