It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Brothers Met, Exceptionally Jealous

In the end, the kind-hearted male store manager didn’t fire anyone. He also planned to persuade Curly Yellow Hair.

Wei Han’s first day of work was a bit ruined. Pei Yuyang felt embarrassed and invited him to a restaurant for dinner, and Wei Han naturally agreed.

Pei Yuyang had been living alone since the age of 16, and had many houses on the outside. Currently, he was living in a two-storied small building with a courtyard in the city’s upscale residential area.

But no matter where he lived, there will always be a purebred Zang Xiang pig living in his home. That was his precious baby “Archie”.

tibetan fragrant pig

Tibetan Fragrant (“Zang Xiang”) Pig

One day on a whim, Pei Yuyang called for takeout, and so Archie “fell in love at first sight and jumped down” with Curly Yellow Hair, like in a movie scene. Pei Yuyang also became entangled with Curly Yellow Hair from then on.

“You don’t know ah, my family’s Archie is very bad-tempered, and never gets close with outsiders. He’s even hot and cold with me, the owner. After all these years, he finally met someone he liked, so I will use whatever means to make Curlie stay.”

Pei Yuyang said seriously, but Wei Han listened and pulled a face, “Can you not call him “Curlie”? The other person also has a name. Although you don’t know what it is, but “Curlie” sounds like calling a dog ah.”


The speechless Wei Han looked Pei Yuyang up and down again and turned his eyes, “What’s wrong with you? A pig complex?”

“…Little Han, can we have a pleasant conversation?” Pei Yuyang arched his eyebrows.

“I have said that you shouldn’t casually call others. You shouldn’t call me ‘Little Han’. Call me by my name,” Wei Han stressed again.

“OK, Wei Han, anyway, you’re Ah Fan’s brother. I can’t afford to offend the elder brother, you na.”

“Speaking of Qi Zhifan, why did you become friends with him? How did you two meet?” Wei Han said while raising up the wine glass at hand.

After all is said, Pei Yuyang was still the son of the section chief. Both the child of an official and a second generation, Qi Zhifan can actually have a good relationship with him? And Pei Yuyang looked like he was afraid of him?

“This, it’s because I owe him money.”

“Cough…cough…” Wei Han almost sprayed out the wine in his mouth, “What…what actually happened?”

“I wasn’t sensible in my younger years, and was also in a rebellious period. I ate and drank and goofed off every day. When I met Ah Fan, he was still a high school student. This young master, where would I put him in my eyes? I played poker with him, and the result was that I lost all of my money… Fortunately, he didn’t make things difficult for me, otherwise, my father would have skinned me and sent me off to some foreign island.”

Thinking back on the past, saying it well was “young and frivolous”. Saying it ugly, in fact he was a fool. Pei Yuyang rather ruefully shook his head.

“It turns out to be like that. With your trembling M IQ, you certainly can’t beat him,” after listening, Wei Han nodded, “It seems like you becoming friends with him also went along with your intentions. The more you’re abused, the happier you’d be.”

Pei Yuyang, “…”

“So Qi Zhifan is so rich, most of it was the money you owed him?” Wei Han asked again.

“No, it isn’t. Ah Fan didn’t really let me pay him back,” Pei Yuyang denied it, and lazily said, “This person, he has never lacked money, but just likes to make money. Usually with nothing to do, he’d speculate in stocks to make some pocket money, often in the millions.”

“……” Wei Han was paralyzed again.

After being silent for a while to digest the information, Wei Han thoughts turned, and asked with expectations, “Then do you know if he has any weaknesses?”

“I want to know too ah.” Pei Yuyang spread his hands and sighed, “Alas, for now, my understanding of Ah Fan can be summed up in one sentence, that is……Obviously can rely on his face to make a living, but insist on relying on his brain to die arrogant and proud.”


Wei Han suddenly felt a moment of “what’s the use” depressing feeling.

He chewed the mouthful of pasta and chatted some more with Pei Yuyang. Wei Han inadvertently looked up, and not far from their table, he saw Qi Zhifan. Sitting opposite to him was a very handsome little boy with deep dimples when he smiled.

Was this Qi Zhifan’s new boyfriend?

Wei Han narrowed his eyes and began to observe……Oh, it was still the cute and delicate type, but compared to the previous very “open” Little Ji, this one seemed more comfortable. In addition, the emotions in those eyes looking at Qi Zhifan were thick with inseparable love.

He thought of that year, even his “Little Yao” didn’t seem to look at him like this. Now in the ranks of single dogs, Wei Han envied and hated him.

“Eh, what’s up? What are you looking at?”

Looking at Wei Han from time to time, his facial expression a little rich, Pei Yuyang found out something was wrong. Looking back, he saw Qi Zhifan and his new boyfriend.

Pei Yuyang laughed and quipped, “Oh Wei Han, are you jealous? Brotherly love is also pretty meng.”

Wei Han heard this, glared and shouted, “What ‘brotherly love’?! I’m not jealous.”

“Okay, okay, why don’t we let little brother be jealous too.”

“I’ve said, I’m not jea……”

Wei Han retorted, but his words hadn’t finished yet, when Pei Yuyang came over and grabbed his neck. He also adjusted the phone to selfie mode, “Come, smile at the camera. Frowning doesn’t look good.”

Qi Zhifan was eating when he saw his phone screen flashed for a moment. He looked down and saw that it was Pei Yuyang who’d sent something again. The pictures of his various selfies so far were displayed in his mind, with different expressions and different poses. His narcissism has never changed over the years.

“Zhifan, what’s wrong? Who sent it?” Seeing Qi Zhifan pick up his phone, the little boyfriend sitting opposite to him couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“A pervert.”


Every time, Qi Zhifan only spent three seconds to read and delete. Countless times, he’d thought about “ending the friendship” with Pei Yuyang.

But this time, Qi Zhifan stared at it for ten seconds.

Pei Yuyang sent him a photo of him and Wei Han. The two men in the picture had their arms around each other’s shoulders, sharing a beautiful candlelight dinner in a very familiar surrounding…

Qi Zhifan suddenly turned his head, his sharp, cold eyes extremely accurately locked on target.

Just a second ago watching the drama nearby, Wei Han and Pei Yuyang this second silently shivered, “……”

So the four people met and sat at the same table.

Through a simple self-introduction, Wei Han learned that Qi Zhifan’s newest boyfriend was called Lu Yan, in S City’s Chengyu Film Academy, was currently a not very famous little model.

Midway, taking advantage of Qi Zhifan and Pei Yuyang going to the restroom together, Lu Yan softly and gently called out, “Brother Wei…”

Aiyo, hey! From head to toe, Wei Han felt a burst of numbness. Thinking that he had been Qi Zhifan’s brother for so long, but he’d never heard his little brother respectfully addressed him once, but his successive boyfriends trying to worm their way into his favor, actually each and every one of them tenderly murmured, called so sweetly.

“What’s up?” Wei Han tried to squeeze out an amiable smile.

“Nothing much, just that you have a very kind face and also speak very well. I didn’t think that the cold Qi Zhifan could have a brother like you.”

“Not bad, not bad, but you shouldn’t be tricked by my outward appearance.” Wei Han wryly smiled. People said that kind people are often bullied. Did he look that easy to bully?

“Haha, Brother Wei is so humorous.” Lu Yan smiled, the feelings in his eyes suddenly dissipating a bit, “To tell the truth, it’s still a little hard for me to believe.”

“What’s hard to believe?”

“That Zhifan agreed to date me and let me be with him now ah. He’s obviously so outstanding. There’s so many people who like him and pursue him, but he actually chose me,” Lu Yan said, a bit lost in thought, “I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m afraid that I would wake up one day to find that it’s all fake.”

“……” Wei Han didn’t speak for quite awhile, pursed his lips, and suddenly felt that this boy was a bit silly.

“I’m sorry to let you hear me say these mindless words,” Lu Yan embarrassingly laughed.

“You should have a little faith in yourself. Since he has chosen you, you have to seize the opportunity and keep him firmly by your side.”

Wei Han sincerely encouraged him. Colliding with Lu Yan’s infatuation, it made people really hard to hate.

“Thank you,” Lu Yan faintly smiled.

In short, Wei Han’s impression of Lu Yan was good after this meal.

On the way back home with Qi Zhifan, Wei Han thought about it and thought about something in his heart. If before Chu Chuanyao appeared, Qi Zhifan can always be well and together with Lu Yan, then wouldn’t everyone be happy?

Thinking like this, Wei Han collected his thought and decided to assist these two to develop their feelings to reach the “no mountain, no heaven, no land, and no lord dares to terminate” stage. In short, indestructible and impossible for a third party to step in between.

However, Wei Han slanted his head and looked at Qi Zhifan. Ai, even this man’s face looked so cold and heartless. It’s really hard to imagine that he’d wholeheartedly fall in love with someone and be madly in love with them.

“Hey, Qi Zhifan, do you really like Lu Yan? Will you treat him well later on?”

After Wei Han finished asking, Qi Zhifan’s step became sluggish and he slightly frowned. “This is my personal matter. You’re being a bit too nosy.”

Wei Han’s anger suddenly radiated out. Was this the attitude a little brother should use to speak to an older brother!

Enduring, Wei Han tried to be as calm as possible, “I’m just asking casually. After all, I haven’t fully grasped what your sexual orientation is yet.”

He suddenly thought of the forum where he’d previously seen others also discussing “Male god can be straight can be bent” this topic.

Qi Zhifan was silent for moment. Not saying, but then once said, astonishing people, “I like men, and also appreciate smart women. But I’ll definitely marry a woman to leave behind my superior genes and considerably clever offspring. If later, that woman and I divorce, then I’ll pick a man who’s pleasing to the eye to live with. And when I’m tired of looking at him, then I’d change to another.”

“……” Wei Han stared blankly for a long time, and then broke the silence, “Odd Trouble, you slag gong!”

Just finished scolding, Wei Han ran away, and left behind a gloomy-faced Qi Zhifan to be pointed at by a crowd of unknown strangers.

The weekend, Dad Qi and Mother Wei, after consulting with their sons, decided to go on a family outing. The family would drive to a resort on the outskirts of the suburbs to stay for two days and a night to relieve the stress and relax.

To this end, Mother Wei also specially prepared family uniforms with parent-child outfits.

When he wore a T-shirt with the Big Red Wolf on his chest, Wei Han’s entire body felt unwell ah.

Cartoon pattern can be tolerated, but what’s the meaning of giving him the Big Red Wolf to wear? He’s a blue paper boy ah!

Also, why did the Big Red Wolf not hold the frying pan in her hand, but fastened it to the top of her head? Ah, hey! This wasn’t a flat-bottomed hat, hehe.

Although always knowing that his mother’s outlandish taste had caused him to go through a pile of people who’d laughed their heads off at his “bizarre dress” since young, but this time he’d been reborn after all, and also entered into a new family. These parent-child outfits were still so bad, was it really good?

Stepping out of the room, Wei Han pleaded, “Mom, can you change mine to Doraemon? I still like Blue Fatty better…”

While speaking, Wei Han raised his eyes to look. The words he hadn’t finished saying suddenly became stuck in his throat.

Mother Wei wore a smirking Big Bad Wolf. Dad Qi’s was the naive and innocent Pleasant Sheep. And Qi Zhifan, his was……the pink and delicate Beautiful Sheep.

What the hell was this? Wei Han felt a burst of ball-aching…

“Eh, Han-han, did you have a question?” Mother Wei blinked her pure and innocent eyes.

“No…nothing. As long as you’re happy.”


  • The cartoon characters are from “Pleasant Sheep and the Big Bad Wolf” (喜羊羊與灰太狼)

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