Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 427

Translated by: Parthios

Edited by: Black Jesus


Jikuu Mahou chapter 427: Everyone's success

Tuesday the next day. I have free today.

There was no problem with yesterday's final check. Today I am waiting at the office for something wrong.

As it is free time, let's look at the situation in the other world.

First of all, the matter of Elena and the king who are most concerned.

When I look at it, it just seems that there has been a move.

A soldier came running inside the audience room and reported to Laila, who was next to Elena.

『It is serious! Lyle Gebalt and the King went out of the city with a few soldiers』

『Wh, What!』

Those two run away, while Elena and Laila, didn't listen?

Perhaps they're aiming for the capital city....... Is Lyle Gebalt carried by a soldier as his legs shouldn't be usable?

『Elena-sama, what do you do?』

『Laila-san, contact each city for the time being』


Lirula went to contact the towns, as Elena said.

Well, I am sorry to take care of those guys. Let's go ahead.


Next, let's look at Hilda.

『Everyone, are you all good? I will go to the guild to register everyone as an adventurer. Please be careful not to be in trouble with the adventurers』


Hilda was about to leave the inn in Nippon Town with the ten members of Hilda Corps.

Is it adventurer registration from now on? All members of the Hilda corps are around 10 years old, and Hilda who leads them is also 12 years old. I wonder if it will be all right?


『What ain't you guys? This is not a place where children are coming』

As she entered the guild, Hilda was entangled with a strong adventurer.

『Since I correspond here, please keep everyone in line at the registration window』


The 10 members of the Hilda corps will line up at the window as directed by Hilda.

『That's the deal? You have a pretty cocky mouth. Instead of discipline, do you want to taste a sore eye?』

It seems that this adventurer threats Hilda.

『Here is the adventurer guild. If you want to fight, please go elsewhere』


The adventurer who got out of an instant at Hilda's remark was suddenly attacking. It's momentary of this water magician.

Suu. Kuruu.

Hilda avoids the fist with her dancing moves and attacks the opponent with a weight difference close to three times. And the man stumbled and fell.

『Da, Damn. What is this!?』

I noticed that the rough adventurer was tied up with a rope by Hilda.

『I, I can't move......』

『Please don't go wild in the guild if you've learned this』

Hilda moved to the Hilda corps, after saying that.

『What is that girl!』

『She is really strong』

『I just couldn't see what that girl did......』

The guild adventurers who were watching it are swayed.

I'm sorry. It's at Hilda's time! Why isn't this kind of event happening at my time?

And Hilda was celebrated by the Hilda corps with respect.


Next, I looked at Aya.

『Aya elder sister, you came to the right place』

Entering the adventurer guild in Ikebu town, Aya is being called "Elder sister" by a man at the window. What is this?

『What's wrong?』

『A runaway monster has appeared in the west forest. Now, since the others are in the middle of the war, there have been a series of injuries』

『Okay, I'll go right away!』

『Thank you very much!』

Apparently, Aya seems to be quite reliable to the adventurer guild.

Aya ran through like the wind, and she reaches the runaway monster and adventurers in the warring West Forest instantly.

『Ah! Aya-oneechan came!』

『Is it over now?』


『Victory is ours!』

The adventurers who saw the arrival of Aya are raising their voices of joy.

Hmmm, it looks strange when I see my sister being relied on by others.

『Leave it to me, everyone go back!』

『『Yes! Elder sister!』』

The adventurers fell behind as directed by Aya. She and the runaway monster were in the form of a single strike.

The opponent is a large-sized monster, and from the horns are lightning that leaks out.

It looks dangerous just from seeing it, but Aya will be okay.

The monster digs the ground with its forefeet many times and rushes towards Aya.

Is this not weird? When Aya avoids, the monster's rush into the back of the adventurers. You can avoid Aya, but they can't evade the monster.

I thought, but it wasn't so.

Aya cuts deep around the base of the forefeet with her knife while simultaneously avoiding the attack of monster and at the same time blows it from the side with wind magic.

The monster lost its balance, turned over, and stopped.

The monster finally stands up and looks at Aya who hurts itself.

『Where are you looking?』

The voice comes from behind the monster.



A sorrowful cry of the monster echoes over the forest. The blood flowed from its buttocks, and the monster stopped moving with convulsions.

『Aya-oneechan Thank you!』

『As one would expect from elder sister』

Adventurers rush to Aya with great pleasure.

『Who's hurt?』

『Elder sister, the injured person is over there』

Aya started treating the injured adventurer with Recovery Magic. Apparently, she seems to have learned [Recovery magic] properly.

I also want to increase activities as adventurer a little more~.

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