Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 428 (end)

Translated by: Parthios

Edited by: Black Jesus


Jikuu Mahou chapter 428: Oracle in the server room

When I woke up the next Wednesday, a warning sound rang in my head.

What happened early in the morning? Is someone in a pinch? Did something happen on the different world side during the reconstruction?

I thought so, but it was the server room of Jewelry Nancy. Eh? Server room!

The server room's 【Tracking Beacon】 was put there on Monday's final check, and I kept it there.

But is the server room in danger? What does this mean?

I ended the alarm and used [Teleportation].

I got to the server room...... nobody is here.

It is not likely that at least physical danger is covered. Is that an unauthorized access?

Well, in consideration of unauthorized access, when it is accessed from the outside, only dummy files are looked at. It will be safe to leave it for a while.

I decided to call that one.

「Super Oracle-chan summon!」

「Oh, it's been a long time since I was last in Seiji's world! How do you do?」

Lightning spirit and Oracle-chan appeared with glowing hair turned upside down.

「Oracle-chan. Is the tower of sunrise okay?」

「Yeah, it's alright because it's stable now」

「That's good. Lightning spirit are you also fine?」

「Yeah, I'm fine」

Although there may be people who forget it, Super Oracle is a figure that combined Oracle and lightning spirit.

「So, right away, this server seems to be attacked from the outside, so why not check it out?」

「Roger that!」

Super Oracle-chan rushes into the server with pride.

『Wow, this server system is so exciting. How did you do this?』

「I made it with everyone in the company」

『Everyone made it!? Great! Seiji is an excellent SE to create such a system!』

Super Oracle-chan who entered the server is like an animal with tension. "Oracle-chan in the server room" let's call her "Serv-chan" for short.

『Ah! Someone's peeping from over there!』

「Peeping!? Shameful!」

The guy who is peeping must be a guy who isn't foolish!

「Do you know where the peeper is?」

「Ummm~, it looks like the other side of this cable」

Oracle-chan came out of the server and answered.


Somehow the distributor hub was attached and the LAN cable extended from there. What is this?

I should know all of the systems here, but I don't remember this kind of cable. Did someone add it later?

I rewind the image of [Tracking Beacon] and check it.

Hmmm, it's only the cleaning lady who moves…....

Hmm? Cleaning lady!

The aunt is an ordinary aunt at first glance.

However, she took out the distributor hub and the LAN cable from the bucket of the cleaning tool and started the installation. Is this a criminal? For the time being, I have recorded a photo of her face.

After that, I check the criminal who is currently connected.

「Oracle-chan, I'm checking who is at the end of this cable」

「Roger that!」

Oracle-chan again dived into the server and started investigating.

『Wow! What the hell!』

Hmm? Somehow I hear a cry from the next room.

Apparently, Oracle-chan also seems to be in the next room. Did someone see her?

I disappeared and used [Teleportation] to Oracle's place.

「Gh, Ghost!?」

「Excuse me. I am a spirit!」

Apparently, the guard room was next door, and the guard who found Oracle-chan seems surprised and confused.

Oracle-chan isn't just talking to the guard normally!



I'm sorry, but I got the guard to sleep.

「Oracle-chan. You can't be found out by someone」

「Y, Yes. But I thought it was this computer that was peeping」

「Huh? Is this security guard the offender?」

「No, it's not like that. It seems to be sent to another place via this computer」

Well, I guess it was being used as a springboard.

But it is strange. The server room and the security guard room should be separate networks. Why are they connected?

I tried to search through the security guard who I made to sleep, but there is nothing suspicious. Perhaps someone who has nothing to do with this matter.

However, if the personal computer in the security guard room is used as a plunge.......

「Well then Oracle-chan. Next, let's check the destination of data sent via here」

「Roger that!」

Oracle-chan rushed into the computer again and resumed the investigation.

『Hmmm, it is difficult to relay in various ways....... Oh, this is encrypted!』

Apparently, the investigation seems to be hard.

『We're almost there! ....... Did it! I found it!』

「Good job!」

『Ah, but....... I was cut off』

「All right, let's go to the criminal's place!」

I thought so!

『The upper limit of [Electrical Information Magic] has been set to 3. [Electrical Information Magic] has become Level 3』

「The level has risen!」

Did it go up by finding the connection destination of the peeper?

┌─<Electrical information magic>─────

│【Reverse connection detection】

│ ・It is possible to reverse detect the connection source of communication.


│ ・You can build a virtual PC in your head.

│ Performance depends on the magic level.


What is this! [Connecting Source Reverse Detection] is the ability I just wanted.

It looks quite useful from now on. And 【Virtualization】. This is fantastic!!!

Now, I can play eroges in my brain. It's fun later...... let's go behind and catch the peeper.


He ran away.......

The criminal seems to have been connected from a net cafe. When I rushed to the place with [Teleportation], the culprit left already.

But what is the purpose?

Jewelry Nancy has been targeted in various ways so far, is it related to that?

For now, there is no way to proceed from the state of “I don't know well”.

For the future, I decided to attach [Tracking beacon] not only to the server but also to the security guard's PC.

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