Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 11 - Looking For A Way Out

Chapter 11 - Looking For A Way Out

Ye Chen "Oh yeah how could you be kidnapped by those people just now? "

Su Mengxin began to remember "I remember I was attending a party. But because many people were trying to gather around me it made me uncomfortable so I intended to get some fresh air outside but from behind someone held me with a handkerchief with sleeping pills and when I woke up I was already there. a container truck with some people in it armed ".

Ye Chen: "Oh, I see, then do you know what their purpose was to kidnap you? ".

Su Mengxin "I also don't know maybe they want money or something" Su Mengxin answered uncertainly.

"I understand, you must be hungry. Eat this roast chicken," Ye Chen handed over another piece of meat to Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin took the Danging from Ye Chen's hand. Seeing the roast chicken, he was a little doubtful whether it could be eaten, seeing Su Mengxin's hesitation to eat it, so Ye Chen tried to convince him. With gusto.

Su Mengxin's "Puchi" Laughing Seeing the way Ye Chen ate, so Su Mengxin Smelled the aroma First the aroma of this roasted chicken was very fragrant then Su Mengxin took one small bite.

Su Mengxin felt that this roast chicken was very tasty so he took one more bite, Ye Chen saw Su mengxin eating gracefully it didn't seem to be that he cared about his image.

After finishing their meal, they exchanged many words and Ye Chen also told some funny jokes to Su Mengxin. The two of them did not expect their relationship to be very close,

Ye Chen also didn't skip over to this opportunity and absorb Su Mengxin's (Yinqi).

"Let's get down and find a way out of this Huatan" Ye Chen stood up from his seat, Su Mengxin also just remembered they were in a tree now.

Su Mengxin also stood up from his seat and stood beside Ye Chen's body, he looked down and it turned out that this tree was quite high at an estimated 15 meters from the ground, Su Mengxin began to think about how Ye Chen could carry him up when he fainted.

"Ok Come on down" Ye Chen then held Su Mengxin Like a princess, Su Mengxin did not expect Ye Chen would treat Him like this He was quite happy but the next instant Su Mengxin became afraid.

"Ahhhhh" Ye Chen immediately took him jumping down, Su Mengxin only closed his eyes and buried his face in Ye Chen's chest.

After a few seconds the sound of the wind stopped Su Mengxin was relieved that the two of them were still alive, He did not expect that Ye Chen would immediately jump down especially the height of the tree was still 15 meters.

"Ye Chen, you almost scared me to death" Su Mengxin tried to protest to Ye Chen.

"Hahaha we are still alive so it's okay" Ye Chen then walked first and was followed by Su Mengxin behind him.

If they wanted to get out of this forest it was better to follow in the footsteps of the assassins just now, actually If Ye Chen Wanted to leave the forest This was easy enough because he could fly right away, but he couldn't do it because after all there was Su Mengxin nearby Ye Chen didn't wants to expose his strength, so he can only walk with Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin still wore a cloth to cover her body

After a few minutes of walking Ye Chen and Su Mengxin arrived at the Ye Chen battlefield before, Su Mengxin saw a lot of corpses lying on the ground.

Out of curiosity Su Mengxin Asked Ye Chen "Ye Chen, are you the one who did this?"

"How can I explain it, I just beat them up so I left them for a few minutes and when I returned they all died, I predict they were killed by their own colleagues" Ye Chen did not think that Su Mengxin was not afraid to see many corpses he was used to seeing this.

"I understand" Su Mengxin did not ask further even if Ye Chen killed them he would not blame him because after all Ye Ye Chen's Life [asti was struck because if he didn't do it then Ye Chen himself might be the one who would die.

"Let's just follow this trail Maybe we will find a way" then they both walked together through this forest.

"Ahh" suddenly Su Mengxin fell, seeing this Ye Chen immediately approached and asked "what's wrong?".

"I sprained my ankle" Su Mengxin wore wearing shoes that were pretty good and not suitable for walking in a forest full of plants and rocks like this.

"Hold on a moment I will help you" Ye Chen then gently grabbed Su Mengxin's feet and massaged her, only from the chin Ye Ye Su Mengxin groaned. With pleasure, Meng Mengxin did not deny that Ye Chen's massage technique was very good.

"Finished" Ye Chen saw Su Mengxin close his eyes and really enjoyed his massage "how can you stand up?"

Listen to Ye Chen's words finally Su Mengxin woke up and tried to stand up but when he wanted to stand up Su Mengxin felt his feet soft and would fall, Ye Chen immediately reacted and held Pingang Su Mengxin's support.

"Su Mengxin, are you alright?" Ye Che asked worriedly.

"Not just a little limp" while holding onto Ye Chen

"Then how about I carry you, then?" Ye Chen asked me to carry Su Mengxin

"Doesn't Ye Chen bother you?" Embarrassed

"It will not bother me at all. Come on, otherwise the day might get more and more" Ye Chen bowed and waited for Su Mengxin to get on his back.

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