Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 12 - Dragon Special Forces

Chapter 12 - Dragon Special Forces

Su Mengxin then went up to Ye Chen's back, on Ye Chen's back Su Mengxin felt a safe and comfortable feeling, while for Ye Chen to feel a gentle object pressing on his back, Ye Chen also touched the danger so that Su Mengxin would not fall.

Su Mengxin was very embarrassed when Ye Chen touched her thigh, but he did not protest because it was hugged so as not to fall "The back of a man is very wide and comfortable" Su Mengxin muttered.

"You say something?" Ye Chen asked "Erm No" Su Mengxin didn't expect Ye Chen to hear that.

During this Half Hour while walking in the footsteps of Ye Chen holding Su Mengxin without Behenti at all, Su Mengxin was closing his eyes and enjoying it but he wasn't asleep, Ye Chen suddenly stopped.

"Tired? "Asked Su mengxin

Ye Chen: "It doesn't seem like some helicopters are flying towards us", Su Mengxin didn't hear the sound of the helicopter approaching so he was confused with Ye CHen.

For Listener Ye Chen No need to doubt, After 1 Minute finally Su mengxin heard the sound of a propeller from the helicopter.

Ye Chen looked up. He saw several helicopters and from his emblem belonged to the Government army.

"Ye Chen, let's go to the open place so they can see us."

"Fine" Ye Chen brought Su Mengxin to an open place and lowered it.

"We are here, we are here" Su Mengxin tried to wave her hand and shouted for the helicopter to see them

"Seeing Su Mengxin's reaction, Su Mengxin might know these people," Ye Chen said in his heart, because Su Mengxin knew them so there was no need to protect him, Ye Chen finally went sneaking and hiding behind a tree.

"Ye Chen We Are Safe, Eh" when he turned Su Mengxin did not see the figure of Ye Chen Su Mengxin looking around and still did not see the signs of Ye Chen as he evaporated into the air.

"Ye Chen Where are you? "Su Mengxin tried to call, but there was no response at all, the helicopter that saw Su Mengxin immediately went down, while Ye Chen was still watching behind the tree if something unwanted happened,

When the door to the helicopter was opened, Ye Chen saw a woman with the clothes of the Army Down and was followed by several armed soldiers.

Ye Chen saw these people. They must be very well trained, whereas the woman who was highly respected by these people seemed to be a cultivator and was in the early stages of the Earth Realm and it was estimated that this woman's age was almost the same as Su Mengxin, on her shirt there was a dragon symbol.

Ye Chen had heard that there was a Chinese-owned special army named Dragon and the leader was a very beautiful woman, even in the rumors he had destroyed a terrorist organization that had thousands of members of its own, but no one had ever known its face or what its name was. because members of the Dragon army are very mysterious and very secretive.

And it was said that this woman was also a member of the dragon special forces and her strength was quite strong.

Seeing him really Su Mengxin female warrior was happy "Miss Su your grandfather was very anxious about your disappearance" the woman looked at Su Mengxin from top to bottom even though he was only wearing a blanket but there were no traces of injuries on his body so he was relieved.

So the woman gave him his clothes and covered Su Mengxin.

"Miss Su, did something happen to you? "Asked the female soldier

Su Mengxin ignored the woman and continued to try to trace Ye Chen "

come on Miss Su We go home this place is not good for you "the woman tried to pull Su Mengxin into the helicopter, but Su Mengxin tried to rebel" wait a minute ".

"Ye Chen, I know you are still around here, so come out, come with me, leave this forest," there is still no answer at all.

The female soldier near Su Mengxin confessed that she was a cultivator, she could certainly detect the people around her, but she did not feel at all the existence of other people except the soldiers who followed behind her.

"Miss Su, there is no one here. Let's go home, maybe you are hallucinating."

"No, it's not a hallucination," how is it a hallucination? He felt affection and comfort when he was near Ye Chen that had never been given by anyone else or even his family.

Su Mengxin, since she was a child, lived alone. All her family were busy working and working together. She never had time for herself, so Su Mengxin never felt love or comfort from her family.

"Miss. We have to leave the forest quickly or else grandfather will be very angry later"

Su Mengxin knew that Ye Chen was avoiding him "hem are you trying to hide from this woman? One day I will definitely find you, "Su Mengxin then went to the helicopter before she entered. Su Mengxin did not forget to turn her head and she entered the helicopter

After that the Helicopter flew and left the Forest, Ye Chen then came out of his hiding place, "it seems like Su Mengxin's background is strong enough that even his grandfather could rule the elite army".

The reason Ye Chen avoided it was because if he joined Su Mengxin he might be suspected by this army, and would bring trouble in the future.

Ye Chen saw the helicopter getting more and more distant until it didn't look "good time to go home I haven't visited Grandpa's grave for over 2 years.

Ye Chen then flew and went towards his hometown.

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