Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 13 - Return To My Hometown

Chapter 13 - Return To My Hometown

Ye Chen flew very relaxed and Ye Chen needed more than an hour to arrive at his hometown. An old wooden house was finally seen, all the wood from this house looked broken. This house might collapse at any time and was very unsuitable to live in. someone.

This was Ye Chen's house and his grandfather's past and was a place full of memories from his grandfather, Ye Chen walked towards the entrance, after entering the goods and furniture inside it still looked the same as when Ye Chen left this house, although there were many now. dust and also lots of cobwebs in the house because it hasn't been cleaned for a long time.

Ye Chen went into his room and opened a drawer in the drawer there was a picture of Ye Chen and his grandfather this was the only picture that Ye Chen took with his grandfather, Ye Chen's grandfather's name was Ye Hun even though he was not his real grandfather but Ye Hun had taken care of Ye Chen from childhood until he grew up.

Ye Chen was very eager to make Ye Hun happy and always studied hard and hard so that Ye Chen could get a decent job and be able to make his grandfather happy, but fate said otherwise when Ye Chen was 15 years old His grandfather slipped and entered the abyss leaving Ye Chen alone, Ye Chen began to support himself by selling vegetables and fruit that can be found on the mountain.

Because Ye Chen's Backyard was a forest so Ye Chen could always get free food from the wild, a year later Ye Chen graduated and got a scholarship and Ye Chen could go to school in the city.

"Oh I forgot I had been away for a long time and maybe I will be expelled from school" Ye Chen almost forgot if he had been gone for a long time, even though Ye Chen had been gone for almost a year and a half but it was in the Wheel of Time. and It is estimated that only 1 month in the real world.

Seeing the many problems that Ye Chen had to face, he decided to solve them later. Ye Chen was a cultivator of trivial issues like this that could definitely be easily overcome.

Ye Chen then went to the forest behind the house to look for Bungga, after Ye Chen found the flower he was looking for. Ye Chen picked it and arranged it, Ye Chen immediately went to the public cemetery in this village where Ye Hun was buried.

When he got there, Ye Chen searched for his grandfather's grave, Ye Chen found it under the headstone of Ye Hun's grave. There was a bouquet of flowers and it looked quite new. It was predicted that 2 or 3 days ago someone had visited his tomb.

Ye Chen was quite confused because grandfather did not have distant relatives and only Ye Chen was only his family, so Ye Chen was quite curious about Sia who placed this essay on what might be the wrong place.

Ye Chen finally approached and put his wreath under the headstone Ye Chen crouched down and held the headstone "sorry grandfather I haven't visited you for a long time, I hope you are happy there and no longer need to worry about me because your granddaughter is no longer like before, I promise Will live a good and happy life from now on, "said Ye Chen in tears.

Ye Chen recalled all the things he went through with his grandfather Ye Hun their likes and sorrows passed together, Ye Chen did not realize that the day was getting darker so Ye Chen said goodbye and went home.

In this house there were no electric lighting devices only candles so Ye Chen took a cristal from his storage ring and put it on the table as Ye poured the strength of his profound crital that shined quite brightly.

Of course Ye Chen didn't sleep he started to cultivate again Maybe because it had become a habit for Ye Chen at this time.

Time goes on and on "Knock Knock" a knock from the door "Who's visiting me at this time of the night?" Ye Chen then moved out of his bed and opened the door.

When the door opened Ye Chen saw the head of Huang Bao Village Standing At the door "Village head, what are you doing at this time of night at my place? "Ye Chen asked.

"Who are you, why do you live in the Ye family's home? "Huang Bao doesn't know who is the man who opened this door, Ye Hun's House no longer inhabits because Ye Chen was also in the City at the time, so when he saw the Ye family's house had Light he went there and ascertained whether Ye Chen went home But at this moment Huang Bao doesn't know the handsome young man who opened the door so he asked.

Ye Chen "Village head you visited my house and do not know who I am whether your head was kicked by a horse just now".

"You are Ye Chen !!! You are very different from the Ye Chen I used to know. "Huang Bao looked up and down and couldn't believe that this Ye Chen was even better looking than the actors on television.

Ye Chen "Yes, so what do you need at this time of night?".

"May I go in I will explain inside", "Please" Ye Chen let Huang Bao into the house.

Huang Bao then sat in a chair that was very old even when Huang Bao sat in the chair making a sound that might break.

"Actually, to come here I want to give you something" Huang Bao then issued a letter and handed it to Ye Chen

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