Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 15 - Became Popular

Chapter 15 - Became Popular

Ye Chen saw the eyes of the hungry Landlord Who was starving. Ye Chen began to worry, all Ye Chen wanted to do was to get his old things.

"Hello, my landlord, Ye Chen, is a tenant in a room in room eight. Before I came here, I want to take my new goods, is my item still available? Ye Chen asked politely.

But landlords likeina did not listen to Ye Chen at all, his thoughts were only wanted to immediately contact the team with this handsome man "what sorry I'm not with".

Ye Chen repeated the words "I was a tenant in the Eighth room. Before I came and wanted to take my belongings. What is still left is my stuff still available?

"Oh of course there is. Please go in first." The landlord invited Ye Chen to enter. "

These landlords named Yu Yae and Yu Yae took Ye Chen to the living room and told Ye Chen to sit. Then Yu Yae Pegi went to the second floor to get Ye Chen's belongings.

"For a long time" Ye Chen did not expect Yu Yae to be very long when he took Ye Chen's items above, finally the sound of footsteps coming from above.

Ye Chen saw Yu Yae holding Ye Chen's Bag but the strange thing was that Old Woman Yu Yae was wearing a transparent nightgown and was wearing a sexy underwear, obviously this whore wanted to tease Ye Chen.

The thing that feared Ye Chen finally happened this woman definitely wanted to do something strange to Ye Chen.

Yu Yae approached Ye Chen and sat next to Ye Chen, Old Woman Yu Yae then handed the ta situ to Ye Chen "this is your stuff".

Ye Chen immediately received the bag and saw what was inside of it. And everything was indeed belonged to Ye Chen, when Ye Chen checked the bag, Yu Yae's fingers touched Ye Chen's thigh and dishonestly teased him, "Handsome man, how about tonight, accompany me"

The thing that Ye Chen was afraid of finally happened this prostitute really had an idea to him Ye Chen immediately put Yu Yae's hand away and away from him "Landlord, please guard your attitude".

"Come on, look, come here, I still have a pretty good body, do you not want to?" Yu Yae continued to say vulgar words.

Ye Chen was displeased with this and Ye Chen immediately stood up and went straight to the exit but the locked exit Ye Chen frowned.

"Haha, handsome, you won't be able to run away from me tonight," old lady Yu Yae laughed.

How could a wooden door stop a person like Ye Chen, Ye Chen used his strength to open that door and immediately ran as fast as he could.

See Ye Chen Can open the door Yu Yae panicked and immediately chased after Ye Chen, but when Yu Yae at the door Yu yae did not see the figure of Ye Chen Wherever "Damn handsome man managed to escape from me If I met again I would not let go of him".

Ye Chen had entered into a small alley, Ye Chen found it strange that the landlord would not have seen it but now his reaction now was not too much.

Ye Chen then went to the money withdrawal machine to see the remaining money in his savings account, when Ye Chen checked it the three digit numbers appeared on the screen "only stayed 150 dollars" with a little money Ye Chen might not be enough for Ye Chen's needs.

Moreover, Ye Chen needed new clothes because his old clothes no longer fit to be used at this time, Ye Chen decided to buy clothes first, fortunately near here there was a clothing store that was quite large at a relatively cheap price.

When Ye Chen entered into Ye Chen welcomed by the employee girl in the clothing store when the woman saw Ye Chen The woman was stunned "ah handsome" The woman's face flushed a very embarrassed gaze Like a woman who was in love.

Ye Chen "I want to buy clothes that are suitable for my size" but the employee girl did not listen and was still focused on watching Ye Chen's face.

Ye Chen finally coughed, coughing Ye Chen woke the girl "ah what you said just now".

"I said I want to buy a suit for my size," Ye Chen said.

The girl then saw Ye Chen's body and saw the clothes worn by Ye Chen Quite worn out, "Come here I have clothes that might suit you".

Without waiting for Ye Chen's approval, the servant girl pulled Ye Chen toward the clothes rack.

In the mind of the Ye Chen employee girl might be a person who wasn't too rich and maybe he could take care of her being a white face.

If Ye Chen knew what was on the mind of this employee girl maybe Ye Chen would be upset.

The servant girl chose a few clothes and pants and handed them to Ye Chen "handsome, hurry up, you try".

Ye Chen then went to the dressing room when Ye Chen opened his upper shirt, the employee girl suddenly opened a little "how to fit" gap before the employee girl finished her words stopped.

"Wow, Perfect Abdominal Muscles" Seeing Ye Chen's Naked Girl's chest was getting more and more excited.

"Hey Qin, what are you doing to our customers?" A female voice sounded behind the servant girl.

"Ah, my brother Lin, I" The girl who was called by Qin was nervous when trying to answer, how could he tell if he was peeking at customers.

So the woman named Lin walked alongside the Qin girl and when she saw the handsome man who was in the locker room, Lin's woman's heartbeat was getting faster, Lin Berlum had seen this handsome man in his life and even his idol actors in front of Ye Chen could only be in trash say.

The woman named Lin abandoned the Qin girl and immediately grabbed Ye Chen's hands.

"Handsome, do you want to be my girlfriend? "Lin's woman immediately stated her feelings.

This Qin girl who heard was angry "Brother Lin, don't you already have a boyfriend? How can you do this?"

Lin girl "I will immediately break up with him" Lin replied without turning her face.

The Qin girl did not accept and tried to separate Lin and Ye Chen, "what are you trying to do," said Lin angrily, "I found it first so he belongs to me." Qin tried to resist.

Haha Qin, look at you, you want to compete with my chest, you are still quite small, while insulting Qin Lin, showing off two big mountains.

How could Qin Girls accept with defeat "I can still Grow but Look at You Soon a wrinkle will appear on your face" This woman Lin's not happy.

Both of them continued to throw mocking words at each other, whereas Ye Chen quickly quickly wore his clothes.

The commotion of these two people pulled a few customers and employees in the shop, when the women who saw Ye Chen's face they immediately fell in love and immediately rushed towards Ye Chen.

Seeing some women snort at Ye Chen, feeling uneasy in his heart, Ye Chen saw various women of different ages gathering near ye Chen

"Handsome, be my girlfriend"

"Handsome, let's get married"

"Handsome how if you become my little lover I will give you 10 pounds of body weight every month"

"Don't listen to this woman if you want to be my man then you can do everything you want on my body"

Words like this came out of the crowd of women, Ye Chen was quite confused because he had never faced a situation like this in his life

Ye Chen wanted to leave this place immediately but his escape route was blocked by a crowd of women.

Ye Chen finally jumped over the crowd and immediately headed for the shop exit.

"Ah, he's run away"

"Go after him until he escapes"

"Come after me I want him"

The female crowd agreed and immediately chased after Ye Chen, today was truly a strange day for Ye Chen how the women could be like that whether they were possessed by an evil spirit or something.

Ye Chen finally stopped at an intersection but a few moments later there was the sound of footsteps from the crowd and when Ye Chen looked back it turned out that the crowd of women were still chasing him, so Ye Chen ran again.

Ye Chen entered into an old-type Chinese clothing store hiding in a corner and used a barrier so he wouldn't be found.

It turned out that these women did not want to give up some of them into every shop and alley to look for Ye Chen, after searching in all angles and not finding Ye Chen, some women were finally going to go

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