Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 16 - Zillao Bracelet

Chapter 16 - Zillao Bracelet

Ye Chen detected the surroundings and the women had left. Ye Chen finally came out of the place he was hiding, Ye Chen had no idea being handsome. It could be very troublesome, the biggest reason for Ye Chen's change might be because he learned the king's heart technique.

Ye Chen really failed to buy clothes today if it continues like this it will be troublesome every step, even though Ye Chen needs (Yin) a woman does not mean that Ye Chen will fuck all women that Ye Chen likes.

King's heart technique can also be said. A dual cultivation technique, a woman who has practiced a dual cultivation technique with Ye Chen will also get quite extraordinary benefits, in the King's heart book, it is also written that both parties can not only increase their cultivation base, even women can become much prettier and softer if doing dual cultivation with Ye Chen.

If it was known by women then more and more women would chase after Ye Chen, every woman would want to be a substitute and even a goddess in the god realm was no exception what else A mortal woman on earth was an irresistible temptation.

NT: I Forgot to explain Tekni king's heart to the readers I hope you guys can explain my explanation.

Ye Chen had already decided to hide his face, so later Ye Chen would make a skin mask to change his face like before Ye Chen started the path of cultivation, but first Ye Chen wanted to do something first.

When he looked around this shop and saw the old type of clothes that were rarely glimpsed by young people in the current era, but this was really suitable to hide Ye Chen's appearance, Ye Chen took his clothes and some other items and went to the dressing room.

When Ye Chen came out he was wearing a black shirt, round black sunglasses and Ye Chen was wearing a crooked hat Ye Chen that was previously long now had been cut to short, Ye Cehn cut his hair only with a knife. Ye Chen's skill didn't need to be questioned, Ye's appearance Chen is very strange right now.

Ye Chen then went to the cashier and wanted to pay for these items. "Uncle how much are these items?" The uncle saw the clothes worn by Ye Chen. And also the additional items. "Tototal. All the items you were wearing were 50 dollars.

Ye Chen then handed the 50 dollars to the uncle "this is the money" then Ye Chen left the store.

On the road there might be some people who looked at Ye Chen but after that they started ignoring him "Looks like this works" Ye Chen said silently.

In front of Ye Chen there were two men who were talking about something that caught Ye Chen's attention.

"Hey, do you want to go to the Antiques Festival or not?"

"Huh, what's good is that only old people like things like that".

"Hah, do you think there are only parents there when I hear that many beautiful girls from rich families also come there to accompany their parents or grandfather".

"Why didn't you say let's go there earlier"

"Hem. The antiques festival happened to be a coincidence that I could sell some items I had there".

Ye Chen then followed the two men to find where the Antic Festival was, After following for several minutes Ye Chen saw a lot of stalls selling various antiques,

Even there are some stalls that try to offer spiritual objects at very high prices, Ye Chen is here too To sell An item now this item is a bracelet that Danpat neutralizes poison in the body, accelerates all blood circulation and can accelerate one's healing.

This bracelet was made by Ye Chen when he was bored of practicing, although this could be categorized as a second level Spiritual tool but the price should not be too low. He and Ye Chen had named it a Zillao bracelet.

So Ye Chen set up a stall quite simple with a piece of cloth for the base.

"Let's buy a Zillao Bracelet that can neutralize toxins in your body, accelerate all of your blood circulation and can even accelerate regenerating damaged organs, Ye Chen is trying to offer his bracelet.

"How much is the bracelet?" A 40-year-old man tried to raise the price.

"This uncle is very cheap, it costs only one hundred thousand dollars," answered Ye Chen.

" What !! What did your head just hit on the bracelet wall? Like this, it costs a hundred thousand dollars. Said uncle while insulting Ye Chen.

This uncle is quite cheap I have given you as much as 90% discount and don't look at his shape The effect is extraordinary, the price for health is very expensive this is very cheap if you don't buy it you will definitely regret it for life ". Ye Chen tried to convince this buyer.

"Huh, did you say the price of this bracelet is one million, if you want to fool this old man you have to be smarter" the uncle finally left while cursing Ye Chen with unpleasant words.

To convince the people here is quite difficult if this in the world of cultivators is definitely this thing the price must be very expensive, but unfortunately this is on earth and only a few believe in the existence of Magic and Magical Objects.

Ye Chen kept trying to offer the Zillao Bracelet, every time someone wanted to buy it and Ye Chen opened their prices they would immediately insult Ye Chen.

To make this one bracelet wasn't easy even Ye Chen failed several times which made Ye Chen lose some ingredients and cores from the Magic Beasts.

It's been almost 2 hours but no one wants to buy this bracelet, seeing that it's impossible to sell it here. Ye Chen decided to pack up and leave this place empty-handed.

But when Ye Chen was packing someone spoke to him "are you still selling this bracelet".

Ye Chen mendongan and see a beautiful woman with long straight hair and a body that has developed very well. The woman is wearing a one piece gau with a branded bag on her arm.

This woman's beauty was almost comparable to the Su Mengxin Ye Chen had seen, even though this woman was slightly defeated at the summit of the two peaks of the mountain but it was still big enough if you wanted to bury your face in the two slits of the mountain.

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