Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 20 - Zhao Yanyan

Chapter 20 - Zhao Yanyan

Ye Chen looked around the classroom and found an empty bench at the very back so Ye Chen decided to sit there when he got there, Ye Chen took a chair and sat down.

Because Ye Chen wore a human skin mask that made him no longer the spotlight of many people

"Hey, what classmate did you just transferred here?" The man in front of Ye Chen turned around and asked Ye Chen.

"Yes, starting from today, I will be transferred to class," Ye Chen answered.

"Oh, so that's what my name is Zhang Liao, you may call me Zhan Liao" Zhang Liao reached out his hand and wanted to shake hands with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "my name is Ye Chen Nice to meet you" Ye Chen then shook Zhang Liao's hand.

Zhang Liao "Hey Ye Chen, if I were you I would immediately move from that seat"

" Why? "Ye Chen asked.

"That's because" before Zhang Liao finished speaking, the class door opened again.

When the class door opens and a beautiful woman enters that woman, 17 or 18 years old, a beautiful face can attract all men who see her height 165 cm smooth legs clearly visible. The woman has long straight hair and wears a butterfly bow on the right side her newly developing body hair was wrapped in a pure-white shirt, as the beautiful woman walked. The whole view of the men in the class was only focused on her.

The Beautiful Woman then walked towards Ye Chen and sat right beside Ye Chen, Ye Chen Yang saw that this was quite Enthusiastic Ye Chen had no idea that on the first day he would move class to be directly at the table with this beautiful girl.

Ye Chen didn't even think that the most problematic class in the classroom turned out to have a very beautiful woman.

When the woman sat down, the woman looked at Ye Chen, even though Ye Chen was a man, so Ye Chen, who should have introduced himself "hello, classmate, my name is Ye Chen, may get acquainted with you" Ye Chen reached out his hand.

"Hello, I'm Zhao Yanyan Nice to meet you" Zhao Yanyan shook Ye Chen's hand and threw a smile at Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan Besides Beauty was also always friendly to everyone, that's why Zhao Yanyan could be popular.

Ye Chen Feeling Zhao Yanyan's hand was very gentle, Zhao Yanyan who shook hands with Ye Chen felt like being shocked and hurriedly took his hands off Ye Chen.

As Zhao Yanyan pulled her Hand too fast Ye Chen felt a little lost.

After introducing himself Zhao Yanyan took the book from his bag and started reading it, Ye Chen wanted to start the conversation but saw Zhao Yanyan Learning. Ye Chen undoed his intention so Ye Chen wasted no time and absorbed the air (yin) from Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen continued to focus on spreading energy (Yin) until the teacher entered the class, the morning class was math and the teacher who taught was middle-aged male, the teacher on the podium continued to explain but all the students didn't want to pay attention, all Students in the Classroom are too engrossed in their own world, some gossip, some sleep, some play their cellphones, but the odd teacher on the podium does not dare to reprimand or scold these students.

This is Class J Class that is filled with students who have low academic grades and also many students who have problems, everything in this class seems uninterested with the lesson, the reason the school does not voice them out is that the average person in this class is a parent they are rich people or officials, therefore the school will not do difficult things as long as they do not cause problems that are serious enough for schools.

On the other hand, Ye Chen saw Zhao Yanyan. Just pay attention to the lesson that was conveyed by the teacher on the podium, Ye Chen could only ask Tanya from wherever Zhao Yanyan was a girl who liked to learn how it might be that Zhao Yanyan was in a class like this.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly ask it directly because the two of them just met just now

Ye Chen didn't want to think about it anymore so Ye Chen took the math book from his bag and studied it, Ye Chen found it very easy to memorize the formula because Ye Chen was now a cultivator Ye Chen could more easily remember everything very easily, Ye Chen flipped the page quickly , but everything on the page was stored clearly in Ye Chen's memory.

After Finishing With the math book Ye Chen continued with the other books.

Zhao Yan Yan who was next to Ye Chen sometimes stole Ye Chen's direction. The things Ye Chen did was quite strange Ye Chen flipped the page quickly, Zhao Yanyan felt Ye Chen was cool in his own world, different from every male student. who sat at the table with him Always looked at Zhao Yanyan With a Wanting gaze that made Zhao Yanyan uncomfortable.

But Ye Chen after the introduction Ye Chen was like Not Interested in him didn't even look at him.

For some reason, Zhao Yan is annoyed, Zhao Yanyan is a woman who since she was young gets public focus, Zhao Yanyan has quite a lot of male pursuers and almost all of them are the second generation rich people, but all of them Zhao Yanyan rejects and ignores. Now seeing Ye Chen ignoring her Zhao Yanyan was annoyed.

Until the end of the class class Ye Chen was still cool studying the book namu Ye Chen Also did not forget to absorb the air (yin) from Zhao Yanyan.

It was a break time. Many students headed to the cafeteria to buy food. Ye Chen also intended to go there.

"Hey wait, Ye Chen, where are you going?" Asked Zhang Liao

Ye Chen "to the School cafeteria"

"I'm coming" Zhang Liao then moved from his seat and went to the cafeteria with Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan who saw Ye Chen leaving was quite annoyed even Ye Chen did not intend to invite him, during recess like this many men would take Zhao Yanyan to go to the cafeteria but he always refused.

Zhao Yanyan "huh why do I have to think of things like that, after all he is not who I am too" Zhao Yanyan then also wanted to go towards the cafeteria.

Because Ye Chen's class was in the uppermost building, Ye Chen and Zhang Liao had to go down the stairs first, Ye Chen saw eight students trying to carry a large piano up the stairs to the top floor.

When Zhang Liao arrived on the first floor Zhang Liao suddenly felt like urinating "Ye Chen wait a minute I want to go to the toilet" Zhang Liao said.

Ye Chen could only wait for Zhang Liao next to the stairs when Ye Chen looked at the steps Ye Chen saw Zhao Yanyan also coming down.

How to get off Zhao Yanyan Quite elegant, "be careful away from the road", a panicked voice sounded from above trying to evict from the stairway.

Ye Chen saw the Great piano sliding down the stairs to the bottom. It seemed like the person who had brought it up had lost the grip that made the piano slide down.

Zhao Yan who was in the middle of the middle of the ladder confused where to run, seeing there was no time to run Zhao Yanyan closed his eyes and accepted his destiny.

Ye Chen immediately ran and quickly was behind Zhao Yanyan and the group grabbed Zhao Yanyan's waist and hugged him and Ye Chen held the Piano with the other arm.

"Bang" A loud voice sounded, Ye Chen did not want to expose his strength so Ye Chen pretended to bounce backwards to fall to the floor but Ye Chen tried to keep Zhao Yanyan from getting hurt in the process.

"Ahhhh" The screams of the students who saw the event sounded, the weight of the piano was almost hundreds of kilos and moreover it was sliding at a rapid pace. The person who was hit by the piano would surely be badly injured or even die.

Ye Chen saw Zhao Yanyang who was in his arms still closed his eyes and his whole body shook. Great "hey wake up"

Zhao Yanyan who heard this voice immediately opened his eyes, when Zhao Yanyan opened his eyes he saw Ye Chen's face and at this time Zhao Yanyan was being hugged by Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan Immediately freed himself from Ye Chen's arms and stood up, Zhao Yanyan finally understood Ye Chen really saved him if it wasn't for him holding down the sliding piano that might be Zhao Yanyan would be severely injured.

Zhao Yanyan was quite touched by what Ye Chen did, Ye Chen was even willing to save the person he just knew, if it was someone else then it might be preferable to save themselves.

Ye Chen got up from the floor and Zhao Yanyan helped him a little to get up from the floor, "Ye Chen, you're fine," Zhao Yanyan asked.

"It's okay just a little muscle spasms I'm a strong person" Things like this where it might hurt Ye Chen who is a cultivator.

If there wasn't anyone around here Ye Chen would definitely choose to use his strength, but Ye Chen was trying not to expose his strength as much as possible.

"Maybe we should go to the infirmary to check your condition," Zhao Yanyan suggested.

Ye Chen "I don't really need to be alright"

But Zhao Yanyan was still worried about Ye Chen's condition, how could a new person hit a piano by hundreds of kilos and bounce off which might be alright.

"Ye Chen, are you alright?" Zhang Liao who just came from the toilet came back later.

"Yes, I'm fine, let's go to the school canteen" Ye Chen invited Zhang Liao to go to the school canteen.

"Classmate Zhao Yanyan, if there is nothing else then me and Zhang Liao will have to go to the canteen first" Ye Chen then went towards the canteen with Zhang Liao.

Because Zhao Yanyan was still a little worried about Ye Chen's condition Zhao Yanyan followed behind Ye Chen, again Pula Zhao Yanyan also intended to go to the school canteen from the start.

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