Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 19 - Back To School

Chapter 19 - Back To School

Liu Yue The woman who bought Zillao's bracelet from Ye Chen is currently driving her car to the hospital where her grandmother is treated.

Liu Yue still hoped that a miracle could happen, Liu Yue finally arrived at the parking lot of the hospital, Hua Hospital is the number one hospital in this city and has the most reliable equipment and staff, Liu Yue immediately rushed to the ward where her grandmother was treated.

Arriving on the ward, an old woman lay in bed, the old woman was wearing an oxygen hose and she was in a coma.

Seeing the situation of his grandmother who like this Liu Yue wanted to cry, Liu Yue approached her grandmother "Hurry up and Heal so you can spend time with me" Liu Yue grabbed one of his grandmother's hands and rubbed it.

Liu Yue then took Zillao's bracelet and put it on her grandmother's wrist, Liu Yue hoped that a miracle could happen but after waiting for a long time Liu Yue was disappointed that Zillao's bracelet did not seem to cure her grandmother.

Of course the effect of this bracelet is working. It takes time until Liu Yue's grandmother returns to recover, Liu Yue then falls asleep near her grandmother's bed.

Time passed so quickly Liu Yue felt A hand stroking her hair so Liu Yue opened her eyes, when Liu Yue opened her eyes she saw her grandmother who was supposed to be in a coma woke up.

Liu Yue thought that she was dreaming, Liu Yue pinched her cheek and felt sick so this must be the reality "Yue how can you sleep here" said Liu Yue's grandmother.

"Your grandmother, waking up, how are you feeling, do you feel something unpleasant in your body? "Liu Yue began to look worried about her grandmother's body.

"I already feel a little better even my body feels fresher and lighter than before," said Grandmother Liu Yue trying to move some parts of her body.

"Don't move your grandmother much first, I'll call the doctor to know your condition" Liu Yue immediately rushed to call the doctor.

Finally the doctor arrived and examined the condition of his grandmother. "How is my grandmother's condition, Doctor? "Ask Liu Yue.

"His heart rate and body temperature are normal but the results have to be delayed Check up Tomorrow morning to find out the results and the patient should be well rested" the doctor then left the ward.

Liu Yue is quite happy to see her grandmother is fine "grandmother, you heard what the doctor said, you have to rest a lot" Liu Yue pulled the blanket and covered her grandmother.

Liu Yue began to look at the bracelet on her grandmother's wrist, it seemed that Ye Chen did not fool him. Liu Yue hoped that the checkup results would be good tomorrow.

The sun shone through the window and Ye Chen finally woke up from his bed, Ye Chen had not slept in this comfortable place for a long time maybe because the hotel had quite good and comfortable facilities.

Today Ye Chen intends to go to school, maybe Ye Chen can get (Yin) from a woman who is a Virgin.

Actually (Yin) from the air only released by virgin women, and for women who are not virgins (Yin) can be obtained by intimate relationships.

And for Double Cultivation A person who is the first time will certainly get the most benefits the second and third benefits that can not get more than the first time.

Ye Chen first wore a human skin mask that had been damaged with his old face to avoid things like yesterday.

Ye Chen went to his school and tried to meet his homeroom teacher, Arriving at the Hexing school Ye Chen saw many schoolchildren who began to arrive, it had been a year and a half since Ye Chen saw such a scene.

Ye Chen then went to the room where the homeroom teacher was there when he got there and then knocked on the door "in." A voice invited from inside, so Ye Chen entered inside.

Homeroom Teacher Ye Chen is currently sitting and driving a few documents, seeing Who entered was Ye Chen then Homeroom Teacher Ye Chen immediately stood up from his chair.

"Ye Chen is really you, Hemm you still dare to come back after not attending class for more than a month" Ye Chen's homeroom teacher seemed quite angry when he saw Ye Chen.

"Sorry teacher I had some personal problems at the time so I couldn't go back to the city for a few months" Ye Chen tried to explain.

"Don't try to find any reason what happened here, you're still wrong" Ye Chen's homeroom teacher sighed "It's no use for everyone It's up to the Dean whether to expel you or not".

"So, teacher, what should I do?" Ye Chen asked.

"What's more, of course go to the Dean room right now and see what the dean decides for you," said homeroom teacher Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately went to the Dean room, Ye Chen knocked on the door and the dean invited Ye Chen to enter.

"Who?" Asked the old dean

Ye Chen "I'm Ye Chen student in class B second year"

"Oh, so you are a student who is said to be absent from class for more than 1 month, you know this school has rules and you have broken the union," the Dean told Ye Chen.

Ye Chen "Will I be expelled from school? "

Actually Ye Chen didn't really care about going to school if he was kicked out. Ye Chen left to find another school that would accept him.

Dean "Even though I won't kick you out, from now on you will be transferred to class J"

Ye Chen "Class J"

"Classes are a Place for Troubled Children in Our School," the Dean explained to Ye Chen.

"And from now on you will move to that class you can go directly to class J right now" The Dean told Ye Chen to go.

After Ye Chen left the Dean Room, Ye Chen immediately went to class J when he got to the door of class J Ye Chen heard a very noisy voice from inside.

Ye Chen didn't enter right away because someone put the bucket on top of that door and if it was opened the emeber would definitely hit the person who opened the door.

Looks like this trap wasn't set up for Ye Chen, Sure enough A boy walking closer to the door of this male class exuded a Gloomy aura, as this young man opened the door to Ye Chen Immediately Holding this young man's shoulders so that he wouldn't go any further.

Byur . . . Bang . . Bang . . The sound of water falling followed by emberbesi was heard

When someone opens the door of the class All the eyes of the students in the class Aim at the door, some want to see a good show, but see a trap they make unaffected they are disappointed, soon some boys take Mops and clean the dirty floor, it seems the culprit is these guys the floor that looked empty again was clean.

The boy with a gloomy aura didn't even thank Ye Chen and went straight to his seat, Ye Chen just shook his head and prepared to find a seat

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