Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 24 - Female Star Feng Xue

Chapter 24 - Female Star Feng Xue

All students listen to what is explained by Teacher Lin Rouxi but the truth is that almost no students understand, they are just looking for a face so as not to be scolded by Teacher Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen was quite lazy with the lesson because Ye Chen had memorized everything in the book, so to take care of the boredom Ye Chen looked at Zhao Yanyan who was focused on hearing what Teacher Lin Rouxi had said.

Zhao Yanyan who was listening to the teacher explained that he could not focus because Zhao Yanyan felt ashamed when Ye Chen looked at him "Ye Chen didn't look at me which made me embarrassed" Zhao Yanyan said embarrassed.

"So what's wrong if I find my girlfriend?" Ye Chen teased Zhao Yanyan.

"It's not wrong, but look at the situation and place first," said Zhao Yanyan.

"Okay then" Ye Chen looked to the front of the class at this time Teacher Lin was writing on the board and Ye Chen focused on Teacher Lin Rouxi's body Ye Chen looked at Master Lin Rouxi's thighs and found something interesting.

Her female instincts are very strong Lin Rouxi felt her butt was staring at someone, Lin Rouxi turned around and she saw Ye Chen staring at her "Ye Chen came forward and solved this question" Lin Rouxi was angry and wanted to avenge Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi told Ye Chen to do This difficult matter, when Ye Chen couldn't answer it correctly, Lin Rouxi had a reason to scold him.

Ye Chen knew that this beautiful lady teacher was angry because Ye Chen stared at her thighs, because being told, Ye Chen came to the front of the class and immediately arrived in front of the blackboard. For Ye Chen who now asked these questions very easily for him to answer, Ye Chen write all the answers to the Questions Quickly and correctly.

The face of Master Lin Rouxi was unsightly, Lin Rouxi did not expect that Ye Chen could answer all questions quickly and correctly, so Lin Rouxi did not have the opportunity to scold Ye Chen.

"Teacher May I return to my sitting place" Ye Chen asked.

"Come back" Lin Rouxi was helpless and could only release Ye Chen for this time.

Lin Rouxi Continued Continuing Lessons Like Before, Until the School Bell Bells Sounded and Teacher Lin Rouxi finally ended the class session.

All of the students had tidied up their books and stationery and prepared to go home, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan were the same as the others.

"Yanyan you have an event after this? "Ye Chen asked.

"Today I have a music instrument class so I will go there to study," said Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen "Yanyan turns out you like it too with music instruments too".

"I used to not like it but after hearing the female star Feng Xue play some musical instruments with a very beautiful I became interested and finally like" said Yanyan while spelling female star Feng Xue.

"Who is the star of Feng Xue? "Ye Chen asked.

Zhao Yanyan's expression was like seeing a ghost, Zhao Yanyan looked with a look of disbelief, in this country who does not know Feng Xue, a beautiful female star whose voice is very beautiful and smart In playing some musical instruments, Feng Xue has many magazines, newspapers and also television, and Ye Chen just said he didn't know who Feng Xue was.

Ye Chen was indeed not very interested in the world of entertainment even watching television. Ye Chen was very rarely, Ye Chen would rather play a cellphone game than watch television.

"You don't know Feng Xue who is the most popular star right now, have you never watched it on television at your home, Feng Xue is almost on every television channel in the country," said Zhao Yanyan.

"Never" Ye Chen answered honestly.

Seeing Ye Chen really honest Zhao Yanyan just shook his head "Forget it, Sunday with Feng Xue will be a guest at my course so next week make sure you take the time to accompany me".

"Ye Chen. We haven't exchanged cellphone contacts. It would be easy to get in touch if we were homesick," Zhao Yanyan said spoiled.

"Oh, it's Yanyan. I don't have a cellphone now, my old cellphone is gone, so maybe I'll buy a new one later."

"Oh, if so, then I go first Ye Ye" Zhao Yanyan Immediately left the class, in class only Ye Chen and also teacher Lin Rouxi

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