Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 25 - Lin Ruoxi's Disease

Chapter 25 - Lin Ruoxi's Disease

"Ye Chen This is about your behavior in the classroom," said Lin Rouxi.

"What was in the classroom?" Ye Chen asked, getting confused with Teacher Lin Rouxi.

"Hmm, indeed you think the teacher does not know that you were silent, quietly looked at the teacher's buttocks" when said, the face of Lin Rouxi was rather red.

"Teacher, you misunderstood me. I just saw your thigh," Ye Chen said.

"Hemm, so you see my thighs?" Teacher Lin Rouxi's tone was rather angry,

Lin Rouxi sighed "Ye Chen Teacher knows that you are in puberty but that does not mean you can make your teacher your object of fantasy".

Ye Chen really has a headache Now, Ye Chen did not expect that this female teacher would misunderstand her "Teacher I will be honest with you now" Ye Chen said Seriously.

Lin Rouxi saw the seriousness of Ye Chen and his mind went wild "what does this kid want to express his feelings to me, Isn't he too Brave", Thoughts from Teacher Lin Rouxi had already gone wild.

Ye Chen "what teacher at night the teacher often feels your thighs pain that makes you difficult to walk".

"Our Ye Chen is a teacher and student so such a relationship cannot be accepted." Teacher Lin Rouxi spoke deviated from the topic.

"Eh" Lin Rouxi was surprised after hearing what Ye Chen said that was beyond his expectation.

Ye Chen "Teacher Lin what did you just say? "

"Ah forget what I said just now Ye Chen" Lin Rouxi was truly ashamed that he let his mind go wild.

"This is the fault of this bad boy. That makes me think like that" Lin Rouxi started blaming Ye Chen on the day.

"What did you say Ye Chen just now?" Lin Rouxi asked

Ye Chen "What do I say at night Teacher often feels both of your thighs Pain That makes you difficult to walk"

"Ye Chen, how do you know?" It is true that in a few weeks Lin Rouxi felt a little pain in his thighs, when he checked into the hospital the results were nothing strange and the hospital only gave him painkillers.

"Ah, it turns out it's true. It seems like when I saw the teacher in the class, I knew it," Ye Chen said

So Lin Rouxi has been misunderstanding Ye Chen, Ye Chen apparently saw his illness "then Ye Chen can you heal Teacher" Lin Rouxi Little Hope Ye Chen can cure him.

Initially the pain was not too felt but the longer the pain was getting more and more painful until Lin Rouxi could not walk when even days, and it was very disturbing.

"I do have a way to cure it, but I have a condition" Ye Chen tried to negotiate with teacher Lin Rouxi.

"What conditions? "Asked Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen looked at Lin Rouxi from top to bottom, the beauty of teacher Lin Rouxi was not inferior to Zhao Yanyan, what else on the second part of the protruding mountain peak.

Seeing the direction of Ye Chen's eyes, Lin Rouxi was angry and reprimanded Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, where are your eyes looking".

Ye Chen immediately withdrew his gaze from the two mountain peaks that belonged to Master Lin Rouxi, "ah teacher the conditions are very simple,"

"Just say it quickly, you don't need too much basement anymore" Lin Rouxi was no longer a friend, If Ye Chen dared to ask for strange things, Lin Rouxi would immediately slap him on the spot.

Ye Chen "as long as you promise to treat food for 2 weeks" Free meals for one week can reduce Ye Chen's expenses.

"Huh, that's all." Lin Rouxi thought that Ye Chen would ask for something strange, but only asked for free food for 2 weeks.

Ye Chen "Do you really think I would ask for anything else? , how do you agree teacher ".

Lin Rouxi is like an apple today. Lin Rouxi was very chaotic by Ye Chen. "Well, I agree, then when do we start the treatment.

Ye Chen "how about tonight, I still have business now"

Lin Rouxi "OK, then how about my place".

"It's up to the teacher to want to do the treatment" said Ye Chen

Then Lin Rouxi handed the address of his place of residence to Ye Chen, Ye Chen did not see it and immediately put it in the pocket of his pants then left the Lin Rouxi Room.

Seeing the figure of Ye Chen who had disappeared Lin Rouxi felt relieved, today was the first time Lin Rouxi could be chaotic to this extent, but somehow Rou Rouxi believed in Ye Chen that Ye Chen could heal his pain.

When Ye Chen left Teacher Lin's room that was quiet, all the students had gone home, after this Ye Chen intended to buy a cellphone to make it easier to connect with each other.

Roads in the city during the afternoon really really crowded, Ye Chen walked to the mall the distance between the school and the mall is not far only just a few km.

After 20 minutes Ye Chen finally arrived at the mall Ye Chen went straight to the cellphone sales department, in the past Ye Chen could only look around and couldn't buy it, but now it's different Ye Chen had money and could buy it.

Ye Chen approached one of the shops, the seller who saw Ye Chen coming immediately offered the product they were selling, Ye Chen immediately bought an Iphone Cellphone which was the most expensive cellphone at the moment.

After completing Ye Chen's payment and then leaving the shop, Ye Chen was quite happy because he could finally buy the cellphone Ye Chen had always dreamed of from before and now Ye Chen could finally have it.

Ye Chen then went to his favorite place to eat, Yes this is a goat satay stall on the side of the road, which is the place where Ye Chen eats if Ye Chen is holding money, this little stall is not only affordable, but the taste of goat satay here is very good .

"Aunt Sater Goat 30 skewers" Ye Chen ordered.

Aunt who is really a chicken mendongan "Ye Chen, you haven't come to this place for a long time, did something happen to you? "Ask the aunt.

"It's just a small problem at home and now it's finished so it's no problem".

Auntie shop owner "oh good, sit down first I'll make the food"

The name of the aunt of the owner of this stall is Chen Qui, Chen Qui is always kind to Ye Chen and often gives extra portions to Ye Chen at the same price.

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