Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 4 - Inheritance From The God Of Sage

Chapter 4 - Inheritance From The God Of Sage

Seeing Gu Xuan Easily Evicted from This Room Ye Chen panicked, After that light enveloped the building around Ye Chen. A floating figure appeared in front of Ye Chen.

The figure looked at Ye Chen's body from the top down "The Ancient Body was not bad"

"Son, I am the Sage God, one of the 5 most powerful True Gods in the past, I intentionally left the rest of my soul in this book so that one day someone can inherit my power, and today you have activated this legacy I left behind".

If other people hear the name of the God of Sage in the realm of their Gods they will definitely be very happy especially knowing to activate an inheritance, but it doesn't seem to apply. Not for Ye Chen

"Senior, maybe you are mistaken, I just touched that book and didn't do anything else", this person could kick his master easily, proving that this person was strong enough, if he wanted to harm or kill Ye Chen it was easy enough.

See ye Chen restless God Sage finally spoke "calm down I will not harm you at all, I will explain so that you little mengeti.

"To activate my legacy, besides having to have this book, you also have to have a key and the key is in your neck". The Sage God pointed to the necklace on Ye Chen's neck.

Ye Chen finally realized that the necklace around his neck was glowing in red, out of curiosity Ye Chen asked "what ancestor actually is this thing"

"This is a fire crystal which is one of the Eight Crystal Elements of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light, darkness, dimension" scattered throughout this World ".

"Prepare yourself to receive my inheritance" And at the tip of the finger of Lord Sage a drop of blood appeared

"This is a drop of blood from me that has been purified for millions of years to obtain blood that cannot be destroyed, after this blood enters your body all your veins and meridians will be replaced with the Sage God meridians and the process will be a little painful."

Then a finger from the Sage God pushed forward the blood directly into Ye Chen's chest and entered through his skin.

When the blood entered Ye Chen felt all his Venues twitched and felt his Venera being eaten by Something, A great Rasasakit finally struck Ye Chen's entire body. He felt like being stabbed and chopped by thousands of invisible swords making Ye Chen scream in pain.

Gu Xuan who is outside is currently trying to destroy the barrier but even with the strength of his strength up to 80% the barrier still doesn't budge.

Gu Xuan didn't know what was going on with his student inside, if he had an accident then it was very troublesome.

Because it will be very difficult to find a student who has a body like Ye Chen in this world.

Ahrghhhhhhh. . . . ! A cry of pain was heard from the inside

Gu Xuan who heard a cry of pain from the inside, he immediately tried again and this time he used 100% of his strength>

Bam . A loud explosion that could be hit by almost tens of thousands of mill, dust fell to cover 200 miles away.

When the dust disappeared the barrier was still standing strong and not even scratched.

Seeing this, Gu Xuan could only sigh and pray that his student would be fine.

After two hours the screaming finally stopped, Ye Chen's body and the blood of the Sage Gods successfully fused.

Ye Chen felt his body light and a lot of strength flowed in his body. His mind was also very clear now.

"Now you have inherited my power even though it is incomplete if you can find the other seven crystals then you will get my complete inheritance".

"Senior then Where should I look for the other seven Crystals?" Ye Chen asked.

"It depends on your luck because the crystal is scattered throughout the whole world." God Sage answered with uncertainty

"Because you have accepted my inheritance. The responsibility that you will carry In the future will be very heavy, my task is now finished when I leave".

"And also for cultivation techniques and others are all in this book, I hope you can complete a mission that I cannot complete in the past" Sage God closed his eyes and became increasingly transparent.

"Wait, Senior, what do you mean by mission explain to me?" Before Ye Chen finished his words, the rest of the Soul Sage gods disappeared

The book that originally floated in the air turned into a ray of light and entered Ye Chen's forehead, Ye Chen received various information on how to cultivate starting from some Sage Deity Abilities and some Heavenly Level techniques.

So Ye Chen learned it One by One, for some reason after Ye Chen had inherited the power of Sage God Ye Chen could easily learn these things.

From what Ye Chen had in mind a cultivator had 52 deep veins but Ye Chen now had 60 deep veins.

The Deep Vein is the Most Important Factor for any Cultivator The more one can open the Vein Door deeply The faster they absorb YuanQi and of course the faster they become stronger.

These eight additional veins represent eight immersive elements belonging to the god Sage, and of these eight additional veins one is open.

The flame vein to open requires a special fire crystal ability: Can increase the strength of its users tens of times over for a few moments, if the cultivation level of the user is weak then it will hurt itself.

This book is like a system and only shows information about fire veins and fire techniques for other veins.

Ye Chen's level of thinking had gone up a level so he knew that if he wanted to open up other information and techniques then he would only have to find another Sage God Crystal.

Of course the technique which is unrelated to the other 8 elements is also open like the striking paliang technique called the True God Body.

Where there are 10 Levels Each level will increase the power of the Blow several times

After Finish Learning a few techniques that are quite strong Ye Chen immediately stood up and wanted to get out, but it seems the barrier still hasn't disappeared.

When Ye Chen tried to think of a way to remove the barrier, the barrier vanished and immediately the figure of the figure rushed in and stood in front of Ye Chen.

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