Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 5 - King's Heart Technique

Chapter 5 - King's Heart Technique

Gu Xuan immediately entered the house and he saw Ye Chen was still standing in the same place as before, he saw Ye Chen's body from top to bottom and did not look injured even though he felt relieved instead. Gu Xuan felt Ye Chen had entered the first level of the Spirit. formation realm.

Out of curiosity how Ye Chen can increase the power from zero to become Spirit formation realm again in just a few hours "Chen how can you increase your strength in such a short time?".

Ye Chen explained the whole process. From the beginning to the end, hearing this, Gu Xuan was very happy. "Great hahaha, I was not wrong. Choosing you to be my student." Gu Xuan continued to laugh because he was happy.

Come with me, I'll give you a brief explanation about cultivation. "Gu Xuan pulled Ye Chen's hand and flew out of the room.

"Now, chen, say. How much have you learned about Basic Cultivation?" Gu Xuan asked.

"Ye Chen explained the little knowledge he got from the Legacy Book of the Sage Gods."

Listening to everything that Ye Chen Gu Xuan has said "is indeed a basis for becoming a cultivator, now I will tell you the level of power of a cultivator.

The first level that exists in the mortal realm

Martial Realm

condensation realm

spirit formation Realm

Spirit Profound Realm

earth profound Realm

Sky Profound Realm

Emperor Realm

ancient warrior Realm

Overlord Realm

And you are now in the Spirit Profound Realm stage

Overlord Realm Is the peak stage in the mortal realm After that you can reach the divine realm and the Divine realm Divided also in several levels

Divine Nascent Realm

Divine Spirit Realm

Divine Tribulation Realm

Divine Rebirth Realm

Divine Monarch Realm

Divine Preceptor Realm

Divine Overlord Realm

"The Divine Overlord Realm is the pinnacle of the divine realm and after that is the level of the True Gods, but the era of the Gods Over millions of years ago and now there is nothing else that attains the God Level in the realm of this Deity".

"And the Sage God you inherited in your body is one of the 9 strongest gods in the past who ruled over the gods."

"That's why your achievements in the future will definitely not be limited"

Ye Chen had memorized everything with ease "Then what teacher are you at now?" Because of curiosity Ye Chen asked.

"Right now I am in the 6th level Divine Overlord Realm," Gu Xuan said proudly.

"Wow, mastering really, really strong, then how long will it take for me to get my strength like master?"

"Hahaha Maybe a few thousand or maybe tens of thousands of years depending on the talent and resources you can have"

"It took too long" Ye Chen protested loudly

"Well now I will explain about the body especially, the body (ancient Yang) is a body that is quite special even hundreds of times stronger than the owner of the body (PureYang), a man the stronger (Yang) they are the faster they can also cultivate, will but if the amount is too much then it can harm its own body, so to balance it requires Yin from women. "

Ye Chen listened very seriously "then how to overcome them mastered"

"There are a number of ways one can first absorb Yin through the air for this way you should be as close as possible to that woman, but this method is the worst because it can only absorb a little Yin."

"The second is direct touch, this way as long as you come in contact with women you can absorb their yin and this method is better than the first."

"And for the last term, of course, by means of an intimate relationship, this method can benefit both parties".

"And fortunately I have the technique that really suits you" Gu Xuan took a book from his sleeve.

On the cover of the Book is written the Heart of the King "well this is a book that to process it requires body requirements (ancient Yang)"

Gu Xuan then pushed the book to Ye Chen, Ye Chen immediately opened it and looked at some of its contents.

In the beginning, it was almost the same as what Gu Xuan said, how to manage (Yang) and absorb Yin, but after in the middle of the contents, Ye Chen was a little dumbfounded. ever kissed a woman, while dating Yu Ting Ye Chen only hugged and held hands.

Gu Xuan who saw the twitch in the face laughed "hahaha what do you think a good book is not".

"Mastering whether I should learn it?" To be honest, this technique is really very, very perverted.

"If you don't want to live, then you don't need to study it, after all the time you have is less than 5 years, so if you are not fast, then death will pick you up."

Ye Chen could only take the Book and save it for later study

Gu Xuan stood up, "Chen is time for our practice." Gu Xuan took out an item.

He lifted it in the air And a light came out from that thing, Soon the sky and those around Ye Che turned into White fields.

"Now where we are at the Wheel of Time here time is very slow" for 1x use the Wheel of Time can last for 1 day and in the Wheel of Time itself is 1 month only 1 day in the real world ".

"Wow, cool, so if we train for 10 years here then it's only 4 months in the real world".

"Ahem" Gu Xuan coughs "Son, this item is very rare. In fact, I only have 20 in stock, so it's only enough for the next 20 months."

"Chen Prepare Yourself Physically and mentally because in the next 20 months I will train you very hard" Gu Xuan Smiles Smirking

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