Kill the Lights

Chapter 2 part3

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Proofreader/Editor: Kaima, Hwarang

‘Tim, came to the set today?’ -She asked, ‘Why?’ Chase and Tony just blankly stared at her.


Drops, bright red blood fell on the table. A large amount of blood drenched the documents, and Noah said, ‘Ah. No,’ and slightly frowned.

“Are you okay?”

Phil quickly handed him a tissue, and Noah pressed it on his wound.

“Sorry. Could you bring me new copies of the soaked parts?”

Phil picked up the phone and said, “Call Stewart,” to Sophie, his secretary, who was waiting outside.

“Why are you calling a doctor for a paper cut? …Ah, right.”

Noah grabbed the phone from Phil and spoke to Sophie, “Never mind Stewart, bring me some bandages. Yes. That’ll be enough.” After he hung up, he noticed Phil looking at him with a perplexed expression.


“The documents, are you not going to bring them?” Noah gave him a questioning glance and Phil spoke as if there was something he had wanted to say for a while.

“I think you are neglecting your health these days.”

“…Do I have to hear that just because I didn’t see a doctor for a paper cut?”

‘That’s extremely unexpected.’ …Noah said, tilting his head, and Phil shook his head.

“That’s not what I was saying… I mean, you needed to rest for at least two months with that injury on your arm and should not be discharged from the hospital like this. Weren’t you massaging your arm all day because it was sore? If you are overdoing it just to forget the horrors of Mason’s death or the abduction, then I’ll have to leave your schedule open for Robert….”

Phil sounded like he had been troubled for a long time, and Noah opened his eyes wide and said, “Ah, Robert,” as if he remembered something.

“I think we can fire him now.”

Robert was the psychiatrist who listened to Noah’s story this whole time. Noah cheerfully said, ‘Just build him a hospital,’ bending his eyes and Phil asked in return, “…….Pardon?”

“Are you saying you want to change your doctor? Don’t you think someone familiar will be better for your mental health?”

“No, since I don’t need any more medication. -Ah, of course, even the consultation. I didn’t really like the consultations anyway.”

Noah dismissed it like it was nothing. Sophie brought an ointment and a bandage, and with her help Noah wrapped the tip of his finger with the bandage and noticed a little bit of blood smeared on the it.

“I’m not trying to commit suicide, so don’t worry.”

“Then why are you doing this?”

Phil asked looking scared, and Noah sat on the chair again.

“Because I’m in a relationship.”

“You know it too, right?” Noah smiled brightly. Phil couldn’t talk back and simply stared at him. Noah said, “Hm,” and stared at the cut that was wrapped with bandage. Would Mason worry? He didn’t think it was a big injury, but still, won’t Mason give him at least one concerned glance? Noah remembered last night when Mason had hesitated at the bandage wrapped around his arm and felt sweetness on the tip of his tongue.

“And the reason why my arm is like that is because, yesterday…. Mm. Its because I was too persistent, so don’t worry about it.”

It was true that his wound hadn’t completely healed, but there was no need to worry about sequela or recovery. As he had been supporting Mason, who was asleep, while thrusting in, the wound had reopened slightly. Otherwise it was recovering so well that even the doctor was surprised.

Phil couldn’t understand Noah and frowned.

“I’m still feeling a little listless.”

Should I drink a strong cup of coffee? Noah, who was worried for a moment, cutely thought that he would rather feel a bit more relaxed than keeping his mind sharp and started to check the documents again.

“What are you doing? Should I print out the new documents?”

Noah questioningly raised his eyebrows and Phil said, “No.” He wanted to say something more, but was stopped by a knocking sound on the door.

“Come in.”

When Noah gave permission, Sophie, who had left, entered again.

“Mr. Haley Lusk seemed to have sent you a bouquet of flowers.”

She checked the card and showed him a bouquet of red roses.

“He did?”

Mason did? Noah tilted his head with a questioning look and stood up from his seat to walk over and receive the flowers from Sophie. There was a strong odor of roses.

“And this came along….”

She gave him a small manila envelope. Noah said, “Mm,” and received it with a perplexed face. He thought something was off and indifferently opened the envelope to feel a sudden, sharp pain.

“Oh my!”

Sophie screamed in surprise. A lot more blood dripped on the floor compared to the paper cut. The envelope in his hand fell upside down and its contents spilled out. Four small razors and pictures of Haley fell out. Noah frowned slightly, bent down and picked up a picture. Haley was smiling at someone and the picture was wet with blood.


Mason, who fell asleep right away after getting in the car like a sick person, woke up when he felt the car stop suddenly. He looked around with a blank face and wondered where he was. The realization came slowly; it was a street below Beverly Hills where his favorite café was located. The problem was, this street didn’t lead to Noah’s house.

“I think you’ve got the wrong way.”

This was in the opposite direction and if he continued, they’ll leave Beverly Hills and go all the way to West Hollywood. Mason spoke while holding in a yawn and Tim glanced at him like what was he talking about.

“No…. I’m going to the Raycarlton mansion on the 12th street, didn’t I tell you?”

‘I thought I told you before leaving….’ Mason tried to ask if he gave him the wrong address since he was feeling sleepy, but at that moment something caught his attention. At the end of Mason's sight, between his legs in the front of the passenger seat, there was a red paint mark.


Drawn by BAMyouhaveCancer

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