Kill the Lights

Chapter 2.1

Ch. 2 Part 1

Now Haley who is the Hollywood bitch and trouble maker's debut movie was called ‘Dreaming for the Sea.’
The movie was about murder happening in a town near a beach. Except for the last two cuts that Haley comes out, that movie had nothing to see. The movie obviously failed. One critique even said, ‘First movie I ever watched that made me think it was wasting a film.’ Except for this one critique, no one seems to have watched this movie. That’s how horrible the movie was.
Haley was known because of the next movie.
The movie called ’27 hours’ by Director Plao. –27 hours is about Noah Raycarlton, Americans also call him Raynoah with love, getting kidnapped when he was little.
A child followed his mother who is a famous actress to her working place, and a jealous nameless actress kidnaps the boy. The movie goes like he was trapped for 27 hours and rescued dramatically. Haley played the role Raynoah.
The movie was successful because of popularity of Raynoah and pretty Haley. The movie was played after 3 years of the incident. His father, Edgar Raycarlton who was the famous lawyer, and his mother, Rebecca Kelly protected him. He didn’t appear on the media at all, so all the attention went to Haley.
It was about that time when Tony Bridget met Haley. He was pretty well known manager back then. He remembered vividly when he first met Haley.
It was in front of the agency's big window and all the sunlight was coming in. The child was shining like the sunlight was too dark for him. His shiny blonde hair was like honey, and blue eyes were like sea. He caught everyone’s eyes because of his white cute and his doll like face were very lively. He couldn’t take his eyes off him while the boy was talking.
This kid is gonna become a top star. Tony was sure. This kid is gonna become a top star. Not those mere stars. He will become the star that will make the whole world cheer.
He couldn’t become a star himself, but he was sure of his skill to see the right person. It was only Raynoah that didn’t become a famous celebrity after 10 years from the people he chose. –Of course Raynoah was already famous even though he wasn’t a celebrity.
I can manage this child. Tony thought finally he has a sunshine in his life. God thank you. I can finally hold on to a diamond not a rock. That’s what he thought.
Only small flaw that he had was he was not smart. It took him to say 14 times to memorize that easy name Tony Bridget to the boy.
….He thought it was a very small flaw. Until he found out that Haley was so stupid that he couldn’t even tell the difference between flour and heroine.
Tony Bridget who is Haley’s manager for 16 years looked at Haley who was just blankly staring at the reflection of himself in the mirror. Tony remembered in the past when he thought that Haley would become the top star
His eyes were definitely crooked that time. What sunshine… Tony realized that the diamond he thought was actually a common glass marble. That shiny was only that time. Recently for few years, it has been glowing like a street light on a foggy weather.
Thanks to his pretty outer look and messy life style, some jobs were still coming in. And thanks to the troubles he caused, he becomes a hot news every day. It wasn’t Tony’s idea to make him into a common trouble maker, but he was still okay. He is still a celebrity.
But recently for 1, 2 years, nobody cared what Haley did. Even this incident, if it wasn’t Raynoah, it wouldn’t even have come out in the newspaper. It has been long time since Haley came out in the front page of a newspaper for what he did….
Of course it’s not something we should happy about. It’s like Haley’s life as an actor has ended. He dared to touch Raynoah. Haley already had a bad image, but this made it worst. It’s been one week since Haley survived his suicide attempt or heart attack. Nobody was even sympathizing him. People were saying he is a public harm for bargaining with his life. This made the whole world to hate him. There are people who didn’t care about Haley, but there aren’t any people who liked Haley.
Tony took a glimpse at him.
“So…. Should I get you some water? Do you want to drink water?”
He asked Haley who was stupidly staring at the mirror, and he replied, “No, no. It’s okay. I’ll bring it myself.”
If it was usual, ‘Do you thing I’ll drink hospital water? Why are you even asking? Go and buy Evian Water!” He will scream, but right now he is just looking at the mirror with a serious face.
Is it because of the amnesia? Haley’s shine seems to be gloomier today. He lost all his ability to become a star, but thanks to his unique personality, there was something sharp about him in the atmosphere. Today he didn’t even have that. He looks rounder than usual like a normal person. Like he will just blend in with extras in the scene. Like colorless and odorless blank white paper.
Actually he didn’t recognize Haley when he came to hospital hearing Haley has amnesia because of his calm atmosphere. Of course it was just for a second, and it was probably because of his tacky patient clothes… Tony was keep glimpsing at Haley who looks very different than usual.
Haley, actually Mason who has the look of Haley, was keep looking at himself in the mirror. Every time he sees the mirror, the appearance didn’t change.
It is obvious that it hurts when you get shot by a gun. It hurts when you get shot on your arm or leg, but he got shot on the head, and that pain was unexplainable. It was only for a second when he actually felt the pain, but it was deadly. …..So maybe it hurts so much that my body shrank. The pain was unbearable. –Mason stared at his thin arms and legs and thought about it for little bit.
No way. Even though the pain was unbearable, you can’t turn pretty, blonde, soft hands, or different eye color. And…
Mason looked at the middle aged man who was keep glimpsing at him. He awkwardly smiled at Haley.
Toney Bridget. He hastily appeared while he was filming the MRI and introduced himself as his manager.
‘This guy…. No, I’m an actor?’
He didn’t think he was an athlete due to his skinny body. And Tony was astounded and said, ‘It's true. He actually lost all of his memory.’
‘You can say you forgot everything because you have a bad memory, but you even forgot what your job is….’
Even in your sleep, ‘Do you know who I am? I’m Haley! I’m a star! How can I do that? Do you know how many dramas I came out in?’ Tony said that and tears were in his eyes.
Because of Tony’s no intention to offend him, Mason wanted to say ‘I’m a different person. I didn’t lose my memory!’ for a second to Tony. He doesn’t even understand his situation right now who is he going to explain this to? It was perfect to get treated as insane person. Actually Mason wasn’t sure if he didn’t go insane.
Haley Lusk aka Liz. 24 years old. He started his career when he was seven years old for 17 years. He is pretty famous actor. Tony was trying to bring back Haley’s memory, so he said all the dramas and movies that he filmed.
Mason looked like he still didn’t know, so he said some of the incidents he caused. He tried to escape from the rehab and fell and broken his leg, and he was caught drunk driving twice. He was high smoking pot, so he ran the streets half naked. Many other dirty scandals and recently he flirted with Raynoah and got kicked out. Later heart attack either because of attempt to suicide or overdose. He told him everything.
Mason looked at the mirror again and looked at his hand where it had the needle mark.
Is it something like… magic? Or did our modern technology get this better? Who made it like this? Many thoughts came up and soon disappeared. Even if I think this is impossible and try to think realistic, the situation doesn’t change.

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