Kill the Lights

Chapter 3.4

(Raining sound)
“…… …..”
Mason felt the rain falling on him and wondered how long he has to lie down like this. Did something went wrong? No, I didn’t do the last line. It’s lame little bit but should open my eyes and say ‘Where is Amy….’ right now? Mason thought he really didn’t want to film this scene again.
While he was lying dead on the floor, everyone looked bewildered and kept their mouth closed.
Tony murmured with impatient voice “Excuse me, doesn’t Liz actually look dead? Can I go check?” And other staffs were just standing there like what did we just see?
Cougar stared at the lying man with a stupid expression and blinked his eyes.
What is this? This was not Haley Lusk’s acting that he saw for 10 years.
Haley acting like this?
Actually the scene before wasn’t that bad. Maybe because of the rain, it wasn’t a usual act acting pretty type of act. The scene came out pretty well. Running breathing heavily and calling for Amy with his sudden frowned face, that had little bit of feeling that can move people’s heart. He admitted it was pretty good.
But the scene after… The part where he got shot and collapsed….
Cougar felt anxious. What is this? This is Haley’s acting? Cougar frowned. He had goose bumps on his arm.
He didn’t even call out cut and took the camera that was filming close up of Haley’s face and checked the scene again. And he froze and stared at Haley.
There was a strange feeling when he picked up the shoe. His tremble was different from coldness, and his detail shivering had a power that drives people attention.
Haley’s face wasn’t ‘crying’ like the script said when he was holding the shoe. He wasn’t crying. But under the heavy rain, his panting pale face was trembling like it would or wouldn’t show his emotion. Soon his sadness close to despair showed up in a very short time. That moment, probably even the camera director couldn’t hold it, and he closed up Haley’s face little bit more.
Cougar felt another chill because of Haley’s stare when he got shot and convulsed. His teary blue eyes looked shocked and widely opened and realized who shot him and stopped. His eye areas were trembling and stared at Alfred.
From there it was unbelievable. He slowly collapsed and pant and tear came out of his eye. His blood shot eyes had full of feelings. The timing of bursting out blood was very exquisite, and trembling like he’s taking a last breath gave him a chill.
Cougar soullessly stared at lying dead Haley.
The man he thought today was like a pebble disappeared, and Dan from the drama ‘Clue’ was lying there dead.
A man who’s beautiful and cold but turns very passionate when something is related to his daughter was Dan that Cougar thought 10 years ago.
He couldn’t laugh when Tony freaked out and said, ‘I think Liz is actually dead!’ Cougar thought if he was actually dead too.
There is no way Haley Lusk has that kind of acting skill. He saw his acting skill for 10 years, but he didn’t show that kind of natural looking acting. His acting was even more awkward and tackier than a kindergartener trying to get allowance from his dad. That was Haley’s acting skill over 10 years. No, since he debut until yesterday he acted like that.
But the acting just now was different. Maybe I saw it wrong. He was suspicious since it was dark and rainy, it might have looked like he was good at acting. That’s how perfect his acting was. –He even thought he might have died once before! No, if it’s Haley, he can’t even repeat that….
How was this kind of scene able to come out? Is he actually dead? It wasn’t only Cougar or Tony who thought like that. Johnny who played Alfred role was backing away.
Haley acting like this? Making other people believe it, ‘he’ does that? No way. This must be a coincidence. He thought like that, but Cougar still couldn’t take his eyes off. All the people who just laughed at Haley stood there without any word. It was like the time stopped. No, except for the rain sound, every else stopped.
“….Cut. Don’t you have to say that?”
Until there was a gentle voice behind him. Cougar was just blankly staring and said “what?” and turned around. And soon he was surprised and stood up quickly. Nobody cared that the Director’s chair fell back.
“That man, he looks like he really wants to get up.”
He looks cold. Cougar got shocked at that beautiful blonde man, and that man jokingly said, “Cut? No cut?” and made a scissor shape with his two fingers.
“….Ray, Mr. Raycarlton?”
Cougar called out his name with panic and just like he’s answering, he smiled very innocently.

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