Kill the Lights

Chapter 4

[BL NOVEL] Kill the Lights (Sidetrack 4 Part 1)

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Editor/Proofreader: Hwarang

The camera close up on Haley’s face. His cold face, thatbeautiful face suddenly had a change. His black pupil shook a little.

“Cut! -Very good!”

Vick stood up like this is it, and Mason relaxed hisserious face and raised his head. Vick looked happy and checked the scene oncamera, and Mason said, ‘ow ow’ and grabbed his knee.


Gloria called Sophie, and she ran and quickly put powderon Mason’s face.

“You are sweating cold sweat, are you gonna be okay withthe next scene?”

Gloria asked like she’s worried, and Mason said, ‘Goodthing it’s a raining scene,’ and smiled.


Vick, who was watching the screen, called Mason. Masonslightly limped his leg and went to him. Tony quickly handed him the script andput a hot pack on his knee. Mason moaned and sat on the chair, and Vick movedaside for him to stretch out his leg and said.

“Mm, are you okay?”

“Wow, are you worrying about me?”

Mason said it like he was twisted. He wasn’t really gettingmad at him, and Vick smiled showing his teeth.

“Sorry, still I’ll let you rest for a while after today.Also after the filming, this burning desire of mine will get released a little.”

He said he couldn’t help it because his desire to createwas burning.

“But, are you gonna be okay with the next scene?”

Chase, who was drenched wet because of the scene underthe rain just now, changed his clothes and was drying his hair and butted in.

“Under the water, and also you have to run? You are justfilming one scene, but that one scene is like this.”

Chase said it like he’s scolding Vick, and Vick slightlyavoided his eyes.

“Won’t, won’t it be okay if we can go in one take?”

From there running to here, it, it’ll be okay, right?It’s only 1o yards. -Vick asked, and Mason pressed on his knee and said.

“Well, I can run for a little bit.”

I might limp a little, but I can do it without showingit. Before when I was working as a mercenary, I often worked while pretendinguninjured.

“You don’t know how many takes we might have….”

Chase said it like he was worried, but Vick shook hishand, ‘No way, Haley barely makes any mistakes.’ It looked like he didn’t haveanything in his mind except to film this part. Chase sighed like he can’t stophim, and Mason comforted him. Just like how Vick said, it’s only running a fewyards. It wasn’t like his leg was completely broken, so that was fine.


“You are really worried about useless stuff. It lookslike Chase is Haley’s manager now.”

Ashton, who was getting ready to film the scene together,couldn’t stand him and butted in.

“The person himself said it’s fine… right?”

Mason carefully looked at his all twisted face.

“You are fine, right? Are you not okay?”

Mason thought what he should do at his aggressive toneand soon replied.

“I’m okay.”

Let’s not make a kid angry. It’s annoying. Mason thoughtone more time and smiled at him.

“See. He said it’s okay. Chase.”

Ashton said it like now stop it and went back to hisplace. Chase blankly stared at Ashton, who suddenly came and scolded him, and soonhe had a mad face.

“Ah, Chase. Perhaps you have another towel?”

Mason asked Chase, who was about to follow Ashton to getmad, and Chase said, ‘Uh, pardon?’ and Mason said.

“I’m gonna get wet soon, but it seems like Tony onlyprepared little bit of towel. I was just curious if you had some extra…”

“I think the equipment team will have it…”

“Ah, then”

When Mason tried to stand up, Chase stopped him and madehim sit down again.

“I’ll bring it for you.”

Before Mason could say anything, Chase ran to theequipment team like a wind.

“Why are you like that?”

Vick asked Mason, who was looking at the next scenescript.


“Ashton. Why are you letting him go? You purposely sentChase away just now.”

Because he was about to argue with Ashton. Vick looked athim strangely, and Mason shrugged his shoulders.

“Just, well.”

What’s the point of arguing, he said it like that, andVick asked again.

“He’s doing that because you are going easy on him. Well.If you tell Noah, not up to fire him, but if he says something, Ashton will juststop. Why are you going easy on him?”

Vick remembered what Mason did to Melisa in the past andsaid it.

“Honestly you are not that kind-hearted?”

He is sharp, but since he’s indifferent to others, hedoesn’t consider other people that are outside of his line. He is quick to attach andcut ties, and he is an easy and simple person. Very dry type than people think.-Haley Lusk that Vick saw in front of his eyes had that kind of personality. Actually,when he ran to save Noah, Vick was surprised a little.

“We are gonna work together anyway, so I just don’t wantany trouble. Well. -That kind of type is annoying to bother.”

“I get what you are saying… But in my eyes, I think italready got annoying.”

Mason raised his head and looked at Ashton at Vick’smurmur. He was staring at this side with all twisted eyes. Ashton Keet has beenacting for 7 years. He was already 32 years old, and his roles were fixed toweak personality supporting roles. It wasn’t like he had an outstanding look orgood at acting, but since his character was fixed, he never stopped working. Ofcourse, just because he was keep working, it didn’t mean that he was popular.Ashton knew he was B rated. Amongst countless Hollywood stars, he was an actorthat could be replaced anytime. Sometimes he would say, ‘It’s good this much.Being able to stand in Hollywood this much, I’m very successful,’ to put hispride up, but still, he was a common Hollywood person that would get jealousseeing popular stars.

Want to be a star. -There was no celebrity who didn’tthink that. He wanted to be praised, respected, and worshipped. Working a samejob but getting tens of million dollars made his few ten thousand earnings likenothing. He knew he was asking for attention, but honestly, he was envious oftroublemakers that get spotlight for causing trouble. If he faints or break hisleg while filming, he wouldn’t even get a half of page of the celebrity newsarticle, but those kinds of guys just had sex like dogs or pigs in random publicrestrooms, but their faces come out in the celebrity news for 3 straight daysand decorate the first page of the newspaper and even come out in the actualnews, after that, their body gets expensive, so they hold expensive brand bagand receive paparazzi camera shutters like fashionistas.

He was envious of them, but at the same time he couldn’tdo those kinds of things, so he hated them. He cursed them that they are lowsluts. When he heard Haley, who came in as a short role, got into the director’s eye and got promoted to leading role, Ashton thought Vick was crazy.Haley? Using that scapegrace as the lead role? Had he not seen his acting? Hethought if Vick needed a pretty face male actor, he was better than him.Pronunciation or vocalization, he didn’t have the basics and also his faceexpression or movement, a gay that just whine from beginning to end as thelead? When he heard that the rumor was true, Ashton felt like his organs weretwisting.

Still he thought Vick was going to regret his stupiddecision, so he pretended like it was nothing. He thought, ‘What kind of movieis he going to film with this hated scapegrace, this time Vick’s movie is gonnafail.’ But the situation went completely opposite of what Ashton had thought.Haley’s acting wasn’t bad. No, honestly it was pretty good. Also, theatmosphere on the set was brighter than when Melissa was here. Chase sparkledhis eyes looking at Haley even though he was ten times, no, way more popular.Everyone all liked him and even Noah Raycarlton said he likes him. The man thatcrawled under him and made living with his scandal, suddenly became a nationalhero in a day and came out to the set with calm face like he was that kind of aperson from the beginning. He was holding his jealousy, but Vick was keep whining how he wanted to film Haley. Chase just praised Haley.

‘I’m okay.’

Ashton thought of Haley’s face that was smiling likecalming a child and Chase’s face that was bright red.

“He himself said it’s okay… who does he think he is.”

Is he really volunteering to be his knight? Every time hesays Haley, Haley, -Ashton, who had an immense pride in coming out in VickProcter’s movie with Chase Viller, was completely upset. Ashton took a glance atHaley, who was sitting next to Vick and reading the script. He had his leg stretched out and wasmassaging his knee and calf like his knee was sore.


Idiot who can’t even control his own condition. It wasbasic that as an actor he perfectly has to make his body into the character andnot even make a single scratch whiling filming. His actual job isn’t even abodyguard, hurting his leg while saving a person? That was a nonsense. How ishe going to film with that body….


Ashton startled and stared at Haley’s leg for a longtime. For a long time until his manager asked what happened. He said it wasnothing and turned away, but his face was slightly brighter.

“Let’s forget about that, just tell me this. -Is this areality?”

Mason, who took a glimpse of Ashton, waved his handbecause everything became annoying and just asked about the script he wasreading. Because of characteristic of the movie ‘Real’ that reality intersectswith virtual reality and twist endings were keep happening, he couldn’t understand ascene well. Vick, who watched Ashton’s twisted face like it’s funny, glanced atthe script and said.

“You don’t have to know. Just think everything is thereality.”

“Everything is the reality?”

“Only the audience has to tell if the movie scene is areality or virtual reality. We just have to film like everything is thereality. It’s not like the virtual reality is different, when we are filmingeverything is real anyway.”

And it’s my job to make it easily distinguishable, Vick said itlike a director. He had been seeing him only whining about wanting to film, buthe wasn’t used to seeing him being serious. Mason looked at the script again.The scene was about Mason’s role ‘Closure’ is chasing after Ashton’s role‘Paul’ and shoots and kills him in the dead-end alley. Ashton’s role ‘Paul’ waspretty an important, so he was curious if the scene of him dying was real orvirtual, but Vick was right. Who cares. It’s a movie anyway. It was littledifferent from what Vick said, but Mason looked through the script and took aglimpse of Ashton. Somehow Ashton looked better than before. Mason didn’t think of it as a big deal and turned the script page. Soon Stylist Jasper came andfirmly wrapped around his leg and injured areas with plastic wrap under the clothes.While filming under the rain, it was a big problem if the bandage or wound gets wet.

“Haley. Don’t you have fever?”

Jasper, who wrapped and cleaned up the pants fit, tiltedhis head and asked.

“Is it only on the wounded area? Why is your body so hot?”


Mason slightly frowned, and Jasper touched his forehead.

“Oh my, you have some fever. Are you okay?”

“You have a fever, Haley?”

“No, I feel slightly sluggish… but one scene will befine.”

Everyone came to the set and prepared just to film ascene, it was funny to go back just because I had little bit of fever. My bodywas definitely not good, but it wasn’t up to the point I couldn’t handle it,and I wanted to finish this fast and go back and talk to Noah about what wecouldn’t finish a moment ago.

‘….If you sleep next to me, it’ll be better.’

Sleeping next to him… that means… Vick cut what he wasthinking and asked.

“Are you really okay? If you are sick, we can film itnext time…”

“Talk to me when you are not crying.”

Mason tapped Vick’s, who was about to cry, shoulder andstood up.


Vick called him like ‘you are freakin cool,’ and Gloriacame just in time and said, ‘We are done preparing, Vick. -For you Haley, justwalk with your subordinates chasing after Ashton, and when there’s a signal,you can start running.’ Vick said it like he has been waiting for this time.

“Okay. Let’s finish it in one take.”

Mason smiled and followed Gloria and walked to where thecameras were waiting. Ashton also slowly came and smirked at Mason.

“You are walking better than I expected.”

“Yeah, well.”

“You’re not even limping much… Since you are filming arunning scene, I’m starting to wonder if you really got injured.”

Mason took a glance at him.

“No well. Just. I’m just saying you are walking well.”


Mason thought he doesn’t go well with these kinds of guys atall and looked at Vick from afar.


He sparkled his eyes and shouted, and a slate man calledout the scene number ‘Roll 72 Scene 1 Take 1.’ Snap! A ringing sound burst out,and the rain started to fall as Ashton started to run first. Mason put strengthon his calves and walked after him. Soreness of the leg made his back heavy,but he didn’t show it. When he thought of catching Ashton in front of his eyes,his walk started to get little faster, and the men in black walking behind Masonstarted to walk faster also. Ashton turned the corner, and Vick signaled withhis finger. Mason started to run, and the men in the back started to run too. The rainfalling was cooling, and he didn’t even realize his leg was hurting untilAshton stopped in the dead-end alley, and he blocked him.

Mason took out a gun under his jacket from the shoulderholster. Ashton trembled and slowly turned around, and ‘splash splash’ Mason purposely stepped towards the puddles andwalked to him. He felt like he really caught the prey he’s been waiting for andgot little excited. Mason waited for his line. It was the time Ashton had tosay, ‘How did you know where I was?’ but he stayed still.


Perhaps, Mason moved his lips and in that moment, Ashtonturned to Vick and waved his hand.


Vick, who was watching Mason’s act with sweat on hishands, stood up from his chair.

“I’m sorry. -I forgot the line.”

“Cu, cut! -Cut! Cut!!!”

Vick shouted out ‘cut’ like he’s going to lose his breathafter what Ashton said.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”


Vick, who was about to scream at him, moaned, ‘…oh my,’and touched his forehead and sat down again.

“Oh my….”

Oh my, oh my…. Vick, who lost the precious cut, moanedlike he was about to cry, and Ashton couldn’t raise his head.


Mason looked at his leg that started to get sore againand turned to Ashton. He saw his lips going up.


Mason got a bad feeling and sighed and touched hisforehead. He felt his fever has gone up from running under the rain for a brieftime. His leg and back felt heavier also.

“Again, let’s do it well this time! -Let’s take it in one go!”

Vick said it in an annoyed voice, and soon just as Masonpredicted, a long filming had started.

“Cut! Hey! Ashton!”

Vick had a face like he wanted to kill that son of abitch. It’s been 7 times already. Ashton fell, couldn’t act out expression, orforgot his lines. The scene wasn’t even that long.

‘How did you know where I was?’

Then Mason would say, ‘I asked while killing your olderbrother,’ and dirtily smile then he would tremble in fear but scream in anger.

‘Shut up, that’s not real. There’s no way that’s real!’

And Mason would say, ‘It’s real, unfortunately,’ and putthe gun on his chest and pull the trigger. -The lines were short and the scenewas simple except that it was raining and he had to run under it. Vick wantedto film this in one take, so Mason had to run under the rain seven times withhis sore leg. This time Tony ran out bringing a blanket.

“Liz, are you okay? Are you okay? ….Bring us a chairhere!”

Tony had a face like he was going to cry and coveredMason’s shoulder with the blanket. When he sat down like collapsing on thechair that a staff had quickly brought, the ceiling was spinning.

“Hey! You come here!”

Vick called Ashton like he was really mad. Vick shout outcurse words and criticisms like a crazy person.


Mason felt his shoulders shivering and drank the hot cupof water that Tony had brought. Ah, that son of a bitch seriously… Masonglanced at Ashton, who was despicably apologizing to Vick and the staff. Whilehe was making seven NGs, he had never came once to Mason to apologize. Masoncould feel his fuck you intention to his bone. If it was another time, Masonwouldn’t mind if the other actor make countless NGs, but now the yellow skybecame black, his patience was running out.

“Haley! Are you okay? Wow, seriously!”

Vick came running with the face ‘I can’t kill thatbastard and can’t even replace him with a new actor. Driving me crazy.’ Ashtonwas wiping his tears on the spot where Vick got mad. His face was like hedidn’t know what to do because of the guilt. He’s that good at acting, thatbastard, -Mason looked at his face that was saying ‘I don’t know what’s wrongwith me today’ and deeply sighed.

“Are you okay? …...Ah, I told you it’s gonna beannoying.”

Vick said it like he didn’t know what to do. Mason said,‘Mm,’ and bitterly smiled and put down his head. He didn’t even have energy tosay something back. Vick saw Mason’s pale face dripping down cold sweat anddeeply sighed.

“I waited this day for so long.”

Vick glared at crying Ashton with a mad face. You, son of abitch. I’m going to edit your parts as much as I can. He decided like that, buthe needed Ashton in this scene. He wanted to scream, ‘I know you arebullshitting just to fuck Haley over so now stop it, you son of a bitch!’ buthe didn’t have any evidence. Vick, the bitterly smiling pale Vick’s muse, and thatdespicably crying Ashton all knew about that.


Vick annoyingly signaled Ashton with his hand, and Ashtonhastily ran to him.

“I’m really, sorry.”

Ashton put his head down to apologize to Vick, and Vickjust glared at him and said.

“Haley, Today…. Let’s stop for today and rest. I’ll giveyou a week break… No, will five days, no, four days… three days work?”

Two days is too short, right? You won’t recover in thosedays, right….? Vick stupidly said it, and Gloria said, ‘Next week, here… I’llmark that,’ and took out her PDA.

“I’m sorry.”

Ashton, who put his head down to Vick, looked at Masonwith enjoying eyes, and Mason moaned. Ah, I gotta kill my temper… Because ofthis temper, my life gets short and injured. Mason sighed and said.

“Mm, let’s go one more time.”


Tony, who was trembling in worry and saying, ‘Our Liz!Our Liz!’ grabbed Mason’s shoulder.

“Don’t push yourself. If you collapse…”

Gloria said it in worry, and before Mason couldn’t evensay ‘it’s okay,’ Ashton bow down his head.

“Then I’ll go and prepare! Thank you!”

He didn’t care that people were looking at him what theheck and ran to the area where the scene starts. Soon he was waving hishand like he was ready.

“Ah, that bastard seriously…”

Vick frowned at Ashton who was acting detestable. Does heknow what kind of thought he had when he said go rest to Haley? He felt like he was going to vomit blood and had stone in his system, but that son of a bitch isfucking hundreds of staff and actors, and the director just to make himself feelbetter. If Chase didn’t go to a nearby mall to buy some towels, definitelythere would have been a fight.

“Never mind, since it’s like this, it’s not good to justleave without anything.”

“Haley… I really want to film it, you know how I feel,right? I’m going crazier than when my wife attacked me naked on our firstnight, but your condition is. Really….”

Vick, who was saying it maturely, covered his eyes andcried, ‘Ah, I don’t know. I want to film it. I want to become the thoughtless andheartless person who doesn’t care about the actor’s health.’

“Director, if Haley dies because of that, you are gonnago to jail…..”

Gloria tapped his shoulder.

“Haley, really. Don’t push yourself. It’s better for usto film you when you are all recovered and in a good condition. You can haveprofessional spirit when you are alive.”

You’ve already showed your fighting spirit. – She said itseriously to Mason. Mason took a glance of Ashton, who was pretending to do irrelevantthings, and said.

“I’m not really doing this because of the professional orfighting spirit…. I think once will be enough.”

“Once? …Will that be enough…..”

Vick looked at Ashton with exhausted eyes.

“If we get another NG this time, then really….. mm, mighthave to film it next week.”

Mason showed them a light smile. Vick, who was glaring atAshton, said, “Huh?” and turned to see him. Of course, if there’s NG, they’llhave to film it next week, but there was something strange about his words.While Mason was looking around to find the person in charge of props, he said,‘Ah, but.’

“I can improvise…. a little right?”

Well, it’s not a lot, just a little. A little bit. -Masonasked for a permission and calmly smiled.

“Liz, if your memory comes back because you are pushingyourself, then….”

Tony shivered and followed him and said it. Mason justlet that slip and wiped cold sweat with back of his hand. Fortunately it wasthe raining scene, so his sweat was getting covered with rain. Mason looked forsomething in his bag and took out something from there, and Tony, who waswandering behind him, questioned him, ‘Why that? Isn’t that real? Why do youhave that?’

“Ah, because.”

When Mason tried to explain, a staff came running tothem.

“Haley! You are looking for this, right?”

“Ah, thanks.”

The crew gave him a revolver and asked, ‘Why do you needthis?’ and Mason just smiled. Mason put the gun that he gave on his waist.

“? Aren’t you taking that out from an inner pocket?”

Tony questioned him, and Mason briefly answered, ‘Here ismore comfortable for me.’

“Later, if Vick is trying to cut the scene, cover hismouth once.”

“Cover his mouth? Vick’s?”

“Secretly stand behind him and must cover it.”

Tony frowned, but Mason repeated with a tired face. Since Vick is not a mercenary, he probably doesn’t know how to shut his mouth. Ashton waslooking at this way. Mason tilted his head and glared at him with cold eyes.


Tony startled and called Mason.

“Wha, what’s wrong?”

You look like you’re gonna kill someone. -Weak heartedTony asked with his eyes opened widely, and instead of answering him, Masonlimped and stood on the starting point. Ashton pretended to look away and saidwith an enjoying voice like he was talking to himself.

“Ah…. Really, everyone worries too much.”

Mason wasn’t sure if Ashton wanted to provoke him or wantedto make an excuse to think what he’s been doing was nothing, but he was keep mumbling.

“Don’t you think so? It’s obvious for an actor to takecare of himself. Just because of few NGs, everyone is….”


Mason called him with low and annoyed voice. Ashton, whoturned around with ‘Why, you want to fight?’ face, startled at Mason’s coldexpression.

“Wha, what….”

Do you want to fight for making few NGs? He backed awayand asked, and Mason licked either sweat or rain drop on his lips and breathedout and said.

“You better stop playing around and start acting seriously.”

“I’m doing it serious….”

Mason cut his word and looked at him with sharp eyes. Mason,who was looking at him like he was looking at an annoying bug, said.

“The gun that I’m gonna use now is real.”


Mason saw his face frowning with shock and panic andbreathed out.

“…I don’t think you know how painful getting shot by agun…. Really, it hurts like you want to shoot someone.”

“What are you saying right now?”

Ashton chuckled like did the fever do something to yourhead, and Mason didn’t care and continued.

“So if you are bullshitting one more time, I’m going toshoot you. -Since you are an actor, you’ll probably think anything can help youto act, right?”

Mason wished his eyes to look he’s serious. And Ashton’sbrown pupils shook a little.


Bingo. -Mason hid his mile and waited for the cue sign.Vick, who was sitting from afar, raised his hand and soon a signal that he waswaiting for came.

The cold rain started to drop on his head. Even with thecue sign and the sound of the slate, Ashton hesitated. A real gun… What kind ofnonsense is he saying… Ashton, who had a face like Vick is about to comerunning here, made an unpleasant face and started to run. Splash, splash, splash, the sound of dress shoes running on thewater echoed the quiet filming set, and he felt the camera finder was chasingafter him. A real gun, did he get shot in his head not his leg? Ashtonmocked him. -He probably briefly saw a real gun and just blurted out, HaleyLusk can’t even properly pull the trigger of a gun for defense.



Ashton was bothered by his expression and eyes. Hisexpression was fully of annoyance, but his eyes were dull like plastic marbles.It looked like he didn’t have any emotions. Is it because he has a fever?Ashton ran while feeling uncomfortable. When he looked back, he had an eyecontact with Haley who was chasing after him. Seeing his wet eyes, somehow gavehim a chill. What is this? The set was weirdly quiet. It’s obvious since it’sfilming, but that gave him more chills.


He felt his pride was hurt and felt unpleasant the fact thathe felt like that, but his pace got faster and soon he reached to the alley.


Haley was already close to him.


Ashton got surprised and backed away and dropped on thefloor, and he asked.

“You mean how I knew you were here?”

Haley said it like he’s explaining something annoying andcomplicated and approached him. Huh, that’s my line….

“What are you…..”

Why isn’t Vick giving NG sign? Ashton tried to look at Vick,but Haley was already in front of him and whispered into his ear.

“That day, abductors that died in the storage….. Do youreally think they committed suicide?”

His voice was low and husky. He felt like the creepy tonecame in through his ear and struck his spine. Ashton, who made his backstraight hastily, moved his lips. What, are you saying right now?

“I killed him.”

And asked. -Haley skillfully changed the line and saidit. He wasn’t sure if Haley was acting or telling him the real thing. Haleystared at him with glass-like black pupils. Ashton felt his body started totremble. It was because looking at his eyes, he wasn’t sure which side he wassaying. Killed the abductor? He even murdered?

“Lies… It’s a lie, right?”

Haley answered simply and took out the gun from theshoulder holster. He nodded his head and raised the gun. Clank, the sound of the gun loading rang the air. Ashton looked atHaley’s indifferent face. His innocent looking face looked scarily beautifulwhen it was wet with rain. Black pupils… That face did not have a single strandof emotion.

“That is, that is-. It’s not real! That’s fake.”

That’s a fake gun, right? He definitely saw him getting amodel gun from a crew. But before Ashton could scream, Haley said.

“Everything is the truth.”

His slightly lifted the jacket and showed him another gunon his waist.


Two guns? Which one is the gun that the crew gave? Onehe’s holding? One on his waist? No way. Probably holding one is the fake,right? Just to threaten me, who messed around with him this whole time, holdingthe fake…. Ashton gasped and backed away, but suddenly he looked down at hisgun. Ashton also followed him and looked at the gun.


The detail, the weight of the gun, and the color of thegun were different. When he realized that, he got chill all over his body andgasped.

“It’s unfortunate.”

Haley smirked. It was the first expression he made eversince. The gun that he was holding pressed on his chest. His finger slowlypulled the trigger and the small clicking sound rang like it’s going to rip hisheart. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t make any sound just opened hismouth. Haley’s cold hand covered his mouth. The scream that just burst outdisappeared under his hand, and his sight became black thinking ‘I’m dying likethis.’ It was that moment.


Vick loudly shouted like a thunder and stood up from hisseat.


NG- No Good

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