Kill the Lights

Chapter 4.1

“I’m sorry that I interrupted. I knew you would get surprised, but I got the cancellation notice when I got here.”
He said it very sweetly with his voice, and the Director didn’t know what to do and apologized for noticing it late.
The Director said cut after Tony desperately said, “Are you gonna film a dying scene or actually kill him?”
“Liz! Liz!”
Tony ran to Mason who was pale and shivering and wrapped him around with a blanket.
“Don’t die, don’t die…”
“Who’s gonna die with this?”
He said it like it doesn’t make sense, and Tony just blinked his eyes in shock. He acted crazy like he was dying with a small cut, and he was under a cold rain but said, ‘who’s gonna die with this?’
“If I knew losing a memory was this incredible thing, I would’ve hit your head with a frying pan sooner.”
Tony was amazed how good amnesia is, and Mason just sighed saying, “...That would definitely kill me.”
He drank a hot cup of coffee that Tony gave him and looked around. People were gathered in one place, and he saw a tall man surrounded by them. Twinkle twinkle, he was a beautiful man who was sending out sweet atmosphere. He was a person Mason knew very well.
“….It’s Noah?”
Why is that man here? Isn’t he not an actor? Mason asked quietly, and Tony twitched and asked.
“You, you remember Raynoah?”
Are you getting your memory back because of him? Tony asked nervously, and Mason remembered the incident where Haley flirted with that man and got dumped.
“Ah…. No. Well, Raynoah is a famous man, and it’s like a common knowledge. I lost my memory didn't become stupid….”
Mason made an excuse that it’s not weird to remember him just because he’s an amnesia patient. Actually Raynoah is like a common knowledge to the Americans though Tony suspiciously looked at Mason. His stare was full of suspicion. Mason dried his face with a towel and asked.
“No just…. You don’t look like you are looking at him like a stranger. You, you’re memory really didn’t come back?”
He asked nervously, and Mason stopped for a second and laughed.
“If I remember, I would’ve told you. There is no reason for me to hide it. Of course that man doesn’t feel like a stranger. It’s not a face that you can forget that easily right?”
Mason said it like it was nothing, and Tony looked at Noah Raycarlton behind Mason’s shoulder and said, “….That’s true…” If he can make him into a celebrity, Tony could sell his soul.
Mason saw Tony looking at Noah like regretting, and Mason also took a glance of Noah.
Definitely his face was something people couldn’t forget easily. Handsome and pretty faces are everywhere, but he's very special. Sparkling blonde. Flawless skin. Sweet smile and gentle voice. He was shining whenever he moved and whenever he smiled, people felt the air was getting fresher.
Of course Mason remembered him not because of that.
Actually Mason saw him in his previous life. Was it 10 years ago? It was when Noah was 17 years old, and Mason’s company Zii got asked to become his body guards. That time he was at the branch in the United States, and he was his body guard about a month.
It wasn’t that long, and they didn’t really become close. Probably Noah can’t even remember him, but Mason had a deep impression. First it was his first time guarding someone that pretty, and he had different atmosphere that time. That time he didn’t have that kind of sweet atmosphere it was….
Noah probably felt Mason’s stare and turned around this way, and they met their eyes together.
He stopped for a second and had a perplexed expression and looked other way. People saw Noah’s expression. Mason heard people whispering looking at his way. Why is he staring at him like that? Mr. Raycarlton, are you okay? Noah sighed at people talking and turned to Mason and lightly bowed his head.
Instead of awkwardly saying hi, he smiled.
After he woke up from dead, he was pretty surprised that Haley flirted with him and tried to commit suicide. When he didn’t know if he was at the same world as the past, Noah’s name made him realize ‘It is reality’ and at the same time gave him more feeling about this unrealistic reality because in Mason’s life, contact with Noah was very brief, and soon he became a person from a totally different world.
He didn’t think he would meet him again, and he even flirted with him seriously it’s something ‘you learn when you live long.’ (I don’t know how to translate this part…)
“Do you still like that man?”
There was a voice coming right next to me, and Simon was awkwardly standing there. His expression was half sympathetic and half pitiful, and Mason just shrugged his shoulder.
“No. Well, I do think he’s handsome, but I think the taste change when you come back alive again.”
Unlike Haley, Mason is a total straight. Since there weren’t that many women in the field, some guys were solving their urges by themselves, but Mason couldn’t understand how they can feel with a person who has the same thing as his. He shook his head like he has no attachment, but Simon thought he was pretending, so his sympathetic feeling became deeper.
“Re, really? The huddle is too high for that man….”
“Yeah. And he is too tall.”
Mason indifferently answered. He likes smaller, cute, and one who stirs up the protective instinct. Simon looked confused like if Mason was joking or talking nonsense. Mason just drank the hot cup of coffee.
Even though he was holding a warm cup of coffee and wrapped around with a blanket, he was still shivering. Just like he felt when he was dragged by Tony, except for his look, there was nothing good about this body. It's such a weak body. If it was his actually body, he can just get 2, 3 hours of rain and cup of warm coffee will warm him up right away, but Haley’s body still had chill deep in his bone and his lips were trembling even though he’s almost done with the coffee.
“Shoot didn’t end? Do I have to film it again?”
Since the character is dead, that scene probably is the end of it, but Tony didn’t seem like he was gonna leave. Is it because I couldn’t say the line? When he was on the ground pretending to be dead, people’s reactions were weird. It was like… everyone quietly looked at me with weird faces. They looked surprised or looked dumbfounded. Was it ‘what is he doing’ stare? –It was little bit like that too.
If he has to film it again..., he will do it since it’s the job that was given, but he really didn’t like it.
“Shoot again? What do you mean?”
“Shoot again? Why?”
When Mason said if he has to shoot again, Tony and Simon burst out.
“No, I couldn’t do the line….”
It didn’t mean he wanted to film again, but Tony said something nonsense, “You don’t have to do that kind of line!”
“You, you did that kind of act…!”
Tony even said with his cracked voice.

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