Kill the Lights

Chapter 4.3

Actually Mason doesn’t care what he wears. He’s the type who wears worn out clothes or any other things and because of his work or the environment, most of the time he wore the military uniform or clothes that are given out by the company for several years. He is an easygoing human that could wear something that has at least shape of a clothes.
But Mason sighed at the clothes and underwear that Tony brought while heading to the restroom.
“This looks like some kind of punishment game….”
The clothes that Tony gave him to wear were similar to women’s clothes that were given for the punishment game. It was small, fancy, and ripped everywhere. It had so many jewels or studs that it hurts my eyes. A pair of baggy pants that shows thighs to knees and a shirt that neck hole is wide as the hole that he puts his body in, so the inside shows clearly, and those were okay. An underwear that stuck out of those clothes made me chuckle.
He assumed Haley was a gay since he heard he flirted with Noah. But even if he didn’t know, if he saw this underwear, he probably couldn’t think of other thing except, ‘This guy is gay.’
A pair of hot pink briefs with cheetah pattern and the size of his palm, and the fabric doesn’t even stretch.
Mason thought if he can even breathe with this on. When he was going inside the restroom, he bumped into something and fell backward.
The clothes that he was holding spread on the floor, and Mason rubbed his bumped shoulder and hurried picking up the clothes. The floor was wet with mud because of the rain scene that he filmed. Even this clothes are like women's, it’s better than drenched wet clothes. This weak Haley’s body was shivering that he could get a cold anytime soon.
Maybe because of his body changed, his attention and reflexes became dull. His usual self can avoid it before he bumps into something, and even if bumps into something, he wouldn’t have end up silly like this. Of course he was little out of his mind because he was shocked to see Haley’s pair of briefs….
Mason stopped while picking up his clothes. A very expensive shoe was stepping on to his neon cheetah pattern briefs.
“Following me to the restroom. I don’t know what you are thinking.”
Don’t you think this is a little disgusting act? –Mason heard a gentle voice above his head and slowly looked up. Very tall Noah was standing there smiling gently and tapping his clothes
Mason was dazed for a second and said.
“….This is a public restroom.”
Isn’t this a place where anyone can come? Mason said it indifferently, and soon Noah said, “Ahhh, yes,” like it’s ridiculous and smirked.
Mason tried to directly say he didn’t follow him but shut his mouth. He didn’t look like he will believe him, and he was little lazy to say all those excuses because of Haley’s debauched life. Changing clothes was more urgent than anything else. It looks like Haley doesn’t have an ability to control body temperature. His pale skin turned into blue now.
“Please move your foot. My…, anyway, you are stepping on it.”
Mason said it pointing at his briefs that Noah was stepping on. He probably can’t wear that since it was stepped on a muddy floor, but this is too inappropriate, so he needed to clean it up. If this palm sized neon cheetah pattern briefs roam around on the floor, it would be a problem if an old person sees this and get a heart attack.
Noah took a glance of the briefs that his shoe was stepping on and frowned like he’s unpleasant. When he removed his foot, the briefs dirtied with mud appeared. Mason quickly picked it up and hid in between his clothes.
Noah seemed like he wanted to say something about Haley’s difficult and weird underwear type, but soon he walked away like he doesn’t even want to meddle with Mason.
Mason turned and looked at Noah. It’s because he heard a sigh passing by him. His sigh sound like he’s sick of it, and Mason unconsciously called him.
“Noah…, no, Mr. Raycarlton!”
It was only a short time that he was his bodyguard but because he was so popular, there were many stalkers and groupies. He wasn’t even a celebrity or a sport star. He was merely a high school boy. That time Mason sympathized him, and it was very unlikely for him to call him like that.
He stopped because he got bothered by hearing the word ‘Noah.’
“I don’t like Mr. Raycarlton anymore, and I… I won’t bother you from now on.”
He wasn’t sure how Haley was like before, but he said it sincerely.
Noah turned. He slowly looked at Mason like feeling unpleasant and smirked. He said it like bullshit.
“How thankful.”
He said he really wants that and bow his head slightly and walked to the filming set.
Mason looked at his back for a second and turned around saying, ‘I should change.’
When Mason tried to go inside the restroom, he stopped. In front of the restroom entrance, there was a white medicine bottle on the floor. When he was just trying picked it up without any thinking, Mason frowned and turned around again and looked at Noah. He couldn’t see Noah. It seemed like he already went inside the filming set.
Mason clicked his tongue and picked up the white medicine container on the floor.
“He’s still taking these….”
Xanax. It was tranquilizer.

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