Kill the Lights

Chapter 4.4

“Do you have any other schedule tonight?”
“Let’s have dinner together, Mr. Raycarlton~”
In the crowd of female actresses, Noah smiled kindly and refused.
“I’m sorry. I have bunch of schedule today… Phil is looking at me with scary eyes that I might say yes to that invitation.”
It gives me cold sweat. –Noah took a glanced at Phil like he’s actually sweating. Phil was looking at Noah from behind looking at his watch.
“See? I live like this.”
He shrugged his shoulders and had a depressed face. Everyone had a disappointed face and sighed.
“You’ll have dinner anyway…, is there any way?”
But, still, maybe, everyone looked at him with begging face, and Noah looked at Phil. He thought it was his timing to come and block them, but he didn’t come.
In front of the entrance of filming set, Phil was talking to someone. Wet blond hair and skinny body. It was a man wearing ragged clothes. He looked at Haley talking to Phil with cold eyes.
What a clothes. His clothes were very frivolous clothes that his wet clothes were much better. The fancy underwear that was under my foot was just like Haley Lusk’s style.
Unpleasant. Noah thought while looking at Haley holding the clothes. He was the man he didn’t like, but today he was more bothering Noah.
When he came inside the filming set, he saw Haley under the rain and for a second he thought he was someone else.
Well, he didn’t really look at him carefully before, so not able to notice him wasn’t a big deal, but the person who overlapped him was the problem.
“Mr. Raycarlton? You really can’t? Even if you are busy, you should eat dinner. I won’t take away lot of you’re….”
One female actress hugged his arm and pressed her breast against him. Noah had perplexed smile, and Phil finally came.
“Mr. Raycarlton. It’s time for your next schedule.”
“Phil. Take Noah’s dinner time off. He’s this young and handsome, but you are making him so busy that he can't even make a girlfriend. Isn’t it too much?”
Assistant Director Penny started, and all the people surrounding him shouted, “Right!” They attacked Phil like they’re going to eat him, and he looked at his watch and said it without any change of his expression.
“I’m sorry, but you guys are the one who taking away Mr. Raycarlton’s dinner time. Six minutes have already passed. Now he has 14 minutes of his dinner time. He can eat anything during that 14 minutes, but it’s hard to eat it with other people.”
Now 13 minutes left. –His cold attitude made people go blank, and Noah smiled jokingly like he can’t help it.
“Hah, that’s what my scary secretary says. If I want to eat something at least, I have leave right now before I inelegantly steal some food from the set. See you next time.”
Noah kindly said goodbye to people who were froze. There were some disappointed sound, but he didn’t turn back.
“What did you talk about with that guy?”
Noah pointed Haley with his eyes and asked. He meant it by what did that bastard do, but instead of answering him he gave him a white medicine bottle.
“He told me to give you this. You probably dropped it in front of the restroom.”
Noah stared at the bottle little bit and opened it. Noah checked if he did anything to it, but the pills were same as when he checked during afternoon. If he actually did something to it, he would have probably gave directly to Noah not Phil.
‘I don’t like Mr. Raycarlton anymore, and I… I won’t bother you from now on.’
He remembered what Haley shouted behind his back a while ago. Is it real? Noah took a glance of Haley who was talking to his manager.
“Mr. Raycarlton?”
Phil said it like if he had a problem, and Noah took his eyes off Haley and smiled. He didn’t care what he said was true or not.
“Ahh. It’s nothing. Let’s go. I’m hungry.”
Noah said, ‘But is it real that my dinner time is 13 minutes? It was a joke, right?’ and smiled brightly.
Noah turned back once more while he was going out of the filming set, but that didn’t really have any meaning to it.

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