Kill the Lights

Chapter 5 part6

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"….the filming itself, is not the problem…."

In the first place, it was a problem that he had hurt his leg while saving Noah and then with his weak body he had extreme jealous sex with him, the damage was great.

"I'm sorry."

However, instead of saying, "Isn't this all your fault?" Mason apologised instead. It was because both saving Noah and sleeping with Noah, were all his own choices. They were the top priority and everything about the film and Ashton were his own desires.


At Mason's apology, Noah shut his mouth and looked at him. Noah's pupils trembled and he soon closed his eyes.

"….-that's right. I also was too extreme yesterday, even though I knew you weren't well."

"No, well, both of us-."

Mason looked away, feeling his face start to heat up. Noah wasn’t the only one at fault for being unable to restrain himself. When the wild disorderly sex they had in Noah's office came to mind, the rising heat¹ made Mason try to change the topic.

"You said I was asleep for two days…. -worrying. I really made you do a lot.

Noah shrugged his shoulders after hearing those embarrassed words.

“Worrying about you is my everyday routine, so it's okay to not pay any mind to it."

After hearing Noah's nonchalant answer, Mason turned to look at his surroundings. Documents were loosely scattered on a table that had been dragged closer to the bed, even the seat top was covered. It seemed that Noah had been working, while also taking care of Mason. Noah arranged the documents that Mason was looking at and spoke.

"I wasn't trying to wake you up, but without thinking I touched you…. I'm sorry. I think you still have a fever, get some more rest.


Mason stared, bewildered. Somehow, there was a strange sense of déjà vu…. by any chance, was he angry? About his health? Mason watched Noah get up from his seat with a blank face. "Ah, by the way." He pointed to the foot of the bed.

"Tony gave me your bag."

At Noah's words, Mason's eyes blinked and he slowly sat up to see the bag. Don’t know where it must have rolled, there was a lot of dirt staining it. "Oh…." Mason muttered quietly.

“Since your stalker glued on pieces of glass, even if you want to pack in a hurry, it would be good if you didn't recklessly pick it up.

After seeing Noah's expression and words, Mason answered back, "Yes?" It was because the look in Noah's eyes was strange. There was irritation in his gaze but he also seemed to be half resigned, however his eyes and mouth were smiling like usual.

"Also, while you were sleeping, your stalker sent a lot of this and that. There were a lot of interesting things.”

Noah spoke as if he had looked only once out of boredom and then glanced at the items that were piled next to the bag.

"Rest, I'm leaving."

'Bang' Mason stared at the door Noah had walked out of and blinked his eyes…


Without a doubt, something was oddly different than usual, but it was a little too subtle to be considered anger.

256p. ~ 257p. omission……… the scene where Mason thinks while looking at the notes from his stalker.²

[Mmm. Nevertheless, I truly didn't know that I would not be allowed to visit.]

Vick spoke in an extremely sullen voice. "Haha." Mason laughed vaguely. It was because Mason himself was unaware of the fact that Vick and Chase had been rejected visits. Who rejected their visit? Even without thinking long, you would be able to know.

[Is it that bad?…. -no, truthfully, even though your body is your own body (not Noah's), it seemed like Mr. Raycarlton was very angry that day.]

"Is that so?"

As expected, he was angry? Mason rubbed his lips, wondering. Mason had not taken care of his health and he had gotten upset over something unreasonable, Noah saying "Take good care of your health." and getting angry would have been normal. Instead, Noah was very subtle. Nevertheless, he had only acted that way on that day, the next day as if nothing had happened, he had looked calm.

[Ah, that day. After you fainted, he glared so coldly at me. I really thought my head would be split apart.]

The sound of Vick's shaking voice came from far away through the phone.


"Why to that degree." Mason laughed.

[I'm not joking, really.] Vick said seriously.

[See, at night I even dreamed that the production fees were withdrawn and that I was sued.

"Naturally, why would he do that sort of thing to such an extent?"

Of course, it was true that Noah said that he had thought of getting rid of the film, however it wasn't that much different from a joke.

[I'm saying this because I sincerely treasure you. Haley. -it would be better if you knew a bit more about what type of person your lover is. Of course, you're not the only one who doesn't know about that man.]

Vick spoke as if he were aware of something frightening. Instead of answering, "I knew that man, since he was a seven year old with a dripping nose." Mason moderately cut his words.


Also, somehow the question, "How did you and Noah meet, and what is your relationship?" became jumbled and all over the place. Actually, he had been planning to ask Noah after the filming had finished, but with him fainting and recovering, it was a bit hectic.

[Anyways, say something good to me. That way I can quickly go out to the filming site and show my brilliant inspiration…. hm? By any chance, are you outside?]

Vick, probably having heard the surrounding noises, suddenly asked. Mason answered blandly, "What are you thinking, outside with this leg? It's because the TV is on.

[True, it did seem as if Raycarlton wouldn't let you move a muscle. For the time being…]

[Tying you to the bed, until you're all better… No. If said this way, it seems rather erotic, though that isn't the meaning. Of course, it doesn't mean that it isn't that way either. That is….] -all of a sudden Vick started talking, dragging on and on for a long time. Mason took the phone away from his ear and looked at his surroundings.

[-I mean, what I'm trying to say, Noah, I have to film the next movie together-. Are you listening, Haley?]

"I'm sorry. The cell transmission isn't good…'

[Is that right? It seems as if you just weren't listening?]

Vick pointedly said, Mason easily nodded his head.

"Actually, that's right. I'm tired, so I'll be hanging up now. Film the movie well. Vick."

[Huh, what? Haley! Hal.]

Mason coldly hung up the phone on Vick who was longingly calling his name, then turned off his phone. If the phone rang again, it would entirely ruin his shadowing.

Mason raised his head to confirm the location of the man walking ahead of him.

Mason was tracking the stalker.

¹- When the wild disorderly sex they had in Noah's office came to mind, the rising heat (embarrassment/arousal) made Mason try to change the topic.

²- 256p. ~ 257p. omission……… the scene where Mason thinks while looking at the notes from his stalker. ((*≧▽≦) author-san decided to write this short scene description instead of writing the scene itself)

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