Kill the Lights

Chapter 5 part5

Translator: Qiuqiu-chan

Editor: Karma Doyle

'Flop' Noah took away the hand that was reaching out to take the bag's strap and the bag fell to the wet floor. Startled, Tony tried to grab the bag before it got wet and immediately dropped it in surprise while yelling, "Ouch!"

"Wha… what is this?"

Tony quickly pulled his hand away and yelled at the bag's strap that had fallen. On the inner side of the strap, which rests on the shoulder, a piece of glass was stuck on with glue.

Noah lifted his head searched the area. With astonished expressions, everyone looked to see a man running from the middle, hastily escaping from the site. Small build, brown hair, the colour was similar to that of the stalker who had sent the hidden listening device. Noah clicked his tongue in regret. Because he was holding Mason, he was unable to chase after that person.

"I, really."

Noah glanced at the wet bag on the floor and clicked his tongue quietly. Receiving a confession more passionate than a proposal, fainting due to overwork, and as if it wasn't enough that he had been preparing to leave at any time, an intolerable stalker was hanging on to him.

What on earth were you running around doing… Noah glanced down at Mason's cheek with a face filled with annoyance. With a peaceful face, unaware of what was going on in the world, Mason's calmly sleeping appearance made him unable to do anything but let out a low sigh.

Someone was petting his hair. The tips of gentle fingers tickled his forehead and Mason who was feeling good, laughed. The fingers stopped and Mason, who was still lost in sleep, let out a little "Mmm.", smacked his lips, then furrowed his brow. It would feel good to be touched again….while thinking that, the fingers started moving again. 'Pat, pat' he felt happy.


"Noah………" Mason called out the name of the person whose fingers were touching his forehead and hair. Once again the fingers stopped, a while later he felt a low sigh blow across his cheek.

“Mason …..”

In a pleasant sounding voice, Noah called his name. "Mason, Mason…" Hearing his name being called in a sweet voice, Mason felt as if his heart was being lightly tickled.

“………..-name, will get worn out.

Mason slowly opened his eyes while saying that, and Noah let out a low chuckle.

"Are you coming around now?"

"If it¹ could be worn out, it would have disappeared by now." said Noah, who was sitting near the head of the bed. Mason looked up at the not unfamiliar ceiling in contemplation.

"This place…"

Stylish floor tiles, hanging lights, and high ceilings…. it was Noah's house where Mason had stayed for a few days.It wasn't Haley's house but Noah's, it seems like he was talking about his own house when he said they were going home.

"Truthfully, considering your body's condition, you should have gone to the hospital, but I thought you might be tired of the hospital."

"If word about you collapsing goes around, the paparazzi will act like you are doing marijuana." -at Noah's words, Mason turned his gaze to the back of his hand and looked at the connected IV drip. Didn't know how many times the IV was replaced, there were more than one or two needle marks.

"Your leg injuries were quite heavy, you may have to worry about after effects. Your temperature went up to 38 degrees, I had to inject you twice with fever reducing medicine. You were asleep for two days, I was thinking about making the decision of getting rid of that movie you were filming.

"….the filming itself, is not the problem…."

In the first place, it was a problem that he had hurt his leg while saving Noah and then with his weak body he had extreme jealous sex with him, the damage was great.

"I'm sorry.

¹- If it (Mason’s name) could be worn out, it would have disappeared by now.

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