Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Prize-Giving Ceremony

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It was because there was a birthmark that was at the size of the palm of a baby on Ye Shengge’s face.

And it was because of that birthmark that she trusted all the sweet things Mu Yanhuai said.

And because of that birthmark, she could never get on stage even if she was incredibly talented.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have devoted all her energy and time to Mu Xiaoya to help her get roles, to write scripts and role assessments, and to even get alcohol poisoning.

However, all of her devotion to Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya was a joke now!

She had only realized just then why Mu Xiaoya was always weirdly hostile toward her and she was always clingy over Mu Yanhuai. She even saw Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya hug each other intimately.

But Ye Shengge had always understood that as the sibling love between them.

Damn so-called siblings!

Ye Shengge clenched her fist as she felt that there was something burning in her eyes.

And then, the phone she had put beside the sink started to ring.

She saw the name ‘Mu Yanhuai’ on the screen, and she bit her lips.

She calmed herself down and picked it up.

“Where are you?” Mu Yanhuai said impolitely. “Are you in contact with the direction, Xu Xiangjie from ‘Xue Ning’? Has he agreed to let Xiaoya be the lead actress?”

The investor of ‘Xue Ning’ was Corporation T.S, which was one of the leading corporations nationwide. It had connections with finance, telecommunications, real estate and e-commerce.

Mu Yanhuai had been wanting to know the heir of Corporation T.S, Ji Shiting, however, Ji Shiting was always a low-key person, so even if Mu Yanhuai was the boss of Star Brilliance, he wasn’t important enough to know Ji Shiting yet.

He had to make connections with Corporation T.S using the show ‘Xue Ning’, so he valued the show a lot.

Ye Shengge knew exactly what he was planning to do, which was why she’d been making appointments with the direction Xu Xiangjie lately, and last night, he had finally agreed to give Mu Xiaoya a second chance.

She was originally almost certain that she could help Mu Xiaoya get the part, but now…

“Direction Xu isn’t satisfied with Xiaoya’s performance in the audition yet,” she tried to say calmly so that Mu Yanhuai wouldn’t notice anything different.

“Damn Xu Xiangjie!” Mu Yanhuai said. “Then everything must go perfectly in the ceremony of Prime Prize tonight. If Xiaoya can be crowned the best actress, I bet that Xu Xiangjie will change his mind. Go check what the host and judges think.”

Ye Shengge hadn’t realized until just then that Mu Yanhuai was always so overbearing when he was talking to her on the phone.

She clenched her fist again, looked at the mirror and smiled, “Sure.”

The carpet session started at five in the afternoon.

There were many famous actors and actresses on that night, but because of her fame, Mu Xiaoya was one of the last people who walked onto the carpet.

Ye Shengge showed up in the audience area beside the carpet. She was wearing a mask, trying not to draw any attention.

After a while, Mu Xiaoya showed up. She was wrapping her arms around Mu Yanhuai’s arms with a big smile on her face.

The audience started to bustle as Mu Xiaoya was the most important rising star this year.

“Wow! Isn’t that Mu Xiaoya with her brother Mu Yanhuai?” Some of the audience yelled. “How lucky! Her brother is the boss of her company, so he devoted all the good resources to her. No wonder she became such a star in such a short period of time.”

Ye Shengge heard everything the audience said as they were correct, Star Brilliance had given the best resources to Mu Xiaoya, and she, as her agent, had devoted all her time to Mu Xiaoya.

She had hand-picked every single show Mu Xiao starred in, and to leave a good impression on the directors, Ye Shengge would help Mu Xiaoya rehearse over and over again so that she would be considered a great actress.

Even so, Mu Xiaoya would sometimes flaunt her temper, and Ye Shengge would just comfort her as she had thought of her as a baby sister.

Ye Shengge would also act as a stunt double for Mu Xiaoya while shooting a scene if it was dangerous, but nobody outside the show knew about it, which was why the audience considered Mu “professional” and “willing to make sacrifices for the role.”

If it weren’t for any of this, Mu Xiaoya wouldn’t have garnered such popularity in only three years.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to build a reputation and gain the public’s recognition, but it was so easy to destroy everything. Sometimes, all it needed was a tape…

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